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Paste up street art put up for the London International Paste Up Festival Second Edition

London International Paste Up Festival 2

The second edition of the London International Paste Up Festival took place 20-23 October 2022.  Artists from all over the world, about 300 all told, sent in paper-based artwork which the organisers pasted up on a number of walls mainly around the Brick Lane area.

Fashion Street LIPF2

Street art was put up on a total of 7 locations, or 8 if you include the numerous paste ups that accumulated around LIPF HQ on Hanbury Street during the festival opening event.  None of the LIPF2 locations had been used in the inaugural 2021 London International Paste Up Festival.

Seven Stars LIPF2, Brick Lane

In 2021 all the locations bar one were legal, permission had been granted by the owners.  The exception was one wall where the LIPF team thought they had permission but it turned out they were listening to the wrong person!  For 2022 there was no permission and indeed at several spots the apparent wall owners remonstrated with the paste up teams with varying degrees of forcefulness.  At one spot the ground floor occupant harangued the team to be followed by an occupant from the floor above later saying how much they loved the art and the constant change.

Grimsby St LIPF2

In 2021 all the LIPF surfaces were virgin surfaces or tarps tied to walls.  For the second event all bar one of the LIPF walls had long term prior history as paste up street art walls.   The paste up festival waved a transformational wand at each wall, bringing complete more or less change in a single moment to surfaces more accustomed to perpetual evolution through gradual change.   Last year’s art was essentially one layer deep whereas this year LIPF2 looks all the better for layering onto each walls accretion of texture, patina and depth.   Also there were no gaps where original wall surface can be seen.  So this year’s locations just looked more like street art from the wild compared to last year’s festival.

Puma Court LIPF2

Street art lends itself to collaborations, interactions and augmentations.  Emo Ryan screenprints portraits of punk version of Queen Elizabeth  garnished with Jamie Reid/Sex Pistols influenced wording, a recent paste up of the Queen by Silvio Alino had the right scale and similar text providing a perfect juxtaposition.  The lily was well and truly gilded with the later addition of an artificial flower.

Silvio Alino, Emo Ryan and Me and Blue, Hanbury St

Coloquix/Appaaran collaboration for LIPF2

Paste up street art put up for the London International Paste Up Festival Second Edition

Tsunami_Mignonnerie / Raddington Falls interaction

One paste up spot with a long history of street art got the LIPF paste up team into spot of bother with an un-appreciative owner.  Stik painted the Brick Lane Couple on Princelet Street in 2010.  The adjacent wall was decorated in fine style with a succession of stencil images by Otto Schade from 2014 and paste ups really started appearing in large numbers in 2015.   Someone in the property had a tirade against Benjay Crossman in 2019 leading to this sought after artist mulshing out his own art and leaving little doubt as to his feelings towards the owners.  It would appear that the same person objected to the LIPF team decorating this long running spot and scrapped off the paste ups within his reach (short arms, stiff knees?).  In the process of destroying the art he created a truly unsightly mess.   Ironically, within the vague unwritten rules of paste up culture, ripped, torn, peeling and destroyed art gives a free pass to other artists to place fresh art over the desecration.

Princelet Street LIPF2 before the anti art attack

Princelet Street after the art desecration

2019 Benjay Crossman

Tweet_streetart from Melbourne collaborated with Metraeda from Dusseldorf on a balloon breathing faceted dragon.   A barred gate locked to a wall provided appropriate context for several artworks including Palley’s R2D2 which was kept company by a rocket taking David Bowie to heaven and Cultof.XYZ’s “Allow access”.   Old School street artists who submitted artworks included the famous London Police and West London writer CodeFC.

Tweet_streetart & Metraeda

Coloquix/Apparan collaboration for LIPF2

Puma Court – including Jace, 33WallFlower33, Tuby, Broken Hartist, Corrosive8, Cultof.xyz, Knapple

London Police, Uberfubs

Keith Flint and Queen Elizabeth by CodeFC.  Also feaet No.rules art & LT66

Street artists are used to surrendering control over the fate of their art once they leave it on the streets.  The London International Paste Up Festival begs artists to relinquish more, they are absent from the placement process.  On the whole, with the exception of some artists who assisted with the pasting up or who attended some of the events in person, the gift of placement was in the hands of the team who spent many days pasting art on the walls.  The aesthetic of the resulting walls was determined by opportunist interactions, intentional and chance colour combinations and a preference for chaotic randomness rather than disciplined straight edged borders and overlaps.

The Viaduct – early stages

The Viaduct LIPF2

Homo Riot, Vision Ox, Oddo, Punk Flamungo, Raffaele Giovani, DaddyStreetFox, TFA, Vermin, Pissandvinegar art, fiftyseven designs,Slow Shrug,  Grimsby St, LIPF2

So.Schoen.Immer.Weider, Cameron twins, Hello The Mushroom, Taxed, Olly Walker, Apparan, Zelda Bomba at Puma Court

The LIPF2 spots are live and active street art locations, they remained dynamic and constantly changing even over the period of the Festival itself as new art was added by artists.  K-Guy had been a participant in the 2021 LIPF but in 2022, having not managed to get ready in time for the submission deadline decided the best means of getting involved was simply to pop up and add his contributions himself.  Those contributions were themselves subject to very rapid augmentation by another reliable contributor to the Shoreditch street art smorgasbord, Alex Arnell.


Fashion St

People immersed in the street art scene, in particular the practitioners, the artists may ponder what gives someone the right to take over whole walls and go over existing art in the name of a festival.   Specially one in which very few of the participants are active in the installation, necessitating an element that might be construed as curation.  If there is a conceit at the heart of the method, the actual achievement in elevating the appreciation and status of paste up street art justifies it.

Princelet St Oct 2022 pre LIPF

Princelet Street LIPF2

Shoreditch Street Art Tours had the pleasure a few years back of introducing the artist Apparan who is one of the main organisers involved in conceiving, managing and generally pulling off the London International Paste Up Festival to the charity Urban Heart Guate.  Urban Heart Guate promotes various forms of therapy including art to support a better life and environment for young children growing up in communities in Guatemala blighted by poverty, crime and gang violence.  A free street art tour by Shoreditch Street Art Tours on the last afternoon of LIPF2 raised donations to support the work of Urban Heart Guate.   The official link to contribute via LIPF to this fabulous cause can be found HERE

The organisers of the London Paste Up Festival are continuing to raise funds in support and have partnered with Pepita Coffee to raise funds from purchases of reusable coffee tins packed with luxury ground coffee and featuring a collage of photos of LIPF1 art, they look stunning!

Collectors edition Pepita ground coffee for for the London International Paste Up Festival Second Edition

Collectors Edition Paste Up Festival coffee jar by Pepita Coffee

Message London International Paste Up Festival on Instagram for more details on how to get your mitts on one of these beauties.

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With apologies to the 300 artists who participated in LIPF2, it would be wonderful to provide links to all artists or indeed to identify everyone whose art features in the photographs in this summary but sadly this isn’t practical.

The 2nd London International Paste Up Festival was supported by:

Shoreditch Street Art Tours

Brick Lane Shisha Lounge

Great Art UK

Inspiring City

Pepita Coffee

La Tundra Revista

All photos: Dave Stuart

Spitalfields – More Than Just Street Art

Street Art needs walls! Whether its Shoreditch or Spitalfields, street art may hang on hoardings, stick to street signs, augment adverts, decorate doors or flourish on flyposters but wondering at walls is the main thing on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour.  Walls beg a secondary purpose (wink) and minds distracted from art may dwell on fortuitous factors such as boundary, division, shelter, protection, property, privacy and possibly even more – where would windows hang if not framed in walls?

We pass a lot of walls on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour and a lot of wondering what lies within and behind those walls occurs.  Today the good people behind the doors of 8 Spitalfields properties invited the world in to see their urban gardens and we were delighted and fascinated.

Close by, Brick Lane teems with colour, noise and life but within these private Spitalfields spaces there is serenity, tranquillity and a sense of calm seclusion.  There is also tremendous inventiveness and creativity in the use of tiny scraps of urban space.  “Nothing but rubble below this paving” said one owner in his back garden; “foundations 5 brick deep” said the owner of another 1740s silk merchant’s property.

All the properties visited lie within the Fournier St and Brick Lane Conservation Area with the exception of the offices of The society For The Protection of Ancient Buildings at,37 Spital Square   which is in the Elder St Conservation Area.  All except one of the properties is Grade II listed.  Whilst fascinated by history, Shoreditch Street Art Tours makes no claim to being historians.  There are some fascinating reads to be found online which provide contest for the historical development of Spitalfields and its properties, such as “The Hugenots Of Spitalfields” website, the Spitalfields Trust  and the Spitalfields Neighbourhood Planning Forum website

The Spitalfields gardens were open as a group as part of the National Garden Scheme open day programme which clearly does great work raising funds for a variety of charities and we are grateful to the residents for opening their doors to provide such a fascinating insight to parts of Spitalfields not normally accessible by the public.

For those of you who explore the outsides with us, here is a collection of photos that is a bit horticulture, a bit architecture, a bit nosy-parker but mostly a record of a nice opportunity to view Spitalfield’s insides, withins and behinds.

All photos: Dave Stuart

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Otto Schade, Stik, Street Art, Princelet St, Shoreditch, Shoreditch Street Art tours, stencil,

OSCH, Freddie and Michael

Otto Schade has revisited a wall in Shoreditch that he used to paint frequently until abandoning it to paste up street art for a short while.   Yesterday afternoon he returned to that spot and painted a new composition featuring Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson reacting to a rat that has appeared on stage.

Otto Schade, Stik, Street Art, Princelet St, Shoreditch, Shoreditch Street Art tours, stencil,

Michael and Freddie, Otto Schade, December 2019

The last time Shoreditch Street Art Tours blog updated on Otto’s street art was February 2015, a look back at what Otto has done on that one spot since then is overdue.  In February 2015 our last update ended with Otto creating this piece with the kids turning the tables on the kid’s entertainer:

London, Shoreditch,street art, street artist, Otto Schade, stencil, Chile, tour, tours, walk,walks

That piece endured pretty well though by March 2017 it had suffered a few indignities.

Otto Schade, Stik, Street Art, Princelet St, Shoreditch, Shoreditch Street Art tours, stencil,

Otto & Stik, March 2017

Otto swiftly addressed that mess with greedy or desperate hands grasping at money distributed by a scarecrow.

Otto Schade, Stik, Street Art, Princelet St, Shoreditch, Shoreditch Street Art tours, stencil,

“The Believers”, Otto Schade, March 2017

That didn’t last too long, replaced by “David vs Goliath” in June 2017

Street art, Shoreditch, London, stencil, paste up, spraypaint, Otto Schade

Otto Schade “David vs Goliath”

That was taken out in August 2018 by someone holding a grudge against Otto, so Otto painted “Flies around shit” about giving vast military power to mindless idiots who might use it with reckless abandon.

Otto Schade, Stik, Street Art, Princelet St, Shoreditch, Shoreditch Street Art tours, stencil,

“Flies Around Shit”, August 2017

The next update in March 2018 reflected on the impact of technology in turning citizens into passive voyeurs.

Otto Schade, Stik, Street Art, Princelet St, Shoreditch, Shoreditch Street Art tours, stencil,

“Jack The Ripper 2040”, March 2018

Then in October 2018 Otto somehow anticipated the impact drones would have on London airports in December 2018 when they caused the closure of Gatwick for 3 days resulting in the cancellation of hundreds of flights.

Otto Schade, Stik, Street Art, Princelet St, Shoreditch, Shoreditch Street Art tours, stencil,

“AI”, October 2018

This lasted pretty much until May 2019 when a large throwie (tag) went over it followed by multiple paste ups,  in this image most notably Laup Nosnibor.

Otto Schade, Stik, Street Art, Princelet St, Shoreditch, Shoreditch Street Art tours, stencil,

May 2019, feat Laup Nobnibor et al

All traces of Otto’s art had disappeared as evidenced fortuitously in this photo I took yesterday to capture the art adjacent to that spot

Otto Schade, Stik, Street Art, Princelet St, Shoreditch, Shoreditch Street Art tours, stencil,

Wild street art,assorted artists and quality

It was a little puzzle that after such prolonged use of he same spot with some many changes that Otto appeared to allow it to drift for over half a year but now normal service has been resumed.

Otto Schade, Stik, Street Art, Princelet St, Shoreditch, Shoreditch Street Art tours, stencil,

Michael and Freddie, Otto Schade, December 2019


Otto Schade Instagram

All photos: Dave Stuart

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