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Guests Sightings – New Street Art Spotted On Shoreditch Walks

One of the bonus delights of a Shoreditch Street Art Tour occurs when a guest points out a new piece of street art.  Two artists who provided several new visual delights over the past few days have been Lovepiepenbrink and Dee One.

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On Friday both SC and MM spotted fresh piggies by Lovepiepenbrink, though one of them was fresh just to me as Lovepiepenbrink’s photo stream suggests the Ronald McDonald “Horse is the new beef” piggy has up on the wall since at least February 2013.  Then on Monday the extraordinarily sharp eyes of Chloe and Dean accounted for three piggys by Lovepiepenbrink, 3 acorns by Dee One, a vintage Isaac Cordal (I believe) concrete figure and a Kinsha portrait, all of which I hadn’t seen before.

London,Shoreditch,street,art,tour,walk,Lovepiepenbrink,Dee One,Art Is Trash, Arte Es Basura


London,Shoreditch,street,art,tour,walk,Lovepiepenbrink,Dee One,Art Is Trash, Arte Es Basura

Isaac Cordal

Today’s tour also stumbled upon two new Art Is Trash street installations.

London,Shoreditch,street,art,tour,walk,Lovepiepenbrink,Dee One,Art Is Trash, Arte Es Basura

Art Is Trash

London,Shoreditch,street,art,tour,walk,Lovepiepenbrink,Dee One,Art Is Trash, Arte Es Basura

Art Is Trash

I mustn’t forget that a couple of months ago the  first time I saw one of Ben Wilson’s chewing gum street art was when guest Laura found one at her feet.  What a joy to have such observant people on Shoreditch Street Art Tours walks.

Shoreditch London Street Art by Dee One

Yesterday a guest on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour found a demonic looking acorn destined to grow into a Heavens Reject.  Artist Dee One has decorated this little acorn and placed it high on a rough bit of Shoreditch brickwork, it looks like the closest anyone has come to challenging 616’s painted pistachio shells.

Street Artists in Shoreditch Unscheduled Interaction

Shoreditch Street Art constantly refreshes and amazes, one moment you are mourning the theft of a genius piece of work from the streets, the next your breath is taken away by an astonishing dialogue between new art and old on the walls.

Syd the stencillist, who previously spotted that Jon Drypnz’ running graffiti man could be seriously improved with the addition of some oversize flesh eating ants has come up with a beguiling modification and reinterpretation of a naïve portrait painted back in 2009 by Mymo.   Syd has incorporated a stencilled Joker face from the Batman franchise within the confines of Mymo’s original ultra-wide face and played with the juxtaposition of the eyes, making a triple eyed beast.  It’s all in the unplanned dialogue, the unscheduled interaction between artists and the update.

Shoreditch,London,street,art,interaction,street artists,portrait,batman,joker

Syd + Mymo UPdate, 2013

Here is what it looked like originally, when Mymo who was around for her solo show at the Pure Evil gallery decided that this patchy decaying paintwork was reminiscent of a face!

Shoreditch,London,street,art,interaction,street artists,portrait,batman,joker

Mymo face, 2009

Shoreditch Street Art’s Brutal Life Cycle

London visitors who have enjoyed the Shoreditch Street Art Tour will be familiar with the street art life cycle and the potential variations within that scheme that may occur.  Hearts sank this weekend when rounding corner as where once a stunning Jonesy bronze sculpture delighted us now was found a hole drilled into masonry.  So, one art thief has a piece intended for public enjoyment which of course they can never share for fear of being revealed as the cretin they are while the public is deprived of the amenity of a fantastic piece of free street art.   This is the way of things, one of the many risks a piece of street art faces, no point in crying over spilt milk!

What we loved:

London.Shoreditch,street,art,jonesy,street artist,art theft,theft,stolen

Half Life: Jonesy

How we lost:

London.Shoreditch,street,art,jonesy,street artist,art theft,theft,stolen

Low Life: Brick wall

We thought quite a bit about whether or not to publicise the fact that some scumbag somewhere has figured out how to remove a Jonesy.  Hopefully broadcasting the fact that we are now all keeping a closer eye on remaining Jonesys will deter the thieving bastard(s) plus the fact that the other pieces are monitored by many CCTV cameras and in more populous public highways will be sufficient impediment to the greedy harvesting of such glorious street art.


Jonesy the Shoreditch Street Artist has previous featured on our blog here

All photos: Nolionsinengland

Top Shoreditch Street Artists revealed!

The challenge – list 10  Shoreditch Street artists!  We all hate lists though this one is a little more interesting than most.  Complex.com in the US asked us to write a feature on the top 10 Shoreditch Street Artists.

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This was quite tricky, there are hundreds of artists for whom Shoreditch is home turf, whose street art naturally gets its premier viewing on a grubby wall in this part of London.  After tortuous deliberation and raging internal debate, we struck a compromise, the list would extend to 25 active Shoreditch Street Artists you ought to know.   Check it out now on www.complex.com.

We are pleased that every single one of these artists currently features on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour at the moment.  It was also  a secret pleasure digging out the photos for the artists, some of which are 6 or 7years old so look out for the thumbnails below each artists main picture, there are some gems in there, happy viewing.

Art Private View Mayhem To Last 2 Nights Sep 17th and 18th

Bit of an early “heads up” this week to which artists are showing what where, mainly because of a double header courtesy of Nelly Duff and Aurum Press which is on Wednesday, I mean, crazy or what?

Weds 18th September

Eine Tenderloin print release and “World Atlas Of Graffiti & Street Art” book release


Nelly Duff are putting on a show illustrating the production of EINE’s Tenderloin A-Z screenprints, and of course prints will be for sale.

Street Artist Art Shoreditch London gallery show

Eine Tenderloin

At the same time, Rafael Schacter releases his book and it appears a random 10 copies have Eine spraypaint on the cover.  And another reason why I look forward to this is that Rafael may have included a number of my photos of various artists repping London.

RSVP essential and apparently they may be “staggering “ admission but what s the rush, whose to say the Eine hand finished books won’t be the last 10 sold (though of course the screen prints are strictly limited).

THe location for this extravaganza is being kept secret but should be announced any moment……any moment…….


UPDATE..and the secret location is…

Street Artist Art Shoreditch London gallery show

Eine Tenderloin A-Z

10 Gorsuch St, London E2 8HA



Then on Thursday 19th, two reasons for putting on the party frock:

Stanley Donwood “Far Away Is Close At Hand In Images Of Elsewhere

This first original show from Radiohead’s cover artist is a definite must not miss.  Expect increased sentimentality and pastoralism, apparently.

Street Artist Art Shoreditch London gallery show

Stanley Donwood “Far Away Is Close At Hand In Images Of Elsewhere”

The Outsiders (Lazarides),

8 Greek St, London W1D 4DG


T.Wat: “ Straight outta Compton”

T.Wat is a long serving London based stencil street artist who reacted to the Snowden NSA leaks with that “America’s all ears” paste-up.

Street Artist Art Shoreditch London gallery show

T.Wat: “ Straight outta Compton”

Graffik Gallery

284 Portobello Road, London, W10 5TE



Shoreditch Street Art Sticker Slap on London Lamppost

It’s not unusual in this modern era of street art to come across street artists in Shoreditch London decorating the street boundaries in daylight, indeed on the Street Art Tour we have often found an artist or two in mid mural.  However, not too often do we come across something in daylight as athletic or of such questionable legality as this gentleman climbing 25 feet up a street lamp to place a sticker up high, nice action!!

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Tour guest Charlotte-Anne Sadd was on hand with a camera, thanks very much Charlotte for these wonderful pictures which captured an exciting moment on that particular Shoreditch Street Art Tour.

Fresh Interventions: Cranio and Art Is Trash hit Shoreditch Streets

More excitement with new street art pieces found on the Shoreditch Street Art Tours today.  In the morning we were able to inspect the new painting Cranio of Brazil completed yesterday evening.  This characteristically colourful beauty features a host of partying rainforest Indians in a denuded landscape, flush with cash from the sale of their forest to the loggers, now what happened to that forest heh?.  Cranio returned to Brazil today and certainly has left London streets a little bit brighter than when he arrived.


Cranio Rainforst Indians Party Time

Then in the afternoon we found a truly spectacular new fly poster subversion by Art Is Trash of Spain.  We must have been so close to the performance of this action as he evidently started and finished it in the short gap between the two tours passing by.  This picture comes from Shoreditch Street Art Tour afternoon guest Mark Truman, thank you very much Mark

Shoreditch,London,street,art,Art Is Trash,

Art Is Trash (Arte Es Basura) fly poster subversion

Photo: Mark Truman

We reported Art Is Trash’s previous fly poster hijack last week here, those fly posters were “collected” by persons unknown looking  for some Art Is Trash material for their private collection.

Shoreditch,London,appropriation, alternative,subversion, street, art,tour,walk,london

Subverted Fly Posters

Photos NoLionsInEngland  except Mark Truman as noted

Fancy Some Art And A Free Beer Tonight?


It’s the middle of the month Thursday meaning it’s not First Thursday, meaning you got to work a little harder to find those Shoreditch urban art openings.  This time next month they’ll be telling you what to buy your significant other for Christmas; the month after they’ll be asking you if you’ve bought it then December it’s all pop up group shows and panic buying dashed off art at stupid prices.  Maybe this is the time to think ahead.  Shoreditch Street Art Tour likes to help you with that, on roughly a24 hours horizon, lets plan ahead.    One night at a time yeah…… this is what you should be doing tomorrow night (or tonight if you are wasting work time planning your social diary).



Now this is where I am going to be.  Anyone who has been on a Shoreditch Street Art Tour will have heard me say “and now…my favourite street artist”, and now, the first show by ALO that I will have been too.

Alo Street Artist art show opening

Alo Street Artist art show opening

corner of Vyner Street and Mowlem St, London, E2 9HE


Saki and Bitches: The Orchid and The White Foxes

I so much want this all to myself that I am thinking of telling you all the wrong date and the right location, or maybe the right date and the wrong location 😉  Don’t miss it.

Saki Bitches Street Artist art show opening

Silwex House Quaker Street London E1 6SN


Signal Gallery – it’s A Stick Up

Dale and Chris seem to be really busy these days.  Let me reproduce the blurb in its entirety:  “These new special edition books have customised cover artworks by the world’s most remarkable and celebrated street artists. Presented in a special screen printed box there will only be 10 by each artist available.”  ACE, Dale Grimshaw, HIN, Pablo Delgado and Paul Insect, so I guess there must bme 50 copies available if my maths AND my English are up to snuff.

A.CE Paul Insect HIN Street Artist art show opening

Signal Gallery, 32 Paul St, London EC2A 4LB


The London Art Book Fair 2013

“Enjoy exclusive previews of new artists’ books, catalogues, rare publications and zines from a host of international exhibitors. With screenings, conversations and talks by leading artists and authors “ it says here.  It’s never too late to learn to read.

Whitechapel Gallery, 77-82 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7Q


all photos nicked from the respective galleries copious advertising.