Some People Are On The Pitch…

Why does a street art tour guide snap adverts?  The answer is simply for love of the graphic response adverts provoke.  The way people subvert, augment and modify adverts is pretty much an artform in itself.  The printed advert becomes a host for forced artistic collaboration and capturing the “before and after” timeline yields fascinating Read More

The Darling Street Art Buds of May

Shoreditch Street Art Highlights From May 2012 William Shakespeare is rarely the first thing we think of in street art.  Shakespeare’s downer on the month of May was its tendency to be a bit windy so with the low temperatures and  rain experienced in May 2021 London certainly bore some of the weather characteristics maligned Read More

Remembering Street Art Zine Very Nearly Almost

Lockdown has given the opportunity to spring clean the digital street art photograph archives.  Exploring defunct folders served as a reminder of the pleasure that came from nearly a decade of making a small photographic contribution to a street art zine.  Here is a little look back at the days of street art zine Very Read More

London Walls ICA Exhibition 10 Years Ago

10 years ago the Institute Of Contemporary Arts was besieged by connoisseurs of graffiti photography when a small group of dedicated amateur graffiti photographers (there was no other type) curated by Delete and comprising himself, Buddz, Lee 102, Howaboutno, Joeppo and myself (under the pseudonym Nolionsinengland) created an exhibition of graffiti photography.  It wasn’t really Read More

Banksy Virtual Tour 10th Feb

Here is a Banksy reminder and a plea! Banksy – The London Chronicle is scheduled for Wednesday 10th February at 1900GMT. This is an online virtual Banksy Tour hosted by Dave Stuart from Shoreditch Street Art Tours on Zoom.  Book here Guests cams will be disabled – no need to dress up! Now here is Read More