all female artists of WOM Collective painted a railway wall

Shoreditch Street Art Update

Heading into Easter week there was so much activity that it is definitely worth a Shoreditch street art update.

Saturday saw the all female WOM collective close off a month long art programme with an all female paint jam in Allen Gardens.

the all female artist WOM collective in action in Allen Gardens in Shoreditch

WOM Collective work in progress

3 finished murals from the all female artist WOM collective under a railway bridge in Shoreditch

JHO, Yana Chernikova & Meg Young – WOM Collective

That same Saturday morning the discovery of a single paste up by New York artist Toastoro raised eyebrows, was it added by a friend or a possible visit in person?  It was such a pleasure when Toastoro unexpectedly walked into the bar on Brick Lane where a group of us were enjoying an aperitif, much as we were when we last met him in 2022.  Toastoro now has the mistaken impression that we live in that bar!

paste up bny New York street artist Toastoro shows a Studio Ghibli susuwatari dust sprite peeping through bamboo shoots

Toastoro’s Susuwatari, March 2024

Saturday afternoon saw a group of paste up artists adding new art in several locations along Brick Lane.  Subdude, Rolling Fool, Oddo, Uberfubs, Susi_foxy_art all made beautiful offerings for the walls in a number of spots.

street artists preparing paste up street art

Paste up group, Brick Lane

Subdude, March 2024

Uberfubs, March 2024

It was nice to welcome Floating Concrete back with some very delicate concrete lettering and a new idea in recycling old photographs.

unusual cast concrete letters by Floating concrete on recycled photographs on Brick Lane

Floating Concrete

On my wanders both with the paste up collective and then on the tour the next day it was a pleasure to discover some 3D printed skulls by the Portland skullmeister Rx Skulls (also visible in the photo above but that’s from a little while back).

RX Skulls, to the power of 3. March 2024

Close to Old Street Michogato joined a number of graffiti writers, mainly from the Ghost Writers crew to freshen up the plaza next to the Fire Station.

street art mural in Shoreditch shows head on view of a tube crowded by cats being driven by a cat by Micho Gato

Micho Gato, March 2024

legal Graffiti and street art murals by Shoreditch Fire station featuring Micho Gato, Alone, Sleaf, 2Rise, Kaes, Gabs

L-R Micho Gato, Alone, Sleaf, 2Rise, Kaes, Gabs

Yet more visiting street artists pasted up some magnificent art on Brick Lane; Sez La Vie imagines what a droid would look like if Matisse had got the design gig.  This was pasted in the company of his friend Old Bones.

Colourful textured wooden garage doors in Shoreditch with large street art paste ups of a droid with apple Magritte style and a Queen of broken hearts playing card

Old Bones Art and Sez La Vie, March 2024

In the middle of the preceding week the railway bridge on Wheler St got a delicious new collection of tattoo style lettering from the Sacred Lettering crew but especially noteworthy was how Trafik blended his graffiti background into the adjacent existing piece by Squarms from a few weeks ago.

gothic graffiti lettering saying Trafik blends with street art showing skeleton in front of bales of multi coloured tufting yarn by Squarms in Shoreditch

Trafik, Squarms, Mar 2024

Freshly painted this week was a portrait added by Pablo Fiasco in the margins of his Linton Kwesi Johnson portrait from just a few weeks earlier. [update – further updated in the past 24!]

Pablo Fiasco, March 2024

The rush of Shoreditch street art creativity delivered quite a number of unexpected Easter eggs, now let’s see if the Easter Bunny can do the same

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ALl Photos: Dave Stuart


[more to follow]