London Street Art Locations

composite of 18 pieces of street art by different artist in Shoreditch  area

Shoreditch street art locations

Where the best London street art locations?

Shoreditch Street Art

The simple answer is primarily it is found in Shoreditch and Spitalfields in East London but there worthwhile concentrations in other locations including Hackney Wick, Camden, Walthamstow and Dulwich.  London street art can be found in many other locations but they tend to be isolated examples.  You generally won’t find street art in the West end or the posh parts like Kensington, Mayfair and Chelsea

Best Shoreditch Street Art 2021 review

Ed Hicks, 2021 highlight in Shoreditch

cartoon faces in street art by Malarky and Billy in the street art location just off Brick Lane

Malarky and Billy, Hanbury Street Shoreditch

One exception to the “not in the West End” Rule is Banksy’s brilliant “Shop Till You Drop” which is located on Bruton Lane behind Bond St in the heart of the West End’s shopping and hotel district.

Banksy stencil art called "shop till you drop" shows a rich woman with a shopping trolley with champagne and a necklace and a wallet falling

Banksy – Shop Till You Drop, Near New Bond Street

Hackney Wick Street Art

Hackney Wick was essentially the first home of choice for artists who were priced out of Shoreditch residences and studios in the past 15 years.  For great art look for White Post Lane and then follow the canal around from the excellent Crate Brewery along the first 300m or so of the Hertford Union Canal, and after seeing the spectacular Borondo image [gone] double back and cross the foot bridge to explore the streets of Fish Island.

Street art faces by the canal in Hackney Wick by Sweet Toof, Mighty Mo, Goldpeg and Run showing faces reflected in the water

Run and Burning Candy, Hackney Wick, 2014

street art mural painting by Spanish street artist Borondo showing a face painted upside down which appears the right way up in the reflection on the surface of a canal in Hackney Wick

Borondo, Hertford Union Canal, Hackney Wick, 2013

Camden Street Art

Camden enjoyed a sharp growth in the quantity and quality of its street art.  Many Shoreditch street artists have painted murals in Camden, it is definitely worth exploring.  Redevelopment of huge swathes around the Camden Stables has shifted the centre of gravity a bit further up towards Chalk Farm, look for Leybourne St and Hartland Rd.  Further south Miller St near Mornington Crescent is worth exploring.

Street art in Camden by street artist ROnzo shows a cartoon fox painting the words get rich or try sharing

Mau Mau rooftop street art in Camden, 2016

Walthamstow Mural Street Art

Thanks to a programme facilitated by Wood Street Walls and others, Walthamstow is home to an impressive array of street art murals.  Many of the artists are street artists but you are just as likely to find brilliant exterior art by artists from more conventional art traditions.

A street art mural in Walthamstow, East London painted by street artist Ronzo shows a fox with a bandana on the side of a building photographed at a tilted angle

Mural in Walthamstow by street artist Ronzo

All photos taken by Dave Stuart.

As most street art is temporary it is likely that the street art illustrated in this guide will have changed.  This of course means that you will have brilliant new street art to discover!

For more information on top street art locations worldwide, you could check this information on Yahoo, which features a contribution from Shoreditch Street Art Tours on Shoreditch’s street art.  We aren’t claiming that Shoreditch is the best street art in the world but…yahoo chose to put it first on the list 😉