Street Art Tours in Shoreditch London

Enjoy London Like A Tourist!!!!!

  • Revised ( 9th Sep 2020)  Covid guideline compliant street art tours

  • Small groups!

  • Up to 5 guests from mixed households, whichever is greater

  • Face covering on guide

  • 2m social distancing between guide and different households

  • Visit England “Good To Go” Approved

  • 2 hours

  • £20 per person

  • Booking required

  • Shoreditch Street Art Tours Vouchers (only) accepted

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Small group with tour guide Dave – photo Caroline, Sep 2020

Virtual Street Art Tours

Large school group? Art club? Can’t travel?

Experience the essence of Shoreditch’s street art with a Virtual Shoreditch Street Tour.

Via Zoom or equivalent; live guide; mixed media video and photos, Q&A.. email for more details


Depending on what art is on the streets, Street Art Tours experience includes:

  • Stencil art

  • Paste-up art

  • Freehand painting

  • Street art sculptures

  • political and environmental street art

  • Stunning murals

  • Spray painted shutters

  • Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Eine, Roa and many many more

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Roa, Martyn Ron, MD and guests Summer 2020 Guideline compliant tour

All vouchers unused and valid at 1 Feb 2020 extended to 31st July 2021

Shoreditch Street Art Tours is one of the best things to do in London!

#2 of 781 London Tours – Tripadvisor, September 2018

Discover the best street art London has to offer in the heart of Shoreditch.  Vibrant and colourful culture of street art, murals, cafes, bars, galleries, restaurants, fashion and markets.   Street artists from London’s east end, the UK as well as all Europe and the rest of the World leave an ever changing kaleidoscope of energy, creativity and colour on the walls of Shoreditch.

Shoreditch Street Art Tours features in this awesome video by San Diego’s Vagabrothers:

Shoreditch Street Art Tours provides the best expert tours of Shoreditch’s street art, come on a tour and discover the culture, the artists, the locations and the stories that have lead to Shoreditch being the World’s epicentre of street art.

Why are we the best street art tour?  Shoreditch Street Art Tour’s guide has spent over 17 years exploring, photographing, writing about and critiquing this exciting art scene and delivers an articulate and enthralling revelation of the best work on offer.  Have a look Speak Media’s article on Shoreditch Street Art Tour’s storytelling HERE

Speak Media Storyteller profile

We love doing this because we want you to have the most enjoyable experience of Shoreditch Street Art possible and because nothing beats the buzz we get from your genuine and sincere satisfaction.

“I know London well and this tour took me down streets I’d never been to before while also introducing me to many new street artists. It definitely reawakened my enthusiasm for the subject and I’m happy to recommend Shoreditch Street Art Tours.” – Laura Parker,

Experience the visual delights of Shoreditch’s amazing colourful street art from Banksy to the most humble sticker artist.

Bring a camera, for in addition to being a street art expert, your guide is a world renowned street art photographer and will be delighted to make suggestions on stunning shots to capture your perfect memories.

Capturing Gregos

The street art is constantly changing; new work is created, new artists come to the area.  From one day to the next exciting finds will always be made.  Yesterday’s masterpiece may be gone.  In this ephemeral culture, Shoreditch Street Art Tour’s guides who know the art, the artists and the locations will give you the most exciting, informative and up to date tour possible.

Discover the history of Spitalfields, the shopping at Brick Lane, the colour, the curries and the vintage clothing, Shoreditch is buzzing like no area since Camden in its heyday.  A fantastic tourist-friendly area off the beaten track.  Perfect for when you have seen quite enough museums, beefeaters and Oxford St tourist teeshirt merchants.

Night Street Art Photography Tours:

Wheler St graffiti at night

Night time is when street art photography magic happens!  Shoreditch Street Art Tours will take you to the most photogenic spots, we assist you as required with hints and tips to take brilliant photos and can even loan you equipment such as tripods.  Our pioneering Night Street Art Photography Tour will return (Lockdown permitting) in October for Winter 2020 /21 season. More details here

Street Art Photography Workshops:

Take stunning photographs of Shoreditch Street Art after a masterclass with renown street art photographer, writer and tour guide Dave Stuart.  More details here 

Virtual Tour, Bespoke Tour, Private Tour, Events:

Shoreditch Street Art Tours are totally flexible.  Shorter? Longer?  Different time? Private group? Corporate Event? School/University educational group?  Focus on a specific aspect such as history, modes of communication? Contact us

This tour was a real eye opener for this Londoner” – read the thoughts of a London cultural tour organiser, someone who had never “looked at” street art before.