Jef Aerosol New London Street Art 2014

French stencil legend Jef Aerosol surprised the Shoreditch Street Art Tour when he strolled past in a hurry after creating some fresh street art. By chance we happened to meet right at a spot where in 2008 Jef Aerosol put up a long lasting stencil of John Lennon and Mick Jagger. Brimful of excitement, the Read More

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Digging In The Archives Pt 10

When I first began to explore street art one my favourite artists was and indeed still is French stencillist Jef Aerosol.  This Aerosol masterpiece was on Hanbury street and marked more or less a the time that this wall was just beginning to be used for permissioned murals. Shoreditch street art was dominated by stencilism Read More

Diggin In The Archives 1

Two weeks ago today I received a text message from the NHS telling me I had to isolate, though I had actually gone into a self imposed lockdown a week earlier when I returned from my Father’s funeral in Ireland.  On a daily basis I have been digging through the photo archives and posting some Read More

New Shoreditch Street Art

Another long weekend, another amazing collection of new street art on the streets of Shoreditch. Although put up a little before the weekend, this piece by T.Wat received huge press attention as he timed this to coincide with Max Clifford, the most notorious peddler of smut and scandal to the UK tabloids, being found guilty Read More


  Shoreditch Street Art Tours night time street art photography tour.  More info here   The upside down breakdancer by ABOVE (NY) looks at bit of an oddity in daylight, this is how it looks at night (Aug 2013). Below: A collection of Images from previous street art tours in London Shoreditch.  The thumbnails may be Read More