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Graffiti Art Gallery Shows – let The 2014 Fun Commence

Things bode well for 2014 when the first “proper” week of 2014 has two great shows kicking off in the East End, though we are otherwise engaged with a Shoreditch Street Art Night Time Photography Tour.

Saber: The Ugly American

Saber MSK AWR is a graffiti legend based in LA, most famous for writing his name on the concrete bank of Los Angeles River, the largest piece of graffiti ever painted.  His work has crossed to the UK before, most recently for a 2012 group show with three other American legends, Ron English, Trusto Corp and Risk.  His art has previously touched on matters of national identity, public welfare provision and patriotism.  This time, Lazarides suggests “For The Ugly American, Saber has painted a series of impulsive abstract works which illustrate the excesses of American society.”  Abstract calligraphy but check for hidden naughty words.

East End, art show, preview, opening, Saber, MS,AWR, Shoreditch, street art, graffiti

Saber – BRP 2012
East End, art show, preview, opening, Saber, MS,AWR, Shoreditch, street art, graffiti

Saber – The Ugly American

The Outsiders Gallery

8 Greek St

London W1D 4DG

RSVP required (according  their email, RSVP by replying to mailinglist@lists.lazinc.com.  That’s what it says!)



ID Crew: Surrounded By Idiots

ID Crew (Ivory Dukes, Idiots Crew) has at its heart some of London’s most influential and artistic graffiti writers.  Crew membership has evolved over time but from the thesaurus of alternative words for Idiot on the show flyer we can expect to find Shucks, Tizer, Wisher, Mace, Jobe, Relay, Stika, Crow, Pref, Imerse, Ike, Gent & Aces.   This is sure to be a massive meeting of London faces in what is possibly Shoreditch’s smallest gallery, expect crowded streets and somebody to un-expectedly find a marker “just lying on the ground officer” at some point.  Skimming through the photo library to select a few images to illustrate the work of these guys has been a huge, distracting pleasure!

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East End, art show, preview, opening, Idiots Crew, Tizer, Pref, Wisher, Relay,Stika, Shucks, Shoreditch, street art, graffiti

Idiots Crew

Graffiti Life Gallery

24 Cheshire St,

London E2 6EH