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Mexican Street Artists In Shoreditch

A clutch of Mexican artists have just passed through London and created some beautiful art on Shoreditch’s walls.

Mazatl has placed some classic wood cut and linocut prints on the streets, classic in the sense that this is very much from the template provided by Swoon and Elbow Toe in the late 2000s.

Maxatl - El Hogar

Maxatl – El Hogar

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Mazatl – Shoreditch

Mazatl had a busy evening or two out with British screen print paste up artist Donk and Columbian artist Stinkfish, placing their work in many locations together, probably none more spectacular than this:

Donk, Stinkfish, Maxatl

Donk, Stinkfish, Maxatl

Said Dokins is an artist who like Mazatl features campaigns for social justice at the heart of his art. Alive refers to a situation in Mexico regarding the “disappearance” of a group of students, wanted back alive. The calligraphy is stunning.

Said Dokins - Alive

Said Dokins – Alive

Maxatl and Said Dokins were in town to participate with Mexican compatriots Acuro and Fusca in a four person group show at Hoxton gallery. The show opened last week and after this moring’s tour I was able to pop in to catch this excellent show for the first time. The woodcut and lino cut prints by maxatl are stunning and the fact that he issues work through justseeds.org in the States tells me his work places social conscience in the foreground. Here is a selection of photographs of art in the show:

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There is also a set of three night photographs of Said Dokins doing some light painting, we have seen light graffiti before but I have never seen light calligraphy like this, it’s well worth popping by Hoxton Gallery at its new location for that.

Said Dokins

Said Dokins


Show details:



Said Dokins, Maxatl, Acaro, Fusca

Hoxton gallery

59 Old Street (same block as “Look Mum No Hands”, the City Road end of Old St)

Ends: TBC