Night Photography Tours

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Night time is when street art photography magic happens!  Shoreditch Street Art Tours will take you to the most photogenic spots, we assist you as required with hints and tips to take brilliant photos and can even loan you equipment such as tripods.*  Take our pioneering Night Street Art Photography Tour.

Contact us to enquire for further details and possible dates

Among the street art highlights are beautiful futurist female portrait painted by street artist Mr Cenz, photographed with light painting by photographer and street art tour guide Dave Stuart

Mr Cenz at night, 2021

“If you’re contemplating doing this tour but can’t decide then I’d simply say “do it!”. It’s great fun and you’ll be rewarded with some great pics and some new knowledge.”, Neil, Tripadvisor, Jan 2015

spectacular night photography light trails and graffiti on a multi story car park in Shoreditch London

Roller graffiti and light trails, Shoreditch nights 2022

Maximum 4 photographers per tour, limited places so book early,
Dates arranged according to demand.
Start time usually 6pm but negotiable subject to all participants agreeing.
Tour lasts about 3 hours.  Dress warm!

Private bookings, different dates, different times, bespoke tours  easily arranged.

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour, night time,photography,


Check out exciting photos from the Night Time Street Art Photography Tours here and here and here.

*limited tripod availability, first booked first served