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Cityzen Kane “Portal” Making Of

On a balmy warm week in mid 2014 the Shoreditch Street Art Tour came across a complex permissioned street art installation by the street artist Cityzen Kane.   Cityzen Kane has now put up a film of the making of “Portal”, the immensely popular sculptural piece.

The film captures the intensity and the amount of handcraft Cityzen Kane puts into his sculptures.

That week, Shoreditch Street Art Tours had the pleasure of being joined by the Vagabrothers from San Diego and they were able to do a quick interview with Cityzen Kane as he installed that piece, it comes up 2’40” into their Shoreditch Street Art video (look out for their subliminal appearance in Cityzen Kane’s video at 6.40) .

Cityzen Kane’s portal was put up as a tribute in memory of his son Joe who had taken his own life a year earlier. Given the tragic nature of its inspiration, it is perhaps poignant that from time to time the central figure actually cries in the rain:

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Portal – detail

Cityzen Kane’s personal message reads:

Help save young and vulnerable lives from the despair of depression,  Shatter the stigma around suicide. Please support www.papyrus-uk.com or www.thecalmzone.net

June 2017 Update: CityZenKane’s Portal is no longer on that wall but in the spirit of his intent and message, I thought I would let you know about A Guide to UK-based Free Mental Health Helplines by Cassiobury Court.  

Paul at Cassiobury Court writes that there are fourteen different helplines in the guide.  He wrote the guide because many helplines of this nature exist, and people seeking out the services of these helplines may be confused by their sheer number. This guide helps to demystify these helplines so people can select the most appropriate one for their needs.

Other resources:

OK Rehab: For guidance and support for people experiencing problems with substance misuse and co-occurring mental health problems