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London Street Art Pokes Fun At Aussies Shock In Shoreditch

Street art in Shoreditch took a twist into the political and humorous with this play on Australia’s so-called “stop the boats” policy. London,Shoreditch,Street,Art,Australia,Humour,Stop The Boats,Walk,Tour

Stop The Boats

“Stop The Boats” has its origins in Australia about 100 years ago due to paranoia over hoards of invading Chinese and its memory has been revived this Summer (Winter?) in Canberra over concerns of people smuggling by boat.  In this street art parody by artist unknown, we have an Australian reaction to a defeat this Summer on the cricket field.  For the benefit of non cricket fans and forgetful Australians  Australia lost the 5 match Ashes series 3 nil to England 😉 London,Shoreditch,Street,Art,Australia,Humour,Stop The Boats,Walk,Tour

“To avoid aboriginal genocide and generations of sporting defeat”

All photos: NoLionsInEngland