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So Porno Street Art Tour

It must be Christmas and a mood of festive generosity is welling up within street artists. Mr. Farenheit, a perennial tour favourite left a couple of sticker packs out on the walls which tour guests found today. The main photo above is a novel group photograph of Shoreditch Street Art Tour guests, there must be […]

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Shoreditch Free Art Finds New Homes

Street artists have been in generous mood leaving Free Art for people to collect and a couple of guests on this morning’s tour found themselves going home with new found art pieces. First, Tindra found this curious burnt matchstick painted on glass which she hopes she can take home to Sweden. “He tell’s me to […]

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Finding Free Art

New art and free art made this day another exciting day for guests of Shoreditch Street Art Tours. Three guests went home as proud owners of new art by Sean Worrall, left as”Free art” on the streets of Shoreditch. In case you don’t know, some street artists like to leave art which people can find […]

Free Art Found. Again!

Guests on Shoreditch Street Art Tours have a long and happy streak of luck in finding art deliberately left on the streets of Shoreditch for collection.   The artist Sean Worrall is doing a special project throughout 2015 involving leaving 365 pieces of art out on the streets for people to find, take home and treasure. […]