Private Virtual Street Art Tours

Private Virtual Street Art Tours

At the time most convenient for you

Share live experience with friends in other locations, even abroad

See eachother enjoying the presentation (Cams on not an option with public virtual tours)

Presenter can accept questions during presentation (not available on public virtual tour)

As long or as short as you like

cut paper paste up by swoon in composite image showing and Pearly Kings paste ups by Pure Evil

Paste ups and murals – street art techniques

Pick and mix” from a range of themes or request bespoke theme

  • Street Art Techniques
    • Stencils, paste ups, stickers sculptures, castings, murals,
    • novel/imaginative/inventive techniques
    • Banksy
  • Banksy – The London Chronicle (the story of Banksy’s career in London, 2001 – date)
    • single layer stencils, multi layer stencils
    • how he gets away with it
    • Feud with Robbo
  • Shoreditch Virtual Tour
    • new street art on the streets from the past few months
  • Political Street Art
    • nearly 2 decades of illegal and legal political street art in London
  • Shoreditch art history, street art vs graffiti, animals in street art, portraits, mosaics and sculptures, pandemic art
private Virtual street art tours, Banksy Street Art composite of stencil rat and stencil boy painting graffiti

Banksy Virtual Tour – If Graffiti Changed Anything and Take This Society

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