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Street Artist’s “yes to no” on Scotland leaving Shoreditch

Bang on time, Shoreditch’s street art now incorporates a political piece referring to today’s crucial “Thanks for all the help but we can make our own mess” Yes or No referendum in Scotland. At least, the caption, a pun based on the “och aye tha noo” Scottish cliché seems to be saying “yes to the no”.

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Channelling New York native Mel Gibson, street artist T.Wat casts Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish Nationalists Party as Braveheart.  Scotland has until 10pm tonight to cast its vote!

Shoreditch, London, Street art, street,art,T.Wat, Syd, Scotland, referendum, graffiti,walk,walks,tour,tours, Dr Cream, Fezwitch


In doing so, there seems to have been a little street art politics coming into play. Exactly a week ago, Syd cleaned up the mess of stencils and fly posters and layers of tags and torn paper when he created this musician:

Shoreditch, London, Street art, street,art,T.Wat, Syd, Scotland, referendum, graffiti,walk,walks,tour,tours, Dr Cream, Fezwitch


Syd maybe Shoreditch’s Pied Piper but “I didn’t paint this wall for you” suggests a little discord playing out under the public gaze but both artists showed respect for the sculptural tile by Dr Cream and floppy discs by Fezwitch.

New Shoreditch Street Art

Another long weekend, another amazing collection of new street art on the streets of Shoreditch.

Although put up a little before the weekend, this piece by T.Wat received huge press attention as he timed this to coincide with Max Clifford, the most notorious peddler of smut and scandal to the UK tabloids, being found guilty of charges of abusing underage girls and sentenced to 8 years in prison. Already considerably modified and tagged.

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Unify is a stencil artist who has been getting busy around Shoreditch quite a bit in the past few months, two new pieces appeared over the weekend including this pop at Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) and his view on the recent budget.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,unify

Unify shafted by Chancellor


Paste up artist IMR Vere did a couple of nice contextual pieces including this javelin thrower

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IMR Vere Javelin thrower


We last saw Paris based Monsieur Qui on the streets of Shoreditch in 2010, he evidently is back judging by this awesome paste up we found this morning. Although he has gone over Syd, it looks like Syd’s stencilled girl is poised for revenge.

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Monsieur Qui vs Syd


616 who is always on the look out for unconventional media to paint his tribal characters found a foam mattress but lost his bed.

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616 Lost His Bed


The hard working always up Sell Out added butterflies and some Mary Poppins to Jef Aerosol’s Gnawa musicians.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Sell Out,Jef Aerosol

Sell Out v. Jef Aerosol


Finally and although again painted just before the weekend but too good to omit on that technicality, we love the humour in Cosmo Sarson’s Caravaggio selfie.

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Cosmo Sarson

Street Artists in Shoreditch Unscheduled Interaction

Shoreditch Street Art constantly refreshes and amazes, one moment you are mourning the theft of a genius piece of work from the streets, the next your breath is taken away by an astonishing dialogue between new art and old on the walls.

Syd the stencillist, who previously spotted that Jon Drypnz’ running graffiti man could be seriously improved with the addition of some oversize flesh eating ants has come up with a beguiling modification and reinterpretation of a naïve portrait painted back in 2009 by Mymo.   Syd has incorporated a stencilled Joker face from the Batman franchise within the confines of Mymo’s original ultra-wide face and played with the juxtaposition of the eyes, making a triple eyed beast.  It’s all in the unplanned dialogue, the unscheduled interaction between artists and the update.

Shoreditch,London,street,art,interaction,street artists,portrait,batman,joker

Syd + Mymo UPdate, 2013

Here is what it looked like originally, when Mymo who was around for her solo show at the Pure Evil gallery decided that this patchy decaying paintwork was reminiscent of a face!

Shoreditch,London,street,art,interaction,street artists,portrait,batman,joker

Mymo face, 2009