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Stik – Print Release For Homerton Hospital

More Stik news, Thursday 24 sees London’s very own Stik release a limited edition silk screen print as a fund raiser for the Homerton Hospital Regional Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (RNRU) Creative Media Room. The “Sleeping Baby” print comes in four different colour versions and there are 25 of each colour.

Stik NHS Print (photo via Stik website)

Stik NHS Print (photo via Stik website)

Sleeping Baby is an iconic Stik image which has appeared on the streets a number of times,  indeed a version can still be seen if the shutter is down at one location as we pass close by almost daily on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour.

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Stik has replicated the Sleeping Baby in a new mural recently painted in the grounds of Homerton Hospital.

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Stik at Homerton Hospital, 2015

photo courtesy Homerton Hospital website


We often refer to Stik as “the nicest guy in street art” and he has frequently used his art to raise funds for charitable causes, most notably for charities dealing with causes and relief of homelessness. The Trust Stik is supporting with this print release offers long stay patients with acquired and traumatic brain injuries the chance to explore interactive art workshops as part of their rehabilitation and recovery. Funds will actively enable the Trust to develop and expand an arts workshop service for the ECU (Elderly Care Unit) specially formulated for people with dementia.


To get your mitts on a copy of this absolutely limited Stik print, you need to trot along to Homerton Hospital where the prints will be sold on a first come first served basis from 5 PM today – which means get there early if you want to be certain of getting the one you prefer.


More information about the print and the use of proceeds are available on  the Homerton Hospital website and Stiks website.


Location Details:

Education Centre Café

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Homerton Row

London E9 6SR


Check the Homerton Hospital or Stik websites for transport details