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Latin Weather – Latin Street Art

England is experiencing a temporary geo-psyche shift; our footballers think they are Brazil and our weather thinks we are Los Angeles and for the time being we have almost no need for weather forecasts.  This past week Memi Martinez and Veracidade, two street artists from far sunnier countries have made London their temporary home bringing a Latin heatwave of their own.

I don’t know if their presence at the same time is coincidence but any excuse will do to post this picture capturing two international artists in action on opposite sides of the same property.

Memi Martinez is from Argentina and over three days painted a colour scorched surreal cartoon of one three legged being pouring tea into an umbrella masquerading as a teacup held by a mirror image plump thighed “thing”.  It’s about Brits initially spurning umbrellas as an effete French fad before eventually adopting them so ubiquitously that they became almost as British as that other great tradition we appropriated from another culture: a cup of tea.

We had the opportunity several times over three days to bump into this charming visitor and all who came across Memi were overwhelmed by her bright spirit and her generosity, here we see a group of international students from the USA over for a semester excitedly showing off some stickers Memi kindly gave them.

Memi’s stickers

Memi made a small video clip of this group and it appeared on her Instagram as a “story”, lovely to see who pleased the character on the passing truck is with the artist interacting with her new fans.

Memi in action:

Memi worked for three days on this single mural and when you look closely at the solidity of the limbs and the beautiful graduation of the shading on the inside and outside of the cup clearly her meticulous approach paid off.

London, Shoreditch, street art, street artists, street art tour, Shoreditch street art tour, Brazil, Argentina, Memi Martinez, Veracidade, Reveracidade, Mauro, spraypaint, umbrella, Panoramic view, Great Eastern St

Meni Martinez detail

Veracidade aka Mauro from Brazil paints portraits and drops images of houses as a tag.  First sighting was last weekend, a “quick thing” down Brick Lane.

Then a couple more paintings all featuring people raising their eyes to the skies appeared.

Veracidade, also featuring Brazilian artist Milo Tchais (detail of)

Both the artworks above feature a stylised house in the image, Mauro totes his painting gear around in these fabulous pvc bags in the style of the houses that he uses as his tag.


This piece is opposite the Pure Evil Gallery and features a lovely “hat tip” to Pure Evil’s “nightmare” series with the long tear running down the face

Two Veracidade artworks, a bag and the artist!

Here are a few of those Veracidade tags that have sprung up around Shoreditch:

Veracidade – also featuring Glor Mowcodelico

Now, I must dash, something about the heat and the colours Memi has brought to London has left me with a craving for a Harvey Wallbanger.


Memi Martinez Instagram

Vercidade Instagram

All photos: Dave Stuart

Cranio Rainforest Indian on Brick Lane

Cranio from Brazil has been back in town!   He has repainted one of his favourite spots with a new version of his Amazon rainforest Indian.

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Cranio – Brick Lane, 2015

Previously Cranio painted versions of the Indian on 2013 and 2014.   Notice the cunning little trick in the 2012 and 2013 versions which made the Indian appear to stand in front of the wall, can you see how he did it?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cranio 2014

We will be sure to keep you posted on any news from Cranio on this visit but meanwhile, you can check out his show in the pop up gallery Fun Factory on Bethnal Green Road in 2013.

All photos: Dave Stuart

Street Art Gallery Thursday 29th – Cranio Night at Fun Factory

The party fun tonight certainly makes up in quality what it lacks in quantity.  The only event on the Shoreditch Street Art Tours calendar tonight is Cranio’s special one off one night only show at Fun Factory.

Cranio, beloved Brazil street artist has been hectically busy in London over the past few weeks with multiple new pieces up on Shoreditch Walls not to mention elsewhere.  He has also been working hard on fresh studio paintings and tonight will be the only time a cluster of large and very special hand finished prints will be seen all together by the public.

Shoreditch LOndon Steret Art Wall mural Cranio

Maybe HIN will be around to speculate on why the flipped finger, the bomb belt and the genitalia on the Cranio/HIN collab mural on Grimsby St weren’t buffed but his paste up heads were!  (we think we can guess the answer)

tn_DSC_9838 copy

Fun Factory 6pm till 9 ish, no RSVP required