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Cartoonneros In London

A few weeks ago a fresh collection of stencilled portraits by Argentinian street artist Cartoonneros of the lead singer of Radiohead appeared in Shoreditch.   The memorable thing about this collection was that in going over existing artwork by King Headswim, the underlying naïve expressionist portrait with its compelling blue eyes radiated through Cartnoonneros’ work in a way not visible to the naked eye.

Stencil, street art, street artist, Cartoonneros, Pure Evil, Pure Evil Gallery, Shoreditch, London

Thom Yorke by Cartoonneros over King Headswim

Around the corner were more multi coloured stencilled portraits, similarly executed over someone else’s existing artwork as opposed to a prepared background.  The three characters depicted are the artist Keith Haring, David Bowie and the Pink Floyd musician Syd Barrett.

Keith Haring, David Bowie, Syd Barrett by Cartoonneros

A day later I had the pleasure of bumping into Cartoonneros on the streets whipping up some more stencils, this time the images included Vincent Van Gogh and Kate Moss.

Stencil, street art, street artist, Cartoonneros, Pure Evil, Pure Evil Gallery, Shoreditch, London

Van Gogh by Cartoonneros

Stencil, street art, street artist, Cartoonneros, Pure Evil, Pure Evil Gallery, Shoreditch, London

Kate Moss by Cartoonneros

Cartoonneros explained that he usually employed three stencilled layers in his street art but that he would often spray different colours in different parts of the stencil, meaning that a single layer could be used to render multiple colours.  In this next photo you can actually see the three different stencil layers used for the Van Gogh portrait are in position and each card bears the spraypainted remnants of the various colours from previous uses of the stencil.

Stencil, street art, street artist, Cartoonneros, Pure Evil, Pure Evil Gallery, Shoreditch, London

Van Gogh 3 layer stencil

Cartoonneros is also a sticker artist, several of his quite small stickers have been found lurking nearby.

Stencil, street art, street artist, Cartoonneros, Pure Evil, Pure Evil Gallery, Shoreditch, London

Cartoonneros Sticker

Cartoonneros then nipped to Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin but the lure of Shoreditch was too great and he returned last night to co-host “Wordplay” with Pure Evil, an evening of art and music.  The simple idea was all were welcome to spray stencilled words over a background pre- sprayed by Cartoonneros with a collection of multicoloured stencilled turtle and Keith Haring images.

Stencil, street art, street artist, Cartoonneros, Pure Evil, Pure Evil Gallery, Shoreditch, London

Love Keith Haring

Stencil, street art, street artist, Cartoonneros, Pure Evil, Pure Evil Gallery, Shoreditch, London

Evil Passion at The Pure Evil Gallery

The evening involved an overseas street artist previously virtually unknown on these shores exhibiting in the Pure Evil Gallery and creating beautiful mayhem on the streets, quintessential Pure Evil.  A fuller description of the event is on the Graffoto blog.


Cartoonneros Instagram

Pure Evil Gallery website

King Headswim Instagram

All photos Dave Stuart

Street Art, Politics, Money, Fame

Shoreditch Street Art Tours’ guide Dave was interviewed on TRT World alongside illuminati such as street artist Pure Evil and gallerist Steve Lazarides, exalted company indeed.

Journalist Emma Birchley put together a well thought out assessment of street art as both a political voice and a career for urban artists.  It becomes clear that the two are not mutually exclusive.

Street artists who work features in the clip that regularly feature on our tours include Manyoly (France), K-Guy (UK), A.CE (UK), Tizer ID,  Amara por Dios (Swe), Bambi (UK) and someone called Banksy.



Pure Evil

Lazarides Gallery







Amara por Dios





Shocked by the tragic events in Paris this week, street artists have been quick to respond.

In France: Jef Aerosol

London, Shoreditch,Street art,graffiti,walk,tour,walks, tours,jesuischarlie,artists, Jef Aerosol

photo: Jef Aerosol

London, Shoreditch,Street art,graffiti,walk,tour,walks, tours,jesuischarlie,artists, Jef Aerosol

photo: Jef Aerosol

In London:

London, Shoreditch,Street art,graffiti,walk,tour,walks, tours,jesuischarlie,artists, Cept

je suis charlie

London, Shoreditch,Street art,graffiti,walk,tour,walks, tours,jesuischarlie,artists, Cept

je suis charlie

London, Shoreditch,Street art,graffiti,walk,tour,walks, tours,jesuischarlie,artists, Pure Evil

Pure Evil je suis charlie

London, Shoreditch,Street art,graffiti,walk,tour,walks, tours,jesuischarlie,artists,Graffiti Life

je suis charlie Graffiti Life

More details on Graffoto blog

Pure Evil Free Art And The 365 Project

Captured yesterday afternoon, a Free Art drop by London street art legend Pure Evil. Someone’s day is going to be made.

London,Shoreditch,Street Art,tour, walk,walking,spraypaint,graffiti, Pure Evil, street artist

Gonna drop this…somewhere

Pure Evil is currently embarked on an ambitious project to make at least 1 piece of new street art every day for 365 days. In part this has been inspired by the recent sad loss of his father the artist John Uzzell-Edwards.

London,Shoreditch,Street Art,tour, walk,walking,spraypaint,graffiti, Pure Evil, street artist

Pure Evil temptation

There was a really good two page interview in the Evening Standard last week discussing Pure Evil’s 365 Project and a lot more about this street artist, whose work and interactions with many many street artists from all over the world have helped in a large measure to create the varied, colourful and truly international street art scene we have in Shoreditch.

Oh, the collector of that piece of free street art came from Belgium.  Spreading the love abroad and bringing the love from abroad, that’s Shoreditch’s international street art scene!

London,Shoreditch,Street Art,tour, walk,walking,spraypaint,graffiti,ROA

New Street Art In Shoreditch At The Weekend

We have just had another exciting weekend of fresh new street art created by local and international street artists around Shoreditch this weekend and all of the pieces in this selection were seen as “work in progress” by guests of the Shoreditch Street Art Walk.

Belgian artist ROA is in London for his tremendous new show at Stolen Space Gallery and on Saturday not even a mid afternoon downpour put off painting the stunning scary looking flea.

London,Shoreditch,Street Art,tour, walk,walking,spraypaint,graffiti,ROA, Pure Evil, Pedro Saci,Sell Out

ROA work In Progress, also feat. Tizer ID

Nearby, British artist Pure Evil continued his 1-a-day-for-365-days project with this stunning rampant flock of evil bunnies.

London,Shoreditch,Street Art,tour, walk,walking,spraypaint,graffiti, Pure Evil

Pure Evil Bunnies

The artist Sell Out played to the “3 Lions on the shirt” theme prior to England’s shock defeat to Italy with this little flotilla of butterflies on a Rolls Royce on Brick Lane (you read that correct!). We have seen street art on cars before but not quite like this before!

London,Shoreditch,Street Art,tour, walk,walking,spraypaint,graffiti,Sell Out

Sell Out v. Spirit Of Ecstasy

Pedro Saci from Brazil got busy with a quick one on new hoardings, the structure of his work, particularly the way the mouth is done reminds me a lot of Mymo from Berlin who was here back in 2009.

London,Shoreditch,Street Art,tour, walk,walking,spraypaint,graffiti, Pedro Saci

Pedro Saci, Sao Paulo, Brazil

In the background you can see parts of the art by Cept (UK), Run (It), Faith47 (S. Afr), Mysterious Al (UK) and Rone (Aus).

This busy weekend caused much excitement for the guests of the Shoreditch Street Art Tour!

Whats On: Street Art gallery shows Nov 14th and 15th

Quite an exciting end of week for gallery related street art work.  Or is it street related gallery work.  Or perhaps Urban Art.  Who cares, good art, friendly faces and possibly some free liquid refreshments thrown in.


Pure Evil Department Store

20131114 pure evil department store wang-keping-magda-danysz-6854d65dccad4599307dc855bc1d640d

Pure Evil has long been a corner stone of Shoreditch’s street art scene.  From the murky leafs of his address book all kinds of radical international street art talent have had their first London break through the Pure Evil Gallery.  Names like Roa, Pablo Delgado, Artiste Ouvrier, Spectre and Robbo had legendary solo shows in the Pure Evil dungeon.   Always seeking the novel and bizarre, Pure Evil has decided to open what he calls a department store just a couple of doors down from his own gallery.  Expect carpets, sports equipment, cookery and a perfume counter just inside the front door …hang on a minute….no, sorry, that’s a normal department store.  Actually, the only thing to expect from Mr Evil is the un-expected.

Pure Evil Department Store

96-98 Leonard St

London EC2A 4RH



D Face One Man And His Dog,

Stolen Space Gallery

20131115 dface_1man_special_edition

Banksy hasn’t returned the calls from his publisher for quite a while so perhaps the most significant street art literary disclosure for many years will be DFace’s book.  They call it a monograph but I don’t know what one of those is so on account of the covers, pages, words and pictures I am sticking with “Book”.   Certainly there should be no lack of material regarding the man, his art and his contribution to the London street art scene to make this a fascinating read and we look forward to doing just that.  Hang on…isn’t Banksy’s publisher…Banksy?  So what’s his excuse then?

While there punters can also take in the work of Gregory Euclide’s “Whose Land We Laid Down & Wiped Away” show, which continues.

17 Osborn Street
London E1 6TD



Space Invader – Art4Space


On Friday Lazardes hosts the London Premiere of Space Invader’s film Art4Space.  Shoreditch Street Art Tours guests will be familiar with the work of Space Invader .   All we know thus far about the film is that the mosaic meister does somehow genuinely invade space.   It will be interesting to see if Space Invader avoids the arrest episode which accompanied his time in New York recently for a screening there.

Lazerides hosts but the film is being screened offsite at Soho House.  There are two fully screenings which we understand are likely to have been fully booked and there is rumour that a third 9pm screening has been added.   RSVP definitely required (info@lazinc.com)

20131115 art4space-invite

What Are We Going To Do Now? Street Art Private Views Thursday 31 Oct

Only a couple of shows in the Shoreditch Street Art Tour diary this Thursday, which it being Halloween could be due to most artists being out trick-or-treating.  Several of Shoreditch Street Art Tour’s friends are in these shows, which is a tragedy as other engagements are likely to keep us out of the art galleries.  Nevermind, the big highlight is actually on Friday – Stanley Donwood, again!

Hush – Fatales

Buxom babes, bombs, geishas, abstract tag backgrounds..just guessing.

 Street art,London,Lazarides,hush,cept,pure evil,artists,gallery,openings

Hush – Fatales

The Outsiders London (Lazarides)

8 Greek St

Soho, London, W1D 4Dg


Group Show – Go Hard Or Go Home

Most of the publicity appears to inform us that this show is curated by Jon Patrick Boyle aka Motorboy.  This could explain the detectable Bristol slant to a cracking line up which includes our favourites  Cept, ACE, Sweet Toof, Pure Evil, Sickboy and Beejoir among others.

 Street art,London,Lazarides,hush,cept,pure evil,artists,gallery,openings


The Rag Factory
16-18 Heneage Street (off Brick Lane),London, E1 5LJ


FRIDAY 1 NOV: Stanley Donwood – Apocalypse Boutique

Friends who have been to Shoreditch Street Art Tour’s hideaway know what huge fans we are of Mr Donwood so it is a real treat to have a second Donwood show in a month (the Lazarides Rathbone Place show was extended by 1 week and finishes this weekend).  In his words “THis is a strange kind of sample of what I’ve been doing for the past eight or nine years…Some of the work is painted, some printed, and some a combination of the two. Although there are other printing techniques employed here, a lot of the work was screen-printed at the Slowly Downward Manufactory”.

Special maps are available on the internet to show where Stoke Newington is.

Street art,London,Lazarides,Stanley donwood,artists,gallery,openings

Stanley Donwood – Apocalypse Boutique

Hang Up Gallery, 56 Stoke Newington High St,
London N16 7PB

images – all stolen from gallery PR puffery.

Street Art Private Views Thursday 10 Oct

What’s going on – Second Thursday is the new First Thursday?  So much to do this Thursday on the street art private view circuit in London.

Street Art,private Views,JR,Lazarides,Far Rockaway,Mantis,Pure Evil,London,Gallery,party

Inside Out – JR


11th Oct 2013 to 14th Nov 2013

Top of the pops in terms of international heavyweight street artists is this opening of prints and paste ups by JR, who has been causing a stir bringing his Inside Out photo booth to London and pasting photos all over various London landmarks.  Not sure but I am guessing RSVP definitely required.

Lazarides Rathbone Gallery

11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR


Street Art,private Views,JR,Lazarides,Far Rockaway,Mantis,Pure Evil,London,Gallery,party

Free Your Mind,You Are Here – Mantis, 2009

Mantis: Epoch

Mantis is one of those great long standing but un-sung heroes of the London street art scene, you’ve probably been blown away by some piece of Mantis street art and just not realised it.  On Graffoto (the other blog I write for) I raved about Mantis’s art and installations in the Lord Napier show and I am hoping for more of something similar from the “enigmatic and elusive” Mantis.

Update – the tip is bring a few pound coins for a go on a special installation

Hoxton Gallery, 9 Kingsland Rd, E2 8AA


Street Art,private Views,JR,Lazarides,Far Rockaway,Mantis,Pure Evil,London,Gallery,party

Who shot…Jimmy C

Jimmy C – The Riot Series

Oct 11rd to 27th , 2013

This is Australian Jimmy C, impressive muralist and spraycan drippy pointalist and is not to be confused with Jimmy Cauty who does the Riot In A Jam Jar series (for those of you too young to remember The KLF, burning a million pounds etc).  Street Art shows at the Pure Evil Gallery have become a comparatively rare event and we will look forward to some impressive impressionism from Jimmy C.

Pure Evil Gallery

108 Leonard St, EC2A 4RH



Far Rockaway Grand Opening

Far Rockaway is destined to establish itself as Shoreditch’s latest extraordinary street art themed bar to be far too cool for me to hang out in (see also – just about every other Shoreditch establishment with a neon sign and no draught beer).  Far Rockaway’s distinguishing feature is the awesome quantity of street art from possibly the most eclectic group of street artists ever seen under one roof.  This will be more like a brilliant art opening than a cool bar opening.. expect crowds!  RSVP and name on a list is believed to be a requirement.

Far Rockaway

97-113 Curtain Road

Have fun and remember.. buying art is a bit like spotting a future wife…most likely to occur in the dark and under the influence.

All photos: NoLionsInEngland