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Brand new ALO Street Art in Shoreditch

After a period of travels abroad and basically finding other things to do, ALO has returned to the streets of Shoreditch with new street art.

Shoreditch,London,street art, street artist, walk, tour, guided, ALO


The tone of the blue in that first piece is beautiful, haven’t seen quite this colour from ALO before.  Its hard to miss the fact that both girls have demon red eyes, I know a few girls like that.

The featured piece above was completed yesterday and we found it on the tour today. Last year ALO had a major breakthrough with a solo exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery, you can read what Graffoto had to say about it here.

photos: Dave Stuart (Nolionsinengland), no reproduction without explicit permission

Top Blog For Street Art and Graffiti in Shoreditch is……..

Judging by the “vote me” messages in my email inbox it must be the time of year when bloggers seek “blogger of the year” titles.  Shoreditch Street Art Tours is proud to announce it has been blessed with its first (publishable!) accolade this season, our blog tops ShoreditchInshort’s  5 best blogs they would recommend concerning Shoreditch.   Wooo hooooo, we are pleased and honoured, thank you very much Julie, author of that very discerning blog.

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Face the facts! Avem, Mr.Farenheit, Anna Laurini

We like to illustrate our blog posts with relevant and beautiful photographs but a screengrab of our own blog on this occasion would be a bit, well, tcky and redundant.  So, as we love Shoreditch’s street art AND a new issue of Very Nearly Almost magazine is launching this week, we thought we would celebrate with some of the photos submitted by NoLionsInEngland to VNA which didn’t make the cut.  We won’t be betraying any confidences if we say that for each edition, VNA’s content gurus looks through about 20 or so images we select and generally publishes 4 or 5 in the magazine.  This leaves us with a number of photos which then generally don’t see the light of day but are too nice to be totally forgotten.  Enjoy these photos, more information about the launch of issue 29 of Very Nearly Almost to follow shortly.

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All photos: NoLionsInEngland

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Street Artist ALO hits Shoreditch again

A perennial favourite, street artist ALO has been busy in Shoreditch in the past few days creating several stunning new portraits. This first one caused quite a stir when we unexpectedly found it on the route of the Shoreditch Street Art Tour this week.

London,Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,ALO,figurative,painting, walk, tour


The second of the all female trio is one block away from the Shoreditch Street Art Tour meeting point in Spitalfields.

London,Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,ALO,figurative,painting, walk, tour


This third one (below) is actually a matter of yards from where the Shoreditch Street Art Tour usually ends.

London,Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,ALO,figurative,painting, walk, tour


Sometimes it is nice to know that others share your love for a particular artist, as passionately declared by this tagger off Brick Lane.

London,Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,ALO,figurative,painting, walk, tour

I love your work

After a long period where fans of his work found purchasing canvasses tricky and he was not easy to find online, ALO broke cover with a solo show this Summer at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery, covered here.

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Hail To The Loser

.Always popular on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour, it is good to know that we aren’t running out of ALO art anytime soon, join the tour to see other examples of his great work.


London,East End,Shoreditch,Street Art,2013, Review,ALO, D*Face

2013 Street Art Review

Shoreditch Street Art Tours wishes its readers, past guests and future guests a happy, safe and culture filled 2014!

London,East End,Shoreditch,Street Art,2013, Review,ALO, D*Face, Dal East

Dal East

On the Shoreditch Street Art Tours blog we published 74 posts about the street art we saw in 2013, which is rather a lot!   As we look forward to Street Artists in Shoreditch continuing to produce new and exciting working 2014, we thought it would be fun to look back on the brilliant, the colourful and the clever work of 2013.

London,East End,Shoreditch,Street Art,2013, Review,ALO, D*Face

Art Is Trash

Our sister blog Graffoto, written on those days when we need to kick back and chill even more than on our “Shoreditch Street Art Tour” days has a great review of the best of the illegal and non permissioned work in London in 2013, click HERE.

London,East End,Shoreditch,Street Art,2013, Review,ALO, D*Face


There is also a part 2 to the review, published shortly before midnight on New Years Eve, which looks at the bigger and more spectacular mural side of street art, check that out HERE.

London,East End,Shoreditch,Street Art,2013, Review,ALO, D*Face


Virtually all the street art, even the pieces out in Hackney (!) photographed in those two reviews was seen on Shoreditch Street Art Tours in 2013!


London,East End,Shoreditch,Street Art,2013, Review,ALO, D*Face


London,East End,Shoreditch,Street Art,2013, Review,ALO, D*Face


All Photos: NoLionsInEngland

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Shoreditch Street Art Tours Guest Photographs

Shoreditch’s street art is incredibly photogenic, lending itself to sensational colourful images whether you are using a camera phone or a full frame ultra high spec digital SLR.

On a recent tour Robert Benson brought along a lovely Nikon which happens to be the same camera I use when I am out photographing street art on days when I am not leading street art tours.  Robert has sent over a selection of the lovely photographs that he took on his visit and Shoreditch Street Art Tours is delighted to share them with you, thank you Robert.

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Photographs: Robert Benson

Art Previews Thursday 05 Dec

Two East London street art and graffiti shows in the Shoreditch Street Art Tours diary for this Thursday and conveniently they aren’t too far from eachother.   Also an interesting show in the West End, making that before 9pm could be a bit of a stretch!

Shok-1: X-Rainbow Show

London, street artists,gallery,show,private view,Shok 1,ALO,Word To Mother, Will Barras


Shok-1 will be familiar to guests of Shoreditch Streer Art Tours as the  virtuoso spraycan artist who pops up at two or three locations en route with amazing spray painted X-Ray bones artwork.    This will be the first show in quite a while at the Pictures On Walls premises which has been closed as a “walk in gallery” for quite some time.

Pictures On Walls,

46 – 48 Commercial St,

London E1 6LT


Stolen Space Winter 2013 Group Show

London, street artists,gallery,show,private view,Shok 1,ALO,Word To Mother, Will Barras

Shepard Fairey

The blurb says the show includes work by Alo – Allison Hueman Torneros – Andrew McAttee – Arth Daniels – Beau Stanton   Charlie Anderson –  C215 – Cope2 – David Bray –  Evan Hecox – Joram Roukes   Josie Morway – Kai and Sunny – Kelly Allen – Kelly McAllum – Max Rippon   Meggs – Miss Van – Mysterious Al – Paul Stephenson – Ramon Maiden – Reka   Rone – Ronzo – Ryan Callanan – Sail (uselessarm) – Shepard Fairey – Simon WG Butler – Twoone – Vinnie Nylon – Will Barras – Wordtomother –  Zio Ziegler.  A number of those names are not familiar so discovering those could be interesting, great to see Shoreditch Street Art Tours favourite ALO beginning to get the recognition he deserves,

17 Osborn Street
London E1 6TD



London, street artists,gallery,show,private view,Shok 1,ALO,Word To Mother, Will Barras


Street artist Pins aka Pinspired, not to be confused with Paul Insect also know as PINS, launches a tea infused solo show at a west end gallery.   If you’ve seen Lipweed erupting over Shoreditch shutters and walls, that’s Pinspired.  No sugar thanks.

Clarendon Fine Art

46 Dover St,



All photos courtesy of respective gallery/artist hype machines

ALO Creates New Street Art In London

We have loved the Basquiat style work of ALO ever since bumping in to him on his first London paste up mission on a cold night in January 2011. This is located close to the Fun Factory at 133-135 Bethnal Green Road where original ALO works are sold at (currently) very reasonable prices. The spot where this street piece is painted is commonly used for peaceful gatherings by gentleman of the road seeking refreshment in an urban environment 😉

ALO has been very active around Shoreditch in the past few months, for more photos, click here


tn_DSC_9534 copy .