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Small Faces In Great Places

A couple of months ago on another blog we wrote about the nation’s 17th favourite piece of art, Stik’s couple on Princelet Street.  Never static, there have been some developments, evolutions and surprises.

The first bit of news is that unsurprisingly (as Stik had told us when we interviewed him) the couple was restored to its pristine original condition when Stik painted over the elephant a couple of weeks ago.

Study that photo taken 2 weeks ago closely, on the right there is one small pottery face where several months ago there were two.   The niqab wearing female next to Stik’s couple got lucky last Friday night and now has found a new partner!


The cautious and often well advised anonymity of street artists sometimes leads to prolonged searches for an artist’s identity and not always one that ends in success, as indeed was the case for me regarding the identity of the face maker.  Last week when hunting for the source of a sticker we stumbled across the identity of the artist who makes the small faces, j.ace.  Well done j.ace, we love your faces but putting up signed artworks three days after we found your identity – that’s very mischievous humour!

That sticker


More faces by j.ace

Link: j.ace instagram

all photos: Dave Stuart

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Stik Sticks Around

One of the most popular works of street art on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour is the couple holding hands by artist Stik from London.   In fact this particular piece of street art proved generally so popular that in a survey it was identified as the UK’s 17th favourite piece of art.  And we don’t just mean street art, we mean all art.

Visiting artist Falko from South Africa was in the country a few weeks back and Falko added a tiny elephant to Stik’s iconic piece, quite a bold move for someone whose art we don’t recall seeing on these shores before.   In an interview with Graffoto Stik generously described Falko’s intervention as a forced enhancement.   Stik knows how the game plays with street art, nothing is sacred (no pun intended) so he hasn’t flounced down to Princelet St in a fit of pique to make good the additions, though it will happen eventually.

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Stik with Falko1

Falko’s addition provokes curious thoughts: is there a religious significance the elephant? Well an elephant would be considered Haram under Islamic principals so the elephant is not going to be eaten for sure, it must be some kind of pet elephant albeit a bloody small one.  The simple leash Falko has added binds the elephant to the couple, without that it would just be a small elephant superimposed on a couple holding hands so the lead is very important.   At the tip of the elephant’s trunk it looks like the elephant might be holding a marker pen, even pet elephants getting up on doors these days, though perhaps the elephant is colouring in the background to Stik’s work, in a way signalling to us that Falko actually did the restoration work this time around. Clever that.

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Falko1 Elephant

On my other blog I have written a sister to this piece which includes a look back at the original creation of the couple holding hands by Stik and it also looks at a lot of the other temporary changes made to the art piece since it was painted back in 2010.


Stik Website

Falko1 Instagram

Graffoto post

All photos: Dave Stuart


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It’s A Stik Up

Stik’s three Shoreditch characters have been hidden away more or less since the week they were created, trapped under a sludge of canvas corporate adverts but with a leap and a bound suddenly they are free just in time for Christmas.  This is great news for the legions of Stik fans who are aware of this Stik but have not had the chance to see it.

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Stik – likes a threesome

Stik has been freed for Christmas (perhaps) but don’t hang around, who knows how long it will remain uncovered before the next massive invasion of our eyeballs by a landscape hogging advert.

In September video was released on the Guardian website which features not only the painting of this mural but also the personal quest Stik embarked upon to establish what emotional traits this trio of Shoreditch characters should portray.  This is a fascinating video which touches on many issues affecting Shoreditch including homelessness and gentrification. Please be aware there is an interview insert in which a quite distasteful anecdote is told.  Although this video is hosted on the publicly accessible website of a hugely respectable quality newspaper, I must leave to you judge for yourselves the suitability of viewing the video on the Guardian website.

photos: Dave Stuart


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Stik Street Art Auction

A piece of street art by ever popular London street artist Stik is to be auctioned tomorrow at Phillips, London with Stik’s blessing.

From a message issued by Stik:

30 Nov 2016: Street Artist Stik has agreed to authenticate and approve the sale of a street art piece he once painted on the front of the Magpie Social Centre in Bristol. This piece appeared in 2009 on the front wall of the not-for-profit social centre which was evicted earlier this year and is currently looking for a new premises.

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Magpie – Stik, photo via Stik

Stik states: “The Magpie Social Centre was one of the free spaces that actively encouraged street art and helped me to become the artist I am today. I don’t generally approve of the sale of street pieces but here I will make an exception. It gives me great pleasure to authenticate this piece so that Magpie can continue to support the next generation of artists.”

Stik only authenticates street artworks when all proceeds benefit the community they were painted for. The artist was approached by the community centre earlier this year and helped set up the sale with London auction house Phillips. The piece titled ‘Magpie’ has been preserved, framed and logged and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

End message quote


The following news arrived In a later message which came in today:

Stik met with the director of Magpie Project Space this week to authenticate the fundraiser sale on Thursday 8th December at Phillips Auction. Seen here at the private view the sale is expected to raise enough funds to rehouse the community centre.

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Stik with Natty Lee form Magpie Social Centre at Phillips Auction Private view. Photo via Stik

Details of the piece are:

STIK – Magpie

Lot 90,

Phillips New Now London Auction
8 December 2016

Signed, dated and authenticated ‘STIK 2009 2016’ on the reverse. Spray paint on wood, in artist’s frame.
139 x 29.8 cm (54 3/4 x 11 3/4 in.)

Executed in 2009. This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the artist’s studio.

Estimate £8,000 – 12,000

To participate in this rare opportunity to acquire an authenticated street piece:

Contact Specialist
Simon Tovey
Head of Sale
+44 20 7318 4084

or check online HERE

It’s not so easy to see from the photo of the Magpie Social Centre that the Stik piece being auctioned is one of the pieces visible on the Magpie wall but here is a photo I took back in 2010 which shows the same piece much more clearly.

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Stik at Magpie, photo Dave Stuart


On the surface it feels like this has a lot of similarities with the famous case in Bristol where Banksy’s Mobile Lovers was removed by the proprietor of the Riverside Boys Club and which ultimately led to Banksy authenticating the street piece and using language very similar to Stik’s to confirm that he was ok with it being sold as a fund raiser for the Boy’s Club. The clear difference is that while Banksy’s Mobile Lover was almost certainly done without permission, Stik is likely to have had the blessing of the Magpie Social Centre to create his work.

all photos via Stik except Dave Stuart where noted




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Stik’s New Shoreditch Mural

Shoreditch based street art Stik was beavering away on a new mural in Old Street for 4 days up until last Sunday.  At times the elements were not in his favour but he gritted his teeth and ploughed on.  Several of our tour groups last week and over the weekend had the pleasure of chatting with Stik as he took short breaks from his painting to come and check on how his characters looked from street level.


Just a few days after finishing his landmark painting, a short film has come out following Stik in the build up to this mural in which he seeks to establish a community context for his painting.  It is a fascinating painting with a fascinating story.

STIK – Signing and poster giveaway.

If you are in New York tomorrow..this is too good to miss..the STIK – Signing and poster  giveaway.

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If you buy a copy of Stik’s awesome book (there is a copy in the Shoreditch Streert Art Tours library, it is great) at the opening tomorrow night, not only can you get the nicest guy in street art to sign your copy, you will be eligible to enter a lottery to win a set of limited-edition lithographic cardstock Stik posters, signed by Stik himself. The set, one orange and one blue, are one of only five printed and depict the same image seen on the book’s cover.


More information here:



Photo: via Stik

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Stik Auction At Christies Today

A few fortunate tour guests will know Stik as the very friendly gentleman with the paint splattered trousers who has joined us in the tour for a brief moment.  Here is some news from Stik:

British street artist STIK’s iconic ‘Sleeping Baby’ print proofs will go on auction today at Christie’s South Kensington, London. The edition last year raised £50,000 for Homerton Hospital in London and this week the full set of four artists proofs will give an extra boost to the hospital with 100% of funds going to their charitable trust.

London, Urban Art, Stik, NHS, Auction, Christies, Baby

Image via Stik

The ‘Sleeping Baby’ image represents the vulnerability of the NHS and has been adopted by the junior Doctor’s as the mascot of their industrial strike action. This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of social history in the making.

Lot Description:
Sleeping Baby

London, Urban Art, Stik, NHS, Auction, Christies, Baby

Image from Sik

The complete set of four screenprints in colours, 2015, on cream wove paper, each signed in pencil, inscribed AP 1/4, artist’s proof impressions aside from the edition of 25 in each colour, the full sheets, apparently in very good condition, unexamined out of the frames.

Image 590 x 1080 mm., Sheet 650 x 1120 mm. (each) (4)

Donated by the artist in aid of the Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Art Charitable Fund.

This lot is offered with a Certificate of Authenticity from the artist.

London, Urban Art, Stik, NHS, Auction, Christies, Baby

Image via Stik


Bid at Christies: STIK Lot 263

Find out more about the project on theguardian.com

Print Release

Doctor’s Rally (feat Stik cameo)

Stik – Print Release For Homerton Hospital

More Stik news, Thursday 24 sees London’s very own Stik release a limited edition silk screen print as a fund raiser for the Homerton Hospital Regional Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (RNRU) Creative Media Room. The “Sleeping Baby” print comes in four different colour versions and there are 25 of each colour.

Stik NHS Print (photo via Stik website)

Stik NHS Print (photo via Stik website)

Sleeping Baby is an iconic Stik image which has appeared on the streets a number of times,  indeed a version can still be seen if the shutter is down at one location as we pass close by almost daily on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Stik has replicated the Sleeping Baby in a new mural recently painted in the grounds of Homerton Hospital.

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Stik at Homerton Hospital, 2015

photo courtesy Homerton Hospital website


We often refer to Stik as “the nicest guy in street art” and he has frequently used his art to raise funds for charitable causes, most notably for charities dealing with causes and relief of homelessness. The Trust Stik is supporting with this print release offers long stay patients with acquired and traumatic brain injuries the chance to explore interactive art workshops as part of their rehabilitation and recovery. Funds will actively enable the Trust to develop and expand an arts workshop service for the ECU (Elderly Care Unit) specially formulated for people with dementia.


To get your mitts on a copy of this absolutely limited Stik print, you need to trot along to Homerton Hospital where the prints will be sold on a first come first served basis from 5 PM today – which means get there early if you want to be certain of getting the one you prefer.


More information about the print and the use of proceeds are available on  the Homerton Hospital website and Stiks website.


Location Details:

Education Centre Café

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Homerton Row

London E9 6SR


Check the Homerton Hospital or Stik websites for transport details