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Finding Brilliant Street Art in London’s East End

Shoreditch Street Art Tours is passionate about revealing to our guests to the best work of street artists and graffiti writers, from stylish tags to superbly detailed figurative painting, via humourus stencils and intricate sculptures.

We know our work is bearing fruit when guests make comments such as “I can’t stop looking at walls hoping to find little bits of street art” and “Every time I look at a lamppost I expect to see stickers”. When our guests find items of street art that even we haven’t seen before then we know they truly have got their “eye” in.  On today’s tour, after seeing a “Be My Valentine” piggy and a “Star” piggy one of our guests very excited pointed through a gate into a property – there was the most fantastic parachute piggy. Well done Liz!

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Love Piepenbrinck

A search through Love Piepenbrinck’s Flickr collection and Facebook photos and her favourites doesn’t turn up any evidence of photographs so far so we wait with baited breath to find out what Love Piepenbrinck calls it.  “Special Forces Piggy”?

photo: nolionsinengland