MF Doom Tributes in Shoreditch

News of the sad passing of MF Doom emerged on New Years Eve inspiring many graffiti and street art tributes to the MC and rapper. The featured image above is a characteristically complex piece by Esau-teric.   A collection of MF Tribute graffiti from around the world can be found on COMPLEX.COM including some nice Read More

New Information On Banksy Robbo Feud

One of the biggest feuds in art-world history, street artist Banksy v graffiti writer Robbo is revealed to have rumbled on much longer than fans and art historians previously thought. In December 2009 street artist Banksy created 4 illegal pieces of stencil art on the sides of a canal in Camden, London.  One of the Read More

Banksy London Chronicle Repeats

EDIT: To show support and express appreciation for their efforts and sacrifice, a number of free spaces on the virtual “Banksy – The London Chronicle” have been set aside for frontline NHS staff. Please email stating NHS affiliation and which of the two presentations you would prefer. Just announcing in response to popular demand Read More

Flash Virtual Street Art Tour

Saturday 26th Dec – Boxing Day as we call it Treat the household for just a £10! An hour of the stories, methods and style of some brilliant works of street art including stencils, paste ups, stickers, sculptures, tiles, mosaics, ceramics and murals. Photos of some of the best examples of Shoreditch street art from Read More

Beat The Lockdown Blues: A Virtual Street Art Tour

So, now the Christmas frolics with the extended family and their bubbles is 1 day, not the 5 you expected, how can you beat the single household blues on the other 11 days of Christmas? Do a Virtual Street Art Tour!  Cast your device onto the big screen so that the whole family can watch Read More

The Ultimate Banksy Virtual Tour!

Banksy – THE LONDON CHRONICLES A live online virtual tour 30 Dec 2020 1930 GMT Banksy is irrefutably the best known living contemporary artist but how did he ascend to this iconic status?  Explore the development of Banksy’s art, the impact he has had on popular culture and the growth of his role as social Read More

Shoreditch Paste Up Frenzy!

Shoreditch is full of little corners where street art survives and accumulates in layers, like a busy kitchen pinboard.  Last week one such canvas near Columbia road was transformed by, in no particular order, Donk, Skeleton Cardboard, Rider and Tommy Fiendish into the beautiful paste up collage you see in the feature image above. Whether Read More

ALO Street Art and Show

In an urban landscape where portrait street painters are overwhelmingly drawn to either the technical proficiency of photorealism or its diametric opposite cartoonery, ALO’s expressionist fisogs stand out! His street art career started with small paste ups in 2011 and bar a brief flirtation with Paris ALO has lived in London and consistently decorated our Read More

INSA Animated Mural For London Mural Festival

Spraying walls was the name of the game throughout September for the London Mural Festival. Shoreditch Street Art Tours is going to bring you coverage of the highlights soon but first off, here is one of the absolute standouts, an animated wall by INSA. Old school graff writer INSA has been creating “Gif-iti” walls on Read More