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Saki,Saki and bitches,street art,installation,geisha,girl,erotica,bottoms,girls

Saki and Bitches Run Wild On Shoreditch Streets

Of all the street artists active on the streets of London, Saki and Bitches is one of our most surprising, her slight frame belies the large and high up pieces she installs on the street while her innocent smile masks her interest in vintage Japanese erotica.

The barred windows and doors of a former squat on Sclater Street evoked the idea of a cage in Saki’s mind, a cage is a thing you would find in a zoo and these cages now are the unofficial Shoreditch Life Zoo.  Saki is the zookeeper, the cages now house a trio of lively, colourful, energetic and predatory Shoreditch beasts, the kind you may see prowling through the clubs and bars of a Shoreditch evening.   Saki probably shouldn’t be regarded as just a street artist as her work is much more varied, like the very best street art though this installation starts from seeing what kind of canvas the street provides then creating something to suit that location.

She previously used this same idea of the cages to display a trio of Yoji girls, the most expensive of the high class Japanese prostitutes who during the daytime relax in gilded cages while their ultra wealthy patrons come in to inspect the fayre.

Saki,Saki and bitches,street art,installation,geisha,girl,erotica,bottoms,girls

Skai and Bitches, Yoji display

In the middle of last week, another long standing and very high piece of Saki street art, Jenny the bicycle girl (ok – we all mentally picture the Queen “Fat Bottomed Girls” song)  disappeared but on Saturday night a new sexy apparition appeared on the Shoreditch skyline, She’s a fast worker Saki!

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all photos: nolionsinengland