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Street Art: Shoreditch, London, The World!

Caitlin Kiernan and those nice people at Yahoo have done a guide to the World’s top street art locations.  It’s not actually a “ranking” as such but naturally, Shoreditch comes first 😉

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As the article points out, among the guys who have a lot to do with the emergence of modern street art in London are Banksy and D*Face

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Banksy – Shop Till You Drop, 2011

London,East End,Shoreditch,Street Art,2013, Review,ALO, D*Face


So for a great summary of the vibe in London, Paris, Buenos Aires, New York, Berlin, Miami, Navajo Nation Arizona (new to me too), Sao Paulo, Melbourne,Bethlehem, check out Caitlin’s Yahoo feature here.

Remember these aren’t the only places you find super street art but its a great start.


Shoreditch, London, Street art, street,art,Nathan Bowen,graffiti,walk,walks,tour,tours,fish,soldiers, builders, marker pen

New Nathan Bowen Shutter In Shoreditch

Street Artist Nathan Bowen was on the streets of Shoreditch this afternoon painting in a location which has seen a few high profile murals from him in the past. This time, his trademark builders and soldiers are off on a fishing trip.

Shoreditch, London, Street art, street,art,Nathan Bowen,graffiti,walk,walks,tour,tours,fish,soldiers, builders, marker pen

Starting with a whitewash background, Nathan set to work with marker pens in a fast and furious style which echoes in the terse appearance of his figures .

Shoreditch, London, Street art, street,art,Nathan Bowen,graffiti,walk,walks,tour,tours,fish,soldiers, builders, marker pen

Work In Progress 2014

The fish is a change for Nathan, it has lovely colours in its scales and fins but it looks like the fishermen are going to get a surprise when they land this monster.

Shoreditch, London, Street art, street,art,Nathan Bowen,graffiti,walk,walks,tour,tours,fish,soldiers, builders, marker pen

Nathan kindly allowed the Shoreditch Street Art Tour to watch him in action and take some picies. It was a particular meaningful moment for one of our Californian guests (not pictured!) who had been to the fortnightly Sclater Street Stalls last Saturday and bought a small piece of art by Nathan Bowen, that piece now will certainly become a bit more special.

Shoreditch, London, Street art, street,art,Nathan Bowen,graffiti,walk,walks,tour,tours,fish,soldiers, builders, marker pen

Work In Progress 2014

Nathan is no stranger to this spot, we found him painting there back in 2012.

Shoreditch, London, Street art, street,art,Nathan Bowen,graffiti,walk,walks,tour,tours,fish,soldiers, builders, marker pen

work in progress 2012

Nathan often allows his figures to interact in a dialogue with existing art, in 2012 he amused us when Australian artist Lush painted a split unicorn over a Bowen composition on this spot, Nathan responded by adding some furious characters riding the unicorn.

Shoreditch, London, Street art, street,art,Nathan Bowen,graffiti,walk,walks,tour,tours,fish,soldiers, builders, marker pen

Nathan Bowen v. Lush

So, yesterday we wrote about the Spanish artist Pez who painted his “happy fish”, today we have Nathan Bowen’s characters out for a day of fishing, what’s next, is Columbian street artist Stinkfish in town?

all photos: NoLionsInEngland


Nathan Bowen website

Nathan Bowen Twitter

Casino In London

A few weeks ago I made an exciting trip to Sheffield where I saw loads of great street art on the streets and in derelict buildings. Some was by artists whose work I knew well but it was great to come across so many artists that were completely new to me. One of those exciting discoveries (for me) was Casino.   On today’s Shoreditch Street Art Tour what did we find hidden away behind a rather colourful oft painted building – a fresh new piece in London by Casino! It’s a small world.

Shoreditch,London,street art,graffiti,tour,tours,walk,walk,spraycan,art,casino,Sheffield

Casino In London

Here is one of the Casino pieces I found in a derelict building in Sheffield.

Shoreditch,London,street art,graffiti,tour,tours,walk,walk,spraycan,art,casino,Sheffield

Casino on an abandoned derelict dry ski slope, Sheffield

Casino is also present in the company of EUG in the large exciting wall in Sheffield.

Shoreditch,London,street art,graffiti,tour,tours,walk,walk,spraycan,art,casino,Sheffield

EUG/BOOMS and Casino in Sheffield

No doubt your appetite to see more about the street art, graffiti and murals in Sheffield has been whetted so I recommend checking out my post on Graffoto for a whole heap of photographs of Sheffield’s colourful walls.

all photos: NoLionsInEngland

Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,tour,tours,walk,walk,spraycan,art,meeting of styles

Meeting Of Styles UK 2014

Meeting Of Styles is an international celebration of the art of the spraycan, graffiti and music. Since 2002 Meeting Of Styles spraycan art jams have taken place in 16 countries.

This coming weekend is the turn of Shoreditch to host the Meeting Of Styles UK 2014 event. With over 60 artists taking part and by our own crude estimate possibly 400m of walls being decorated, this is going to an exciting and colourful show by some of the World’s top exponents of spraycan graffiti art.

Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,tour,tours,walk,walk,spraycan,art,meeting of styles

Pref ID, Inkfetish 40HK, Meeting Of Styles 2009

We went to our first Meeting Of Styles event in 2008 when it was held on the roof and walls of what is now Village Underground on Holywell lane and Great Eastern St. That was back in the day when you never saw street art or graffiti being created live in the daytime so it was incredibly exciting to mingle with artists and watch this incredible graffiti being created, all in the ambience of super cool party with great music and great drink.

Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,tour,tours,walk,walk,spraycan,art,meeting of styles

Meeting Of Styles 2008

Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,tour,tours,walk,walk,spraycan,art,meeting of styles

Meeting Of Styles 2008

Artists lined up for this year’s Meeting Of Styles UK include


Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,tour,tours,walk,walk,spraycan,art,meeting of styles

Pref ID, Inkfetish 40HK, Meeting Of Styles 2009

The event is free and will take place over Saturday and Sunday 3rd and 4th July, party central will be Rockwell House, Hewitt St, EC2A 3NN. Details of the festivities are available on the facebook event page.  The Shoreditch Street Art Tour will almost certainly be swinging by some of the locations  to maybe catch some live painting

Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,tour,tours,walk,walk,spraycan,art,meeting of styles

Vibes, Towns RT

all photos: NoLionsInEngland

Banksy v Roa – the World Cup’s got nothing on this!

Who would win in a fight between a Roa hedgehog and a Banksy rat?  We might find out as there’s a fascinating week in prospect in the world of London galleries who show artists who are more at home on outdoor walls.

 BANKSY: The Unauthorised Retrospective, Curated by Steve Lazarides

London,Shoreditch,street art,walks,walking,tour,tours,Banksy,Roa,Trust.Icon,stencil,art

Banksy canvas: Avon and Somerset Constabulary; image courtesy Sothebys website

Steve Lazarides in conjunction with, or thanks to, or despite Sotheby’s is staging a “selling show” of Banksy print and canvas artwork. Steve Lazarides is famously known as the svengali who co-piloted spaceship Banksy to enormous heights until the relationship ended a few years ago. “He’d hate it. It’s about as far removed from something he would contemplate as you could get” says Lazardis though it’s probably not as far off the Banksy Christmas card list as a show exhibiting Banksy’s street works in a boutique hotel basement.

What you will get are about 70 prints and canvasses by Banksy, supposedly the largest exhibition of his work ever but it will be asurprise if it matches the scale of the epic 2009 Bristol Museum and Art Gallery show (which of course was “authorised” Banksy).

Chances of getting to see the private view are virtually zilch, especially if you are reading this the day after tomorrow. “Go and see it when it’s quiet” said my friend on the inside. The last time anything “quiet” happened with Banksy was back in ‘05 when our whole family trotted along to the Crude Oils show with the live rats and just walked in off the street over the weekend. It may be a little different this time.

11 June 2014 – 25 July 2014

Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 June 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Sotheby’s S|2 space

31 St. George Street, London W1S 2FJ


Roa has to be one of the few street art talents who can rank up alongside Banksy and he has an original show opening head to head in London in the same week as the Banksy retrospective!

ROA first exhibited in London at Pure Evil’s gallery in 2008, a show that propelled him to stardom as we fell in love with these dishevelled, skinned and disembowelled creatures painted on anything but conventional canvas. Stolen Space’s first show in what has now become their home was the cracking 2012 Hynagogia staged before the gallery became the cleaner, whiter two roomed permanent gallery home it is now. This return to Stolen Space sees the Belgian painter create another installation based show which is sure to have us gasping at its unconventional surfaces and grubby dirty creatures. Can’t wait.

London,Shoreditch,street art,walks,walking,tour,tours,Banksy,Roa,Trust.Icon,stencil,art

“Deer”; image courtesy Stolen Space

MAX RIPPON: “Pentimento”

Also opening at the same time in the other Stolen Space room is “Pentimento” by Max Rippon aka NY street artist/graffiti writer RIPO. Expect top quality graphic art with a graffiti twist.

London,Shoreditch,street art,walks,walking,tour,tours,Banksy,Roa,Trust.Icon,stencil,art

max Rippon aka “RIPO”; image courtesy Stolen Space

A huge heap of talent there in those two rooms. Both shows:

13 June – 6 July (private view 12th, 6pm)

17 Osborn Street
London E1 6TD


TRUST.ICON: “Tears of a Clown”

Meanwhile, on the far side of town, Trust.Icon opens Tears Of A Clown, RSVP required. Some of Trust.Icon’s street artsuch as this recent location specific single layer stencil image is top notch. Some not so!

London,Shoreditch,street art,walks,walking,tour,tours,Banksy,Roa,Trust.Icon,stencil,art

Trust.Icon (photo: nolionsinengland)

London,Shoreditch,street art,walks,walking,tour,tours,Banksy,Roa,Trust.Icon,stencil,art

Tears Of A Clown

12 – 26 June (private view 6.30 pm, 12th)

Graffik Gallery,

284 Portobello Road,

London, W10 5TE.

Street art gallery private view openings, 6 March 2014

Where are we going to get our fix of new art this week, apart from on the outdoor walls in Shoreditch of course.  I’ll be kicking off Thursday with  a social event at The Photographers Gallery in the West End then picking up the pace with this little set of beauties:


Alexis Dias & Jaz “La Linea

Alexis Dias aka “La Pandilla”, whose Octophant mural in Shoreditch continues to amaze passersby some 8 months after its completion, joins forces with Jaz the Argentinian graffiti legend in “La Linea”.

La Pandilla Shoreditch London Street Art

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,alexis dias,jaz

image: ALexis Dias, Jaz, Rex Romae

132 Commercial St
London E1 6NQ


Pro176 “Liquid Mecanism”

Pure Evil gallery takes credit for introducing us to many street art talents we have never seen before so we look forward eagerly to the work of Pro176.  Look in the Pure Evil Department Store a few doors down from the usual gallery location.  And yes, that’s how they have spelt the title on their email so that’s what it must be.

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,Por 176, Pro176

image: Pro176, Pure Evil Gallery

Pure Evil Department Store

96-98 Leonard St,

London EC2A 4XS


Brett Amory “Twenty Four In London”

At Art 14 fair last week there was a Brett Amory canvas which was breath taking portraiture.  In this new show London is treated to the Brett Amory project where he spends 24 hours visiting 24 locations in one city and using the visual experience to inform a series of paintings.  He has already executed this project in New York and San Francisco and we look forward to seeing his impressionist urban take on some London locations.

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,Brett Amory

image: Brett Amory, Lazarides Rathbone

RSVP required , register lazinc.com

Lazarides Rathbone,

11 Rathbone Place,

London W1T 1HR


Cyrcle  “Overthrone! Pooring Reign”

LA guys Cyrcle visited London a couple of years ago to decorate our streets with some impressive pasted collages and they return for this show at StolenSpace.  They have been braving the reign, sorry – the rain on a hoist painting a very large mural in a car park as part of their London fun.  Here are a couple of pieces from their 2012 visit.

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,Cyrcle

image: NoLionsInEngland

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,Cyrcle

image: NoLionsInEngland

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,Cyrcle

image: Cyrcle, StolenSpace


17 Osborn Street
London E1 6TD


Blair Zaye “Bespoken”

Ahead of all that Thursday night excitement, Blair Zaye (remember the drainpipes dripping paint down the Shoreditch walls last year?) has a solo show in the heart of the City of London.

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour,Mau Mau,Alex Face,Bon,Blair Zaye,Street artists,

Blair Zaye drainpipe image: NoLionsInEngland

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,blair zaye

image: Blair Zaye


59 London Wall

London EC2M 5TR

100th Tripadvisor Review Milestone

Woo hooooo – 100 Tripadvisor reviews for Shoreditch Street Art Tours!!!! Thank you very much to all our guests who have shared their love for Shoreditch Street Art Tours on Tripadvisor.

Shoreditch,East End, London, tripadvisor,Street art, street, art,review, reviews

100 UP!

99 reviewers rated us 5 star “Excellent” and a solitary 4 star “Very Good”  rounds up the century.  We love to read words like passionate, knowledgeble, personable, expert, empathetic, friendly, and enjoyable in our guests opinions.  These are your independent opinions, they matter to other members of the community and they really matter to us.

Once again, thanks to all of our guests for enjoying the world’s best outdoor gallery with Shoreditch Street Art Tours and special thanks to those who shared their positive opinions with the rest of the Tripadviser community, thanks to you guys Shoreditch Street Art Tours is currently ranked 14th best  out of 528 activities in London.

Update (27 Jan) – now ranking 13th (and rising?)


ACE Start to 2014? Exciting Street Art Competition

Take a tour with Shoreditch Street Art Tours anytime from 1 Dec 2013 to 5 Jan 2014 and be in with a chance to win A.CE artwork!

Shoreditch,London,,Street,art,street art,graffiti,artists,,guided,tour,tours,walk,walks,ACE,paste ups

A.CE is one of London’s finest street artists.  He has been active on the streets of London for over 10 years and was first pick when our principal guide Dave NoLionsInEngland was asked to put together an article on Shoreditch’s top street artists.  A.CE’s colourful collaged paste ups have always featured prominently on Shoreditch Street Art Tours and if you want to get an idea of the excitement that lies behind the clandestine dark art of illegal pasting, you could not do better than watch the short film on his website of A.CE in action in London.

We are excited to announce that A.CE has generously given us a street quality original artwork for Shoreditch Street Art Tours to offer as a prize to its wonderful guests.  All tour guests who take a tour in the month of December (and that tiny bit of January which is basically still holiday) will be entered automatically into a prize draw to be made on Monday 6th of January 2014.  That’s one entry per person not per booking!.  This wonderful prize will be mailed in a nice tube to the winner.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

An A.CE a way to start 2014!



French Street Artist Zabou does less cleaning in Shoreditch

Here’s a lovely crisp and colourful stencil image that recently appeared in Shoreditch and which we found on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour walk today.  The artist is Zabou, a French girl currently living in London.   Nice work carrying the flag for female street artists who are just getting on with it.


Less Cleaning, More Street Art – Zabou

Zabou posted HERE on her blog about painting this piece, with some interesting work-in-progress photos of the stencils and registration marks.

All photos: NoLionsInEngland