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Stop Street Art Cos It’s Cold? No Chance!

The trains may be up the spout and the motorways down to a single lane slush slalom but it takes more than a cold weather to stop street art activity in Shoreditch, or indeed to get in the way of our awesome guests!  The feature shot at the top of this post shows a solid group of hardcore street art fans, they are 3 hours into a tour during which the snow barely paused yet here they are, cheerful, smiling and standing in front of an equally hardcore piece of graffiti by legend EINE.

Through the snow we found quite a lot of new street art this morning put up by artists determined to remain active despite freezing temperatures over the past few days.

I was particularly impressed by this Jake character by Losthills, it may look like a paste up which is his usual medium on the streets but this is actually a relief sculpture.

Street art, street artists, Shoreditch, London, snow, paste up,Losthills

#Jake by Losthills

Nice to see new stuff from Orrible in Shoreditch with the stencil on paint rat paste up.

Street art, street artists, Shoreditch, London, snow, paste up,Orrible


Mowcka was also new since yesterday and as with nearly all of this small, clandestine street art the beauty is as much in roughness of the layers, colours and textures in the surround as it is about the actual art piece.

Street art, street artists, Shoreditch, London, snow, paste up,Mowcka

Mowcka has a natural connection

RIP Smith has been making regular trips up from the West Country this year, this Slimshady stencil was spotted yesterday.

Street art, street artists, Shoreditch, London, snow, stencil, letterbox, RIP Smith

RIP Smith

A fresh addition roughly pasted over some beautiful abstract colours comes courtesy of dmstff.

Street art, street artists, Shoreditch, London, snow, paste up, DMSTFF


Broke Art‘s fresh piece comments on the huge increase in dependency on foodbanks, particularly among those whose part time employment means they fall out of the state support system yet find the work does not provide a living wage. Plus it’s always good to see street art appearing over advertising.

Street art, street artists, Shoreditch, London, snow, paste up,Broke Art

Broke Art

Even Invader LDN_106 was looking blue from the cold today.

Street art, street artists, Shoreditch, London, snow,mosaic, tiles, LDN_106

Space Invader LDN_106 in the snow

Some of this art came from a group of regular London paste up provocateurs who had a group show this weekend (only) at the 5th Base Gallery on Heneage St.

Winter is coming but it isn’t stopping the street artists nor the Shoreditch Street Art Tour guests!


Losthills Instagram

Orrible Instagram

Mowcka Instagram

RIP Smith Instagram

dmstff Instagram

Broke Art Instagram

Space Invader website

All photos: Dave Stuart





Street Artists in Galleries! Shows opening this week

Lots of very interesting gallery openings today and tomorrow, a sure sign that Summer is over!

Broken Minds Group Show

East in Hackney Wick a fascinating show opens with a mix of trained and untrained artists at The Outsider Gallery. The exhibition will feature previously unseen paintings, digital media, music, sound, poetry and spoken word items, and the launch of a new album mastered at Abbey Road Studios. I look forward to seeing work indoors from Neoh with whom I have had some thought provoking conversations about the use of art as a form of therapy for people suffering the misfortune of mental health issues.


Broken Minds group show

Broken Minds group show

Artists: Yap // Neoh // George Blake // Jon Hall // Dion Hitchings // David Darmanin // Emmanuel Adatsi // Gregory Derham // Sarah Johnson // Igor Tojcic // AP // Tom Ecologist // Javed Hassane along with contributions from members of the brain injury organisation Headway North London, the Teenage Cancer Trust and BEH Mental Health Trust.

Thursday 10th – Sunday 13 Sept

Private View // 10 Sept
RSVP // outsidergallerylondon@hotmail.com

Outsider Gallery

Address // Mother Studios, White Post Lane, London, E9 5EN
Nearest Tube // Hackney Wick Overground Station
Stratford Station // 15 min walk that serves national rail and central line
Buses // 30, 26, 236, 276, 488


Underhand Group Show

Heading up North to Dalston a large cross section of some of the most active street artists in the East End have been assembled for a charity group show in aid of St Mungo’s Broadway, a charity which helps vulnerable people in getting off the streets and as well as recovering from the issues that cause homelessness.

20150910 Underhand

BSMT Space

5 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BH London, United Kingdom


Very Nearly Almost Issue 31 Launch

In Shoreditch StolenSpace hosts the launch of Very Nearly Almost magazine Issue 31 with special limited edition featuring NY artists Cyrcle.   Artists featured in this new edition include Auderi Chen, Charlotte Jansen, CYRCLE, David Shillinglaw, Eddie Zammit, Ermsy, Iain Macarthur, Kashink, Killpixie,Mark Whalen, Mysterious Al, Owen Dippie, Pastel FD, Pauline Foessel, Phibs, Tim Hans, Toowoomba, Turkesa, Underdogs, and Vhils; with photographers Ian Cox, Claude Crommelin, Mark Rigney, Dave Stuart (NoLionsInEngland), Paul Gray and Tim Hans. If you can’t make that, copies are available in the shop here for a very reasonable £6.99.

VNA Launch

17 Osborn Street
London E1 6TD

OutsideIn #4

In Portobello Road CodeFC has put together a group show with a phenomenal line up of artists I have loved for many years from The Krah’s organic figures to the steampunk sculptural work by Wreakage of Mutoid Waste and Giles Walker, ceramic art by Carrie Reichart and the slightly sinister stuffed toys of Lucy Sparrow. Full line up: Demitri Krah, CODEFC, Kaes, Lucy Sparrow, Himbad Indestructomator, Giles Walker, Otto Schade, Teddy Baden, Carrie Reichardt, Alex Wreakage ( Mutoid Waste Co). Opening party Weds 9th Sept (tonight!)



OutsideIn #4

4th – 20 September

The Muse at 269

269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR London, United Kingdom


Jimmy C – Atomised

Nearby Jimmy C whose street art is a consistent show stopper on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour has a solo show launching today – publicised by the gallery as his first solo show for three years, which it might well be if we didn’t count the Riot Series show at the Pure Evil Gallery in October 2013. Features an interactive self generating portrait device which could be fun. Opens tonight.

Jimmy C - on bricks, off Brick Lane

Jimmy C – on bricks, off Brick Lane

Lollipop Gallery

58 Commercial Street, E1 6LT London, United Kingdom


Aiko, Edo City Girl

Finally, if I wasn’t so travelled out, I’d definitely head to Ink’D Gallery in Brighton for Aiko’s solo show, Aiko being a founder member of Faile and hugely influential on their direction both before and since her departure from the collective.

Lady Aiko - Ink D

Lady Aiko – Ink D

10 – 20 Sept

Ink’D Gallery, Brighton


Shoreditch Street Artists Have Spring In Their Steps

When can we be sure Spring has sprung? When muralists flood the streets? When I can do a whole tour without thermals and a heavy jacket? This Easter Bank holiday weekend saw a great uptick in the art being created on the streets. The graffiti legend GARY of MS (Mad Society Kings) crew and letterform princess Lilly Lou found a damn good reason to go out writing on Braithwaite St on Sunday.

London, Shoreditch, Street art, murals, street artists, walk,tour,graffiti, Gary MS, Lilly Lou

NO good REASON – Gary MSK & Lilly Lou

On Saturday afternoon one of our tours had the pleasure of chatting with Shoreditch’s favourite Chilean street art Otto Schade as he painted a complex ribbon figure in the Old Turman Brewery.

London, Shoreditch, Street art, murals, street artists, walk,tour,graffiti, Otto Schade

Otto Schade

An unknown artist created a couple of quite incredible stencils, the accuracy of the stencil cut suggests perhaps laser cutting and the message is certainly one for the geeks.

London, Shoreditch, Street art, murals, street artists, walk,tour,graffiti, unknown

HTML art

Intellectual criticism of a street artists endeavours can be blunt and direct at times, this “feedback” on Friday night on Bambi’s bikini clad figures painted last December pulls no punches.   (more about Bambi’s piece here)

London, Shoreditch, Street art, murals, street artists, walk,tour,graffiti, Bambi, tagger

Bambi critiqued

In keeping with the Easter theme, Horror painted this drippy chick off Brick Lane.

London, Shoreditch, Street art, murals, street artists, walk,tour,graffiti, Horror Crew

Easter Chick

A wonderful tribute to an author whose work we loved appeared on the old Shoreditch Tube Station and Jim Vision’s work received a huge amount of coverage in the press.

London, Shoreditch, Street art, murals, street artists, walk,tour,graffiti, Jim Vision

Detail, Terry Pratchett tribute by Jim Vision

London, Shoreditch, Street art, murals, street artists, walk,tour,graffiti, Jim Vision

Detail, Terry Pratchett tribute by Jim Vision

Scale isn’t everything in the world of street art, we loved this tiny mixed media sculpture and sticker piece stuck on a window ledge.

London, Shoreditch, Street art, murals, street artists, walk,tour,graffiti, Cozen art

Cozen art

And it does look like the temperature is climbing into double figures at last so all the signs are that Spring has indeed sprung (but I’m not going to be fooled, warm clothing remains a la mode).

Shoreditch Gets Decorators In!

The weekend of 10th and 11th of May saw a huge street art “rehang” in the ever changing gallery of Shoreditch walls.

Despite the rain, the best of London’s spraycan painters had a productive weekend. Jim Vision assisted Louis Masai raising awareness of looming eco-catastrophe with the #saveTheBees mural.


London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Masai

Save The Bees – Masai


Perhaps by chance this was the wall where a few of our finest ran into a spot of bother with the feds the previous weekend, a truly bizarre situation partially rectified this weekend when the wall was painted not once but twice!! This piece featuring Blair Zaye, Ubangibangi and others lasted barely 24 hours.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Blair Zaye, Ubangibangi

Ubangibangi, Blair Zaye

On Sunday evening, Swizz artist FRA was back in town in company with his compatriot Quendo peppering the walls with a variety of paste up stencils.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Quendo,Fra

Fra, Quendo

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,,Quendo


London silk screen printer and Master Of Scale Donk was out late on Sunday putting up an awesomely composed Westminster Abbey reimagined as the sinister starship Gothica 2! If you are going to go over a long running masterpiece it had better be good, this qualifies.   Look and learn toys!

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Donk,Gothica 2

Donk – Gothica 2

Shoreditch is nothing without its ability to draw high calibre international artists so we are pleased to find this piece from Denver based Bunny M, her lady with unicorn and errrr…antelope? Gazelle? Horns is beautifully intricate and an un-expected surprise.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Bunny M, Denver

Bunny M

Rounding a corner we chanced upon the French legend Thierry Noir, king of the Berlin wall faces decorating an also legendary panel outside Cargo nightclub. The Shoreditch Street Art Tour Group had an interesting chat with Noir and one of the group had a lovely discussion about a long wall of sad faces they had found in Berlin.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Martin Ron, Jim Vision, Quendo,Thierry Noir

Thierry Noir

Jim Vision also found time to produce this masterpiece collaborating with Martin Ron from Argentina, who maybe was trying to redeem himself for the horror of painting the Hanbury St wall alongside the ROA piece last September.


London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Martin ROn, Jim Vision

Jim Vision, Martin Ron

In Slater St car park a huge array of London’s street artists turned out to paint a giant cartoon mural in honour of Captain Kris’ (Lost Souls) birthday. In the mix we can see in no particular order Saki and Bitches (that stands out!) Captain Kris, Irony, Ubangibangi, SP067, Si Mitchell, Himbad, Airborne Mark, Squirl Art, Seeds One, Mr Fan HC, The Real Dill, Lilly Lou, Tonyboy – with apologies to any others left off this list. Also present but not visible in this picture 616.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Martin Ron, Jim Vision, Quendo

Too many to shake a stick at

Finally, situationist sloganeering on Hanbury St, not the first time we have seen this yellow paint on clingfilm in Shoreditch, artist unknown. (and of course, not the first time in history it has been done either!)

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,

“Too much time, not enough sense” Clingfilm artist unknown

all photos: NoLionsInEngland

New Shoreditch Street Art

Another long weekend, another amazing collection of new street art on the streets of Shoreditch.

Although put up a little before the weekend, this piece by T.Wat received huge press attention as he timed this to coincide with Max Clifford, the most notorious peddler of smut and scandal to the UK tabloids, being found guilty of charges of abusing underage girls and sentenced to 8 years in prison. Already considerably modified and tagged.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,T.wat



Unify is a stencil artist who has been getting busy around Shoreditch quite a bit in the past few months, two new pieces appeared over the weekend including this pop at Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) and his view on the recent budget.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,unify

Unify shafted by Chancellor


Paste up artist IMR Vere did a couple of nice contextual pieces including this javelin thrower

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,

IMR Vere Javelin thrower


We last saw Paris based Monsieur Qui on the streets of Shoreditch in 2010, he evidently is back judging by this awesome paste up we found this morning. Although he has gone over Syd, it looks like Syd’s stencilled girl is poised for revenge.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,monsieur Qui, Sydd

Monsieur Qui vs Syd


616 who is always on the look out for unconventional media to paint his tribal characters found a foam mattress but lost his bed.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,

616 Lost His Bed


The hard working always up Sell Out added butterflies and some Mary Poppins to Jef Aerosol’s Gnawa musicians.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Sell Out,Jef Aerosol

Sell Out v. Jef Aerosol


Finally and although again painted just before the weekend but too good to omit on that technicality, we love the humour in Cosmo Sarson’s Caravaggio selfie.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Cosmo Sarson

Cosmo Sarson

Shoreditch,London,street art,street artists, best of, February, review,Borondo, LovePiepenbrinck, Dee One, Saki, Saki and Bitches

Shoreditch Street Art February Highlights

February was a month of unrelenting street art activity by street artists in Shoreditch, mainly wearing anoraks and wellington  boots.    Most months of the year, my friend HowAboutNo, the guy who has spent the best part of the past 10 years oscillating between wandering streets and alleys exploring street art with me and propping up a bar with me, and I throw together a pictorial review of the months street art with a few pithy words for description.   in February, a month where the elements really tested the longevity of paper based art, with a sculptural slant.  Here are just a small selection of  the highlights, for the full recap it will be worth popping over to our private blog Graffoto

Love Piepenbrinck placed several new fancy dress piggies out on the streets and has teased us with a photo on Facebook caption “Most Hidden Piggy – almost impossible to even photograph”, which we haven’t seen hide nor hair of.

Shoreditch,London,street art,street artists, best of, February, review,Borondo, LovePiepenbrinck, Dee One


Without doubt one of the cleverest and most exciting things we have seen this month, perhaps this year, has been Borondo’s face by the canal on Hackney Wick, already drooled over on this blog here.

Street art,graffiti,London,Shoreditch,walk,tour,Borondo,Spain,Spanish

Dee One’s Heavenly Rejects has been a delightful presence on the Shoreditch streets for about a year, his work such as they devils painted on acorns is often easy to pass by.   One of his most pleasing and most difficult to spot is this aquatic scene.

Shoreditch,London,street art,street artists, best of, February, review,Borondo, LovePiepenbrinck, Dee One

Dee One

Full review of the month on Graffoto.

All photos NoLionsInEngland

Art Previews Thursday 05 Dec

Two East London street art and graffiti shows in the Shoreditch Street Art Tours diary for this Thursday and conveniently they aren’t too far from eachother.   Also an interesting show in the West End, making that before 9pm could be a bit of a stretch!

Shok-1: X-Rainbow Show

London, street artists,gallery,show,private view,Shok 1,ALO,Word To Mother, Will Barras


Shok-1 will be familiar to guests of Shoreditch Streer Art Tours as the  virtuoso spraycan artist who pops up at two or three locations en route with amazing spray painted X-Ray bones artwork.    This will be the first show in quite a while at the Pictures On Walls premises which has been closed as a “walk in gallery” for quite some time.

Pictures On Walls,

46 – 48 Commercial St,

London E1 6LT


Stolen Space Winter 2013 Group Show

London, street artists,gallery,show,private view,Shok 1,ALO,Word To Mother, Will Barras

Shepard Fairey

The blurb says the show includes work by Alo – Allison Hueman Torneros – Andrew McAttee – Arth Daniels – Beau Stanton   Charlie Anderson –  C215 – Cope2 – David Bray –  Evan Hecox – Joram Roukes   Josie Morway – Kai and Sunny – Kelly Allen – Kelly McAllum – Max Rippon   Meggs – Miss Van – Mysterious Al – Paul Stephenson – Ramon Maiden – Reka   Rone – Ronzo – Ryan Callanan – Sail (uselessarm) – Shepard Fairey – Simon WG Butler – Twoone – Vinnie Nylon – Will Barras – Wordtomother –  Zio Ziegler.  A number of those names are not familiar so discovering those could be interesting, great to see Shoreditch Street Art Tours favourite ALO beginning to get the recognition he deserves,

17 Osborn Street
London E1 6TD



London, street artists,gallery,show,private view,Shok 1,ALO,Word To Mother, Will Barras


Street artist Pins aka Pinspired, not to be confused with Paul Insect also know as PINS, launches a tea infused solo show at a west end gallery.   If you’ve seen Lipweed erupting over Shoreditch shutters and walls, that’s Pinspired.  No sugar thanks.

Clarendon Fine Art

46 Dover St,



All photos courtesy of respective gallery/artist hype machines

Cyclops, Borf, Giles Walker and Candice Tripp – Thursday 28th Nov 2013

Three intriguing shows open this Thursday (28th), none of them in Shoreditch.  RSVPs required for all these events.


Giles Walker and Candice Tripp:

I’m Never Shopping Here Again

London, street artists,gallery,show,private view,Giles Walker, Candice Tripp, Borf, Cyclops

London, street artists,gallery,show,private view,Giles Walker, Candice Tripp, Borf, Cyclops

Anyone who saw Giles Walker’s “Last Supper” gothic bacchanalian animatronics extravaganza at Black Rat Press back in 2012 will be praying for more of the same, though how his more potty mouthed creations might interact with the waif-child terror of Candice Tripp will be fascinating to see.   This is just on Lower Marsh at the far exit from the Leake St tunnels and the gallery is saying that all private view slots are fully booked and your best bet if you aren’t booked is to catch the public opening from Saturday.

John Tsombikos – The Borf Show

London, street artists,gallery,show,private view,Giles Walker, Candice Tripp, Borf, Cyclops

Although this was very much a Washington/East Coast thing, quite a few here in the UK will recall observing the mist of confusion and controversy among American fans as to whether Borf was a collective, a concept or a tagger.   The spirit of whimsical slogans and tagging captured on canvas, or abstract colour scribbles?

Lazarides Rathbone

11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR

Cyclops: The Way Of All Flesh

London, street artists,gallery,show,private view,Giles Walker, Candice Tripp, Borf, Cyclops

We’ve been big fans of the work of Cyclops for many years, a fine art education has moved him on a long way from the Basquiatesque images of the middle of the last decade.  What is curious is the reversion to his street artist pseudonym rather than the real name that has appeared over the door in more recent shows.

The Outsiders

8 Greek Street, Soho, London W1D 4DG


All photos: stolen from galleries’ blurb


Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour, Street artists,Jonesy,Sculpture,Three,3x3x3,T.wat

Street Art Sculptures In Shoreditch


Street art in Shoreditch used to be most revered when it involved spraying stencilled images on walls but recently the status of the sculpture as street art media has been firmly in the ascendant.  T.Wat has just installed this epic bomb, sitting on the façade of this beautifully decayed building in Shoreditch..

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour, Street artists,Jonesy,Sculpture,Three,3x3x3,T.wat,Cartrain

feat T.wat

Guests on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour will all be familiar with my love of Jonesy’s sculptures which we cross bridges, ford wastelands and risk death on the roads to see.   This one recently succumbed to the art thieves, one man’s ephemerality being another man’s shameless immoral sequestration from public view.

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour, Street artists,Jonesy,Sculpture,Three,3x3x3,T.wat

Jonesy – recently stolen

The artist Three, also known as 3x3x3 from Hong Kong was evidently back in London recently and left a few metal tags on Shoreditch walls.  Apart from their own intrinsic beauty, each one presents a gorgeous photographic opportunity with abstract colour washes, wood grain, textures and surface discontinuities to provide a wonderful background to each of the pieces.  See also the featured image at the top of this post, much love.

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour, Street artists,Jonesy,Sculpture,Three,3x3x3,T.wat,Cartrain


Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour, Street artists,Jonesy,Sculpture,Three,3x3x3,T.wat


There are many many other sculptures of various sizes and vintage decorating our streets and like this shiny bird on brick lane, not all are screaming a name, a gallery location or a website, so here is to Anonymous and their beautiful Shoreditch sculptures.

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour, Street artists,Jonesy,Sculpture,Three,3x3x3,T.wat

Bird, Anonymous