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London Designated Curfew Zone by Street Artist Dr D

London has a designated Curfew Zone thanks to one of our best street artists Dr d.

London, Shoreditch, street art,installation,"paste up", artist, "street artist", "Dr D","congestion zone", satire, subversion

Curfew Zone, Dr D

Sadly when discovered on a rush to catch the last tube the cold sleet that had been falling steadily had made the top corner of the paste up peel away but  a passing kind young lady who didn’t run off with my phone when my back was turned helped with taking a photograph.

Dr D is lampooning police Stop and Search Powers using the format of the official warning signs which ring London’s Congestion Charging Zone.

London, Shoreditch, street art,installation,"paste up", artist, "street artist", "Dr D","congestion zone", satire, subversion

Congestion Zone portal

For a full run down on the brilliance of Dr D’s subversive street art and examples of his previous gems, check Graffoto Blog.

all photos: NoLionsInEngland (with anonymous passerby help gratefully received where noted!)

Bodies on Shoreditch Streets

Nothing quite beats the excitement of coming across unexpected new street art on the back streets of Shoreditch.  On my bicycle this afternoon I was delighted to find what appears to be work by Mila K from Sheffield.  Now, I have never seen Mila K’s art in Shoreditch before and only became familiar with this artist’s work on my first ever visit to Sheffield last Summer.

street art,installation,painting,mural,Shoreditch, London, artist, Mila K

Mila K

street art,installation,painting,mural,Shoreditch, London, artist, Mila K

Mila K

Dotmasters got back to basics hitting Shoreditch and other London areas hard with his Rude Kids stencils last week.  I have been finding new examples nearly every day this week and today was no exception, we discovered this little beauty during the morning tour.

street art,installation,painting,mural,Shoreditch, London, artist, Dotmasters, stencil, stencillist, pochoir,

Dotmasters Rude Kids

On the Shoreditch Night Street Art Photography Tour tonight I went into a back yard which I had been in only earlier in the day and found a painting so new in fact the emulsion was still wet.  This macabre portraiture is by Corpse, Corpse’s work was first seen in Shoreditch last year  and it bore quite a resemblance to Antony Lister’s clown faced super heroes but this looks much more menacing.

street art,installation,painting,mural,Shoreditch, London, artist, Corpse, painting, night, "Night Street Art Photography"

A number of paired paste ups found during the morning tour was an early warning that Corpse is walking the streets of Shoreditch again.

street art,installation,painting,mural,Shoreditch, London, artist, Corpse, paste up,

Corpse paste ups

Multi layer stencillist is exploring political similarities with this juxtaposition of Obama and Kim Jung-On which must be evident to himself if no one else.

street art,installation,painting,mural,Shoreditch, London, artist, Endless, stencil, stencillist, pochoir, multi layer

Obama and Kim Jung On by Endless

This LIchtenstein-esque superhero is tagged Solo, the image itself has been seen on the streets previously by other artists.

street art,installation,painting,mural,Shoreditch, London, artist, Solo

Exciting exciting exciting, keep ’em coming!

Borondo,London,street art, shoreditch,artist,painting,graffiti,murals,2014,in action,

2014 – A Great Year For London Street Art

This was a super year for street art in Shoreditch.   At about this time of year (You lie!!!! Its usually mid January by the time its finished – ed) Graffoto does a look back over the beauty, the excitement, the highlights and occasionally the sadder moments in the past year of London’s street art.

London,street art,Shoreditch,street artist,Adnate,King Robbo,graffiti, walk,tour, guided,Melbourne,tribute

Robbo by Adnate

It won’t be spoiling any surprises if we tell you the one picked out as the favourite is Borondo’s upside down face by the canal in Hackney Wick (not in Shoreditch!).  The problem with reviewing such a beautiful burst of creativity is what to leave out.  Just for fun, here is short slideshow of some of the great pieces which appeared this year and what they all have in common is that Shoreditch Street Art Tour groups came across the artist(s) creating these.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pop over to Graffoto for a broader summary, a different collection of wonderful art and a few thoughts.

all photos: NoLionsInEngland

Street art gallery private view openings, 6 March 2014

Where are we going to get our fix of new art this week, apart from on the outdoor walls in Shoreditch of course.  I’ll be kicking off Thursday with  a social event at The Photographers Gallery in the West End then picking up the pace with this little set of beauties:


Alexis Dias & Jaz “La Linea

Alexis Dias aka “La Pandilla”, whose Octophant mural in Shoreditch continues to amaze passersby some 8 months after its completion, joins forces with Jaz the Argentinian graffiti legend in “La Linea”.

La Pandilla Shoreditch London Street Art

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,alexis dias,jaz

image: ALexis Dias, Jaz, Rex Romae

132 Commercial St
London E1 6NQ


Pro176 “Liquid Mecanism”

Pure Evil gallery takes credit for introducing us to many street art talents we have never seen before so we look forward eagerly to the work of Pro176.  Look in the Pure Evil Department Store a few doors down from the usual gallery location.  And yes, that’s how they have spelt the title on their email so that’s what it must be.

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,Por 176, Pro176

image: Pro176, Pure Evil Gallery

Pure Evil Department Store

96-98 Leonard St,

London EC2A 4XS


Brett Amory “Twenty Four In London”

At Art 14 fair last week there was a Brett Amory canvas which was breath taking portraiture.  In this new show London is treated to the Brett Amory project where he spends 24 hours visiting 24 locations in one city and using the visual experience to inform a series of paintings.  He has already executed this project in New York and San Francisco and we look forward to seeing his impressionist urban take on some London locations.

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,Brett Amory

image: Brett Amory, Lazarides Rathbone

RSVP required , register lazinc.com

Lazarides Rathbone,

11 Rathbone Place,

London W1T 1HR


Cyrcle  “Overthrone! Pooring Reign”

LA guys Cyrcle visited London a couple of years ago to decorate our streets with some impressive pasted collages and they return for this show at StolenSpace.  They have been braving the reign, sorry – the rain on a hoist painting a very large mural in a car park as part of their London fun.  Here are a couple of pieces from their 2012 visit.

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,Cyrcle

image: NoLionsInEngland

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,Cyrcle

image: NoLionsInEngland

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,Cyrcle

image: Cyrcle, StolenSpace


17 Osborn Street
London E1 6TD


Blair Zaye “Bespoken”

Ahead of all that Thursday night excitement, Blair Zaye (remember the drainpipes dripping paint down the Shoreditch walls last year?) has a solo show in the heart of the City of London.

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour,Mau Mau,Alex Face,Bon,Blair Zaye,Street artists,

Blair Zaye drainpipe image: NoLionsInEngland

London,street,art,street art, gallery, show,artist,Shoreditch,tour,walk,graffiti,blair zaye

image: Blair Zaye


59 London Wall

London EC2M 5TR

Finding Brilliant Street Art in London’s East End

Shoreditch Street Art Tours is passionate about revealing to our guests to the best work of street artists and graffiti writers, from stylish tags to superbly detailed figurative painting, via humourus stencils and intricate sculptures.

We know our work is bearing fruit when guests make comments such as “I can’t stop looking at walls hoping to find little bits of street art” and “Every time I look at a lamppost I expect to see stickers”. When our guests find items of street art that even we haven’t seen before then we know they truly have got their “eye” in.  On today’s tour, after seeing a “Be My Valentine” piggy and a “Star” piggy one of our guests very excited pointed through a gate into a property – there was the most fantastic parachute piggy. Well done Liz!

German,LovePiepenbrinck,street art,installation,sculpture,Shoreditch, London, artist, casting,street artist,piggy

Love Piepenbrinck

A search through Love Piepenbrinck’s Flickr collection and Facebook photos and her favourites doesn’t turn up any evidence of photographs so far so we wait with baited breath to find out what Love Piepenbrinck calls it.  “Special Forces Piggy”?

photo: nolionsinengland

Saki’s Bitches Spread Legs in Shoreditch

Sometimes you write an email or a social media thing and these little alarm bells go off in your mind saying “don’t write that…don’t write that” but you proceed anyway.  A spectacular collection of new street art mobiles by Saki and Bitches led to us agonising over what to call this blog post, knowing that innocent accurate descriptions were doomed to look….wrong!

Saki,Saki and bitches,street art,installation,girl,erotica,bottoms,girls, Shoreditch, London, artist

Saki and Bitches street art

A set of Saki’s voluptuous erotic bitches were hanging from windows with an inviting piece of rope hanging down begging to be pulled.  Upon pulling, Saki’s bitches obligingly raised their legs and spread their knees.

Saki,Saki and bitches,street art,installation,girl,erotica,bottoms,girls, Shoreditch, London, artist

Saki and Bitches street art

See, I knew this post could not be written without even the most factual description sounding a just a bit naughty.  Still, the tour members that found it seemed to enjoy the spectacle.   Naughty Saki.

Saki,Saki and bitches,street art,installation,girl,erotica,bottoms,girls, Shoreditch, London, artist

Saki and Bitches street art

Other marginally less eroticised work by Saki is a regular feature on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour, see previous post HERE

Clet Abraham, Shoreditch,London,Street Art,artist,stencil,subverted,road signs,no entry, traffic signs

Street Art Subversions In Shoreditch

On the Shoreditch Street Art Tour we come across many artists whose work is guided and inspired by the street canvas they are decorating.

 Clet Abraham, Shoreditch,London,Street Art,artist,stencil,subverted,road signs,no entry, traffic signs

Clet Abraham, 2013

Clet Abraham is a Florence based French artist whose trademark artistic intervention is modification of no entry signs.  Clet’s previous London visits left us very familiar with stop sign’s white bars turned into a heavy load being hefted by a silhouetted figure across the street.   Having found photographic evidence of the range of Clet’s other street sign subversions across Europe, it seemed slightly puzzling that in London he had focussed so heavily on that one image.

Clet Abraham, Shoreditch,London,Street Art,artist,stencil,subverted,road signs,no entry, traffic signs

Clet Abraham, 2013

Thankfully Clet has returned to London and unleashed a huge variety of sign modifications across our junctions.  The London one way labyrinth must be a dream come true for this Italian resident and Clet-spotting has become a great delight for the guests on several street art tours since Friday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And great street art goes…..

Following on from the recent post about great new street art appearing in Shoreditch in which we hailed the return of illegal art to an old stencil hall of fame, at the other end of the cycle we celebrate the life of a top quality illegal piece of street art which passed on a couple of days ago.

Above created this breakdancer back in the Summer, yup – we did have one this year and someone, presumably the building owner, had covered it in Perspex within a couple of days.  This is what it looked like at night when the perfection of its placement was apparent.

Shoredtich,London,Street Art,TOurs,Alternative

Above (NY) – Night TIme Break Dancer

Perspex on a piece of street art suggests either that a piece is being preserved for sale or that it is being “conserved”, protected from the rough and tumble of a normal healthy outdoor life.  Usually we infer the former.  Persons unknown expressed their distaste for this kind of curation, or profit preservation – take your pick – and tore most of the perspex off.  Then someone disfigured the piece by chrome spraying an X across the dancer’s body.  Someone else opposed this action by attempting a vigorous cleaning of the chrome off the bricks, looking like an attempt at restoration.  Still with me?

A few days after the clean up started, yesterday in fact, the morning Shoreditch Street Art Tour found that the artwork have been brushed over with a foamy chemical wash.

Above, Shoreditch,London,Street Art,artist,stencil,New York

Above – Chemical wash
Above, Shoreditch,London,Street Art,artist,stencil,New York

Above – foam paint remover

In the afternoon a vigorous buff had been carried out to the point the art was a feint smudge and today there was just a discoloured damp patch where the Above Breakdancer had been.

Above, Shoreditch,London,Street Art,artist,stencil,New York

Above buffed

So there you have it, an excellent piece of work lived its life to the full and to a natural conclusion.  Thankfully most street artists are pretty resilient types and aren’t deterred by a bit of buffing.  Where one piece is buffed, five new pieces will rise up to take its place and Mobstr’s High Five remains undisturbed!

all photos: NoLionsInEngland

Top Shoreditch Street Artists revealed!

The challenge – list 10  Shoreditch Street artists!  We all hate lists though this one is a little more interesting than most.  Complex.com in the US asked us to write a feature on the top 10 Shoreditch Street Artists.

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This was quite tricky, there are hundreds of artists for whom Shoreditch is home turf, whose street art naturally gets its premier viewing on a grubby wall in this part of London.  After tortuous deliberation and raging internal debate, we struck a compromise, the list would extend to 25 active Shoreditch Street Artists you ought to know.   Check it out now on www.complex.com.

We are pleased that every single one of these artists currently features on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour at the moment.  It was also  a secret pleasure digging out the photos for the artists, some of which are 6 or 7years old so look out for the thumbnails below each artists main picture, there are some gems in there, happy viewing.