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Beat The Lockdown Blues: A Virtual Street Art Tour

So, now the Christmas frolics with the extended family and their bubbles is 1 day, not the 5 you expected, how can you beat the single household blues on the other 11 days of Christmas?

Do a Virtual Street Art Tour!  Cast your device onto the big screen so that the whole family can watch and enjoy a wonderful slide show highlighting Shoreditch’s street art down the years.

Make it private tour for your family or link up virtually with friends in other households Zoom party style.

“it was a really absorbing seminar enjoyed by all!”

Add fun with sporadic quiz questions (optional) from Dave** and your own pre-agreed forfeits and punishments.

All accompanying a virtual tour of some of the best street art down the years using lots of different techniques.

from a “Lockdown 2” Virtual Street Art Tour

 “Thank you for your fantastic talk [Virtual Street Art Tour] this morning – it was so informative “

Timing, duration, number or participants all totally flexible – email now to book your virtual street art tour party.  Even the content can be customised… ask how.

**due to non arrival of red fat suit and false beard, Dave will now NOT present the virtual tour dressed as Santa