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Small Faces In Great Places

A couple of months ago on another blog we wrote about the nation’s 17th favourite piece of art, Stik’s couple on Princelet Street.  Never static, there have been some developments, evolutions and surprises.

The first bit of news is that unsurprisingly (as Stik had told us when we interviewed him) the couple was restored to its pristine original condition when Stik painted over the elephant a couple of weeks ago.

Study that photo taken 2 weeks ago closely, on the right there is one small pottery face where several months ago there were two.   The niqab wearing female next to Stik’s couple got lucky last Friday night and now has found a new partner!


The cautious and often well advised anonymity of street artists sometimes leads to prolonged searches for an artist’s identity and not always one that ends in success, as indeed was the case for me regarding the identity of the face maker.  Last week when hunting for the source of a sticker we stumbled across the identity of the artist who makes the small faces, j.ace.  Well done j.ace, we love your faces but putting up signed artworks three days after we found your identity – that’s very mischievous humour!

That sticker


More faces by j.ace

Link: j.ace instagram

all photos: Dave Stuart