Banksy Street Art Virtual Tour

composite image of Banksy street art with stencil rat and stencil Westway Highwayman

Banksy Virtual Tour – If Graffiti Changed Anything and Westway Highway Man

Banksy – The London Chronicle is THE Banksy street art virtual tour. We examine Banksy’s London street art career from 2001 using our huge library of exclusive photographs of Banksy street art.

Online virtual tour via Zoom, no travel required! See “What is a virtual street art tour

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  • Early rat stencils
  • Early guerrilla street exhibitions
  • Progression to more elaborate stencils
  • Banksy v. Robbo feud, including audio excerpts from our exclusive 2010 interview with Robbo about Banksy
  • Impact of Banksy’s street art

Essential for anyone interested in Banksy and street art.  Particular useful for students and teachers on contemporary arts programmes.

Banksy stencil of a Smiley Copper in Shoreditch over Robbo, amended

Banksy Smiley Copper (amended), photo Dave Stuart

Next Banksy London Chronicle public schedule:

April 2021 Weds 14th 1900BST Book HERE

April 2021 Sunday 18th 1700EST (2200 BST) HERE


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