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New Street Art Sculpture by artist Sell Out

Last night on our Night Street Art Photography Tour last night we came across the artist Sell Out creating a new structural installation making use of a street cleaner’s hand cart which is often kept in the car park. With a paint pot face, tape arms and hands propelling the cart around and butterflies streaming in the wind as its hair.

London, Shoreditch, street art, sculpture, dust cart, hand cart, Sell Out, street artist, walk, walks, tour, tours

London, Shoreditch, street art, sculpture, dust cart, hand cart, Sell Out, street artist, walk, walks, tour, tours

We managed to get a few nice shots of the sculpture lit in a variety of different ways, night street art photography offers so much opportunity for experimentation.

We had a pleasant chat with Sell Out who wasn’t at all fazed with the expected fate awaiting his new installation. This morning the Shoreditch Street Art Tour revisited the scene and found that the hand cart had already been re-assigned to its normal use and was no longer there. Such ephemerality is the almost inevitable fate of street art and we were pleased to be able to record this one’s mayfly like existence.

London, Shoreditch, street art, sculpture, dust cart, hand cart, Sell Out, street artist, walk, walks, tour, tours

Sell Out, morning after, feat Vibes RT, Brush

Artist With “I’m Holding A Sign” Sign

Street Art is a term with no universally agreed and robust definition, though of course the one employed on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour is the correct one! Technically street art extends beyond painting, stencils, paste ups, sculpture and the stuff that interests us to people covered in makeup standing completely still on the Southbank (non performance street art!) and it includes performance art.

With the bike yet again in for repairs (sigh),  as I entered Liverpool St station this afternoon I came across Ben Driscoll engaged in an amusing and witty street performance. Pressed for the concept, Ben said it is primarily about seeing a reaction but also about a bit of fun. It has hints of David Shrigley about it. I was amused.

Street Art,tour,tours,walk, walks,Shoreditch,London,graffiti,performance art, Ben Driscoll

I Am Holding A Sign

link: Ben Driscoll

Photo: nolionsinengland

Very Nearly Almost Issue 28 Features Shoreditch Street Artists

Issue 28 of the cool Street Art zine Very Nearly Almost comes out this week. Cover artist for Edition 28 is world reknown tattoo artist, graffiti writer, skater, Rebel8 Tee Shirt designer and all round cool dude Mike Giant. The limited edition version of this issue has just been previewed and looks tat-tastic. It’s not just a screen printed cover, it’s a “MIKE GIANT LTD EDITION SCREENPRINTED BOX SET” ..wooooooooo.

Mike Giant Limited Edition Box

Mike Giant Limited Edition Box

A refreshingly candid interview with Nick Walker doesn’t gloss over his wobble and fall from stardom’s elevator after the spectacular success of some of his work in Bonhams’ notorious 2008 auction (covered here on Graffoto).

London, Shoreditch, Street art, art, tattoos, interviews, Nick Walker,

Nick Walker, Shoreditch, 2007, photo NoLionsInEngland

VNA have managed to pull together every single member of Da Mental Vapors crew from France for a group interview. This must have been a high risk gambit, those in the know may recall what happened a few years ago when London’s then top street art crew gathered in a room at VNA’s invitation! Say no more.

The launch celebration couldn’t be held at a better place, we are looking forward to popping in to the Nelly Duff gallery on Columbia Road in Shoreditch. Nelly Duff is one of the most important galleries in the street art scene and one of our favourite London hang outs. Nelly Duff’s roster of artist includes primary and secondary market works from so many of our favourites including Aida,Banksy, Cept, Cyclops, D*Face, Dave The Chimp, Dr D, Elbow Toe, Gaia, Highraff, Jo Peel, Jorge Gerada,Mighty Mo, Miss Van, Pure Evil, Sweet Toof, Nick Walker….etc etc many of whom grace the walls of the Shoreditch Street Art Tours. Host Mr Cassius Duff has an extraordinary eye for enduring quality so if you need a gallery that has its finger on the pulse and does not make mistakes, you’ll find some great art in Nelly Duff’s gallery

In 2012 Nelly Duff hosted the grittiest and most compelling one night street art event for the past many years in a derelict car park under a council block, well worth checking out the photos and write up of Banger Art on Graffoto.   That sensational evening was the first time we came across the intricate, vintage looking illustrations of Dan Hillier, another artist with a great interview in VNA Issue 28.

Dan Hillier at Banger Art, 2012; photo NoLionsInEngland

Dan Hillier at Banger Art, 2012; photo NoLionsInEngland

The augmented reality Gif-iti work of INSA has been lighting up the Shoreditch Street Art Tour for the past month and it is great to see INSA discussing his past in the “Diggin In The Crates” feature where artists dig out their old photographs from the attic.  (In the Dan Hillier photo above, clock Will Barras, gripping subject of Issue 27’s “Diggin In The Crates” feature)

INSA: The Cycle Of Futility, Shoredoitch, 2014; photo NoLionsInEngland

INSA: The Cycle Of Futility, Shoredoitch, 2014; photo NoLionsInEngland

So, there is a great magazine packed full of great interviews, the chance of a very cool limited edition cover version, some superb art on display in a cool gallery and did we mention beer sponsored by Sixpoint Brewery?


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VNA28 featuring #MikeGiant / @giantrebel8 / @rebel8, pictures from #Birdman /@birdmanphotos AND #JamesSharrock @jamessharrock_photo, contributions from #NoWay / @omfgnoway, Damo / @damovna, t-world’s Eddie ‘Goddammit’ Zammit / @eddiezammit, new #GIFFITI from #INSA @insa_gram, artwork from #SMUG @smugone, #Nunca /@nunca_art, #DanHillier / @mrdanhillier, #NickWalker @apishangel, #AlexanderMitchell & Backwoods / @a_h_mitchell @backwoods_gallery, #ChadMuska / @themuska, Berlin’s #1UPcrew /@1up_crew_official, DMV (Da Mental Vapors) / @sowat_dmv @bomk_dmv @jaw_dmv @bruskdmv #INTI @inti_cl and images from the streets by Nadine Emans / @nemans, #ClaudeCrommelin, @hookedblog, #NoLionsInEngland 1XRUN’s Mike Popso and more!!!

All photos courtesy Very Nearly Almost mag except NoLionsInEngland where noted

Top Blog For Street Art and Graffiti in Shoreditch is……..

Judging by the “vote me” messages in my email inbox it must be the time of year when bloggers seek “blogger of the year” titles.  Shoreditch Street Art Tours is proud to announce it has been blessed with its first (publishable!) accolade this season, our blog tops ShoreditchInshort’s  5 best blogs they would recommend concerning Shoreditch.   Wooo hooooo, we are pleased and honoured, thank you very much Julie, author of that very discerning blog.

Aven, St8ment, Anna Laurini, Street Art,tour,tours,blog,Shoreditch,London,graffiti

Face the facts! Avem, Mr.Farenheit, Anna Laurini

We like to illustrate our blog posts with relevant and beautiful photographs but a screengrab of our own blog on this occasion would be a bit, well, tcky and redundant.  So, as we love Shoreditch’s street art AND a new issue of Very Nearly Almost magazine is launching this week, we thought we would celebrate with some of the photos submitted by NoLionsInEngland to VNA which didn’t make the cut.  We won’t be betraying any confidences if we say that for each edition, VNA’s content gurus looks through about 20 or so images we select and generally publishes 4 or 5 in the magazine.  This leaves us with a number of photos which then generally don’t see the light of day but are too nice to be totally forgotten.  Enjoy these photos, more information about the launch of issue 29 of Very Nearly Almost to follow shortly.

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All photos: NoLionsInEngland

London,Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,stickers,Arrex, RX, Stickee, Steek,skulls,death,dia de los muertas

Art From Arrex. Stick It.

We love a beautiful sticker and in the past few days have noticed a fresh bunch of stickers by Arrex aka RX from Portland Oregon. His stickers appeared in tandem with a clutch from home grown talent Stickee aka Steek.

London,Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,stickers,Arrex, RX, Stickee, Steek,skulls,death,dia de los muertas

Arrex & Steek

The stickers have beautiful colour combinations and are seriously well made, a visit from Arrex always leaves our street furniture that much more colourful and boney.


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A few years ago we had the pleasure of attending a sticker making workshop by Stickee at the High Rollers Society Gallery, check that workshop out here and believe that you can do it too.

all photos: NoLionsInEngland using lumia 1020