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Another Satisfied Customer

At Shoreditch Street Art Tours our total commitment is to give every guest a fantastic insight to the street art, the culture, the artists, the techniques and the history of the scene in Shoreditch.  It works, clearly, ranking as a Top 20 London activity out of 502 on Tripadvisor does not lie!

One pair of guests from earlier this month have kindly taken the time and trouble to express their delight and satisfaction with their tour experience in a post on their blog, I think you should look at and enjoy the words of Rosie at Storm Brand Design, thanks Rosie and Rob.

Here is a selection of art on the particular route around Shoreditch that Rosie and Rob took with Shoreditch Street Art Tours.

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Shoreditch walls hosed with colour

Two weekends ago Moniker Art Fair took place in Shoreditch and a litter of participating street artists converged on the Shoreditch street art epicentre.  Alex Face, Mau Mau and Bon were exhibiting on the Souled Out Studio apocalypse now army tent but took a bit of time out to decorate some Shoreditch walls.

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Souled Out Studio tent

They did a witty little subversion of the iconic ROA bird on Hanbury St, giving him a leg out of which they appear to be hacking lumps for Mau Mau’s fox to barbecue – see the feather still stuck to it!

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour,Mau Mau,Alex Face,Bon,Street artists,Roa

Alex Face/Mau Mau/Bon interaction with iconic ROA bird

A couple of blocks away, Alex Face and Bon have been hosing the Shoreditch streets with colour.

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour,Mau Mau,Alex Face,Bon,Street artists,

Alex Face and Bon

That piece has an interesting resonance with an installation by Blair Zaye on the wall around the other side of that property, Alex Face and Bon are raining colour on the walls, Blair Zaye’s drainpipe drains away the colours washing down off the Shoreditch walls.

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour,Mau Mau,Alex Face,Bon,Blair Zaye,Street artists,

Blair Zaye drainpipe

That stub wall has been painted over since but this pic shows the colur draingin through the pipe more clearly!

All photos: nolionsinengland