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Street Artists Great Ormond Street Hospital Fundraiser

Joe Epstein of LDN Graffiti and producer of the street art book London Graffiti and Street Art has announced an exciting fund raiser to benefit the famous Great Ormond Street Hospital.

GOSH has launched their Covid-19 appeal to help fund both the hospital’s most urgent needs now and support its vital work once this crisis is over, more  details on their appeal HERE

9 Art Blitzed Books – Unique Covers

Nine artists, all of them tour favourites, have each uniquely hand-painted and signed a copy of the book London Graffiti and Street Art.

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The artists are: Alo, Dr Zadok, MadC, Neist, Pure Evil, Run, Stik, The Toasters, and Vibes.

The Pure Evil book looks pure bonkers!

Donate £5 to enter the LDN GOSH Lottery to WIN one of these unique modified LDN books, 9 in total, published by Ebury Press. £20 gets four entries, and so on.  100% of donations will go to GOSH and help the fight against Covid-19!

Dig deep, donate and enter the #LDNGOSHLottery now!

The donation link is > https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/LDNGOSHLottery

The full project info is on the LDN website > https://ldngraffiti.co.uk/shop

Here are some photos by Dave Stuart of each these featured artists as seen on the tour (to avoid confusion, these photos do not appear in Joe’s book):

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A Bun In Their Hair, ALO, Shoreditch 2014

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Dr Zadok as seen on Shoreditch Street Art Tour

MadC, 2013 and still going strong

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Connectivity Mural – Autone & Neist detail

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Pure Evil jesuischarlie 2015

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RUN and Burning Candy, Hackney Wick 2013

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Couple Holding Hands, Stik, 2010

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Toasters, Kingsland Road, 2009

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Vibes, ALO and also feat Sell Out and Brush