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Fancy Some Art And A Free Beer Tonight?


It’s the middle of the month Thursday meaning it’s not First Thursday, meaning you got to work a little harder to find those Shoreditch urban art openings.  This time next month they’ll be telling you what to buy your significant other for Christmas; the month after they’ll be asking you if you’ve bought it then December it’s all pop up group shows and panic buying dashed off art at stupid prices.  Maybe this is the time to think ahead.  Shoreditch Street Art Tour likes to help you with that, on roughly a24 hours horizon, lets plan ahead.    One night at a time yeah…… this is what you should be doing tomorrow night (or tonight if you are wasting work time planning your social diary).



Now this is where I am going to be.  Anyone who has been on a Shoreditch Street Art Tour will have heard me say “and now…my favourite street artist”, and now, the first show by ALO that I will have been too.

Alo Street Artist art show opening

Alo Street Artist art show opening

corner of Vyner Street and Mowlem St, London, E2 9HE


Saki and Bitches: The Orchid and The White Foxes

I so much want this all to myself that I am thinking of telling you all the wrong date and the right location, or maybe the right date and the wrong location 😉  Don’t miss it.

Saki Bitches Street Artist art show opening

Silwex House Quaker Street London E1 6SN


Signal Gallery – it’s A Stick Up

Dale and Chris seem to be really busy these days.  Let me reproduce the blurb in its entirety:  “These new special edition books have customised cover artworks by the world’s most remarkable and celebrated street artists. Presented in a special screen printed box there will only be 10 by each artist available.”  ACE, Dale Grimshaw, HIN, Pablo Delgado and Paul Insect, so I guess there must bme 50 copies available if my maths AND my English are up to snuff.

A.CE Paul Insect HIN Street Artist art show opening

Signal Gallery, 32 Paul St, London EC2A 4LB


The London Art Book Fair 2013

“Enjoy exclusive previews of new artists’ books, catalogues, rare publications and zines from a host of international exhibitors. With screenings, conversations and talks by leading artists and authors “ it says here.  It’s never too late to learn to read.

Whitechapel Gallery, 77-82 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7Q


all photos nicked from the respective galleries copious advertising.



Street Artists Donk Skeleton Cardboard Riposte to Shoreditch Street Art Buff

Someone, presumably an authority of some sort of a care in the community type of organisation buffed the sometimes controversial Sclater St wall a few weeks ago due to some obscenity or offence.   It was one of the poorest buffs ever seen, that old health and safety chestnet “no over head height working without hoists, harness, psychotherapy and feng shui” meaning the wall was left with an irregular grey tide mark at about 6 feet off the ground, above that was the flotsam and jetsam of partially obscured tags and wind blown wilting peels of decaying pasteups.

Shoireditch Street Art paste Up Donk London

Donk and Skeleton Cardboard paste ups respond to buff

One of the pieces gone over was DONK’s supersized “Star Boomboom Sound” ghetto blaster paste up which, admittedly, was dragging out its fin-de-siecle dried leaf crispiness.  So Donk has returned with a massive tryptic paste up installation in his characteristic purple hazed hue.  Emerging name Skeleton Cardboard is up along side him and the Post box paste added more recently is by D7606.

Curiously, the paste ups are placed on a large base of plywood, perhaps to give it a veneer (boom boom geddit?) of official approval.

Speaking of the life cycle of street art, comparing two of my photos of this new Donk piece taken just 4 days apart, albeit a period which did include “biblical downpour Saturday”, it is apparent that a huge amount of the purple-ness has run.  Purple rain?

DOnk Skeleton Cupboard Paste up shoreditch london

Gonna need more purple!

all photos: NoLionsInEngland

London Street Art Pokes Fun At Aussies Shock In Shoreditch

Street art in Shoreditch took a twist into the political and humorous with this play on Australia’s so-called “stop the boats” policy. London,Shoreditch,Street,Art,Australia,Humour,Stop The Boats,Walk,Tour

Stop The Boats

“Stop The Boats” has its origins in Australia about 100 years ago due to paranoia over hoards of invading Chinese and its memory has been revived this Summer (Winter?) in Canberra over concerns of people smuggling by boat.  In this street art parody by artist unknown, we have an Australian reaction to a defeat this Summer on the cricket field.  For the benefit of non cricket fans and forgetful Australians  Australia lost the 5 match Ashes series 3 nil to England 😉 London,Shoreditch,Street,Art,Australia,Humour,Stop The Boats,Walk,Tour

“To avoid aboriginal genocide and generations of sporting defeat”

All photos: NoLionsInEngland

Sept 5th First Thursday London Art Preview Mayhem

Time to plan your Thursday night’s art preview entertainment and geo-align social diaries with mates.  Dunno what geo-align means and since I just invented the word good luck to everyone else but with Fun Factory plus four events that box the compass without really actually being in Shoreditch, there is a strong case for biking it.

note: some openings may require an RSVP, a check via gallery website is recommended


Fun Factory – “First Thursday” is Last Thursday

Fun Factory closes this weekend for the time being so this is one last hurrah, give or take a street art pub quiz Friday evening and closing party Sunday evening!   New pieces on display.

Fun Factory

133-135 Bethnal Green Rd

London E2 7DG

 Fun Factory,Street,Art,streetart,shoreditch,London

photo: Will Edgecombe


Meryl Donaghue  “I Thought To have Been Gone By Now…”

Stolen Space Gallery

17 Osbourne St,

London E1 6TD

Geographically most far flung though it kind of depends which way up you hold the map:


Stolen Space,Gallery,DFace,Street,Art,streetart,shoreditch,London

“I Thought To have Been Gone By Now…”


Bael: “Anima”

Signal Gallery

32 Paul St


probe your inner feminine personality or find a shock inner masculine personality, depending!

Signal Gallery,Dale Grimshaw,Face,Street,Art,streetart,shoreditch,London


Hannah Adamaszek: Through the minds eye

Curious Duke Gallery

207 Whitecross Street
London EC1Y 8QP

Curios Duke Gallery,Street,Art,streetart,shoreditch,London



Urban and Iconic, Group show feat Otto Schade, Max Zorn, Tank Petrol, SF80, James Bourbon, Pins, Cityzenkane, Pegasus, Zabou, Mr Cenz, Tizer One and Pins

Arch 402 Gallery

Cremer St

London E2 8HD

Arch 402 gallery,,Street,Art,streetart,shoreditch,London


photos: stolen from gallery websites and showpromo materials, except where credited.

Fantastic Street Art Takeover of Fly Posters In Shoreditch

The curious interaction between fly posting and street art will be familiar to most visitors of the Shoreditch Street Art Tour and some will have seen the exciting street art of Art Is Trash.  On yesterday’s walk we found a collection of fly posters spectacularly modified by Art is Trash

The flesh toned fly poster adverts unashamedly exploit female nudity to sell something so Art IS Trash has added his trademark wild eyed characters and flesh stripped bones to turn the advertising into a wild tableau of the surreally cartoonish grotesque.

Shoreditch,London,appropriation, alternative,subversion, street, art,tour,walk,london

Subverted Fly Posters

When a street artist takes over a legal paid for hoarding we call that an appropriation, and when the artist modifies  the original image we call that a subversion.  When a street artist takes over an illegal fly poster, we use the expression “ha ha, revenge at last!”

tn_P1140587 copy

Here is what the fly posters look in their original state.

Shoreditch,London,appropriation, alternative,subversion, street, art,tour,walk,london

Original Fly Poster for..Bolshle?

You can find our previous reportage on Art is Trash’s street art on Vandalog here, and his recent gallery show was covered by me on Graffoto here.

Shoreditch Street Art Photography Workshop – Sameena Jarosz beats the challenge

Sameena Jarosz took a load of fantastic photos in Shoreditch, London on our Street Art Photography Workshop on 25 Aug.  After going through a whole bunch of  tips and hints on how we might interpret a broad variety of street art photography opportunities, we take to the Shoreditch streets for about 90 minutes to stroll around trying out a variety of techniques.  Just for fun, participants are given a flyer with a challenge to photograph six specific situations, such as a reflected piece of street art, street art with an artist in shot…and more.  Sameena has produced a superb set, I particularly like this reflection shot which also ticks the “passerby” challenge too.

Shoreditch London Street Art tour workshop photography reflection roa

photo credit: Sameena Jarosz

You should check out Sam’s great blog post with her full set of pics here.

One thing photographs taken by the participants reinforce it is that not only does the street art constantly change, there are also so many different great ways to see each individual piece.  For instance, after checking out Sam’s on her blog, take a peek at Will Edgecombe’s taken on the same workshop, same day.