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2014 – A Great Year For London Street Art

This was a super year for street art in Shoreditch.   At about this time of year (You lie!!!! Its usually mid January by the time its finished – ed) Graffoto does a look back over the beauty, the excitement, the highlights and occasionally the sadder moments in the past year of London’s street art.

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Robbo by Adnate

It won’t be spoiling any surprises if we tell you the one picked out as the favourite is Borondo’s upside down face by the canal in Hackney Wick (not in Shoreditch!).  The problem with reviewing such a beautiful burst of creativity is what to leave out.  Just for fun, here is short slideshow of some of the great pieces which appeared this year and what they all have in common is that Shoreditch Street Art Tour groups came across the artist(s) creating these.

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Pop over to Graffoto for a broader summary, a different collection of wonderful art and a few thoughts.

all photos: NoLionsInEngland