Virtual Street Art Tour Easter 2021 Season

composite image Anti Palm Oil plantation Orangutang and May and Trump doing La La Land dance renamed Lie Lie Land

Political Street Art Virtual Tour

The Virtual Street Art Tour returns over the April 2021 Easter break for a 3 tour season.

First up a new subject, “Street Art Techniques”.  It isn’t all just stencils and murals, this virtual street art tour looks at the many different forms of street art and is certain to surprise, impress and entertain you.

The season then moves on to the “Political Street Art” show which was very well received.

Finally, old favourite “Banksy – The London Chronicle” makes a welcome return.

Banksy Street Art composite of stencil rat and stencil boy painting graffiti

Banksy Virtual Tour – If Graffiti Changed Anything and Take This Society

Each subject will be presented twice, with a 1900 BST show and a 1700 EST show which hopefully will be more convenient for street art fans on the other side of the Atlantic.

Each individual “tour” costs £10 – book on links below;

Any 2 tours 10% discount  £18 (email booking),

All three tours 20% discount £24 (email booking).

Combination tickets will be issued manually, just tell us in an email which combination you would like and you will be sent instructions to pay by paypal or credit/debit card.

Easter 2021 Virtual Street Art Tour Season Street Art stencil being sprayed by DON and sticker on a road sign by Clet Abraham in a composite image

Stencils and stickers – Street Art Techniques


Street Art Techniques Saturday 3rd April 1900 GMT 

Street Art Techniques Sunday 4th April 2200 GMT 

Political Street Art Wednesday 7th April 1900 GMT

Political Street Art Sunday 11th April 2200 GMT 

Banksy – The London Chronicle Wednesday 14th April 1900 GMT 

Banksy – The London Chronicle Sunday 18th April 2200