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London, Shoreditch, Street Art, new, Sell Out, Miah, Bastek, paste up, Peacock

Not Too Cold For Street Art

After several days of freezing weather it was nice for the Shoreditch Street Art Tour to have merely “crisp” conditions on a bright clear day on Sunday. Not that a cold snap deters street artists, plenty of new street art was discovered on this morning’s tour and we start above with a beautiful paint spattered peacock on Brick lane pasted up by Bastek.

Under a railway bridge Bastek also dropped this Ali G portrait intricately stencilled on paper, another preening peacock perhaps.

London, Shoreditch, Street Art, new, Bastek, paste up, Ali G

Ali G – Bastek

Framed symbolism labelled Miah pleads “Fall in love with me”. Perhaps, but only for your art.

London, Shoreditch, Street Art, new, framed,Miah

And unsurprisingly Sell Out had been about creating topical trash sculptures and what could be fresher than a clone trooper just ahead of the next Star Wars movie.   Bet clone troopers don’t feel the cold.

London, Shoreditch, Street Art, new, Sell Out, sculpture, trash,

Trash Cloe Trooper – Sell Out

All photos: Dave Stuart aka NoLionsInEngland