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Street Art Book Launch This Sat

What has New York street art got to do with Shoreditch?  Well loads actually, as New York is essentially the birthplace of graffiti who’s travelling mutant offspring led to Shoreditch becoming the spiritual home of street art.


D*Face in NY, photo by Luna Park


New York hosts a glorious city-wide panorama of ever changing street art and graffiti and in my opinion its foremost photographic recorder is Katherine Lorimer, known to many as Luna Park.


Vermibus (Fr) by Luna Park


For close to a decade since I discovered her photographs on Flickr, Luna Park’s coverage of the New York street art and graffiti scene has been a daily “must see” for me.  Luna has (at last!) produced a photography book covering the full range of New York’s street art and graffiti scene. Across 192 pages of lush exciting goodness,  Luna’s taste in street art and graffiti will ensure that this book contains the very very best New York has witnessed over the past decade or more and will be beautifully photographed and laid out.


welded iron graffiti, Shiesta, by Luna Park


Katherine’s book launches this Saturday, October 22nd in New York with a launch event hosted at 17 Frost Gallery in parallel with a 10th anniversary showcase for Ad Hoc Gallery.   NY readers should definitely make this a “don’t miss” event in their diary.

sheryo yok

Sheryo Yok by Luna Park


Folks from other parts of the world may have to satisfy themselves with obtaining a copy from their favourite book store but if you are a lover of street art, don’t miss out on this book.

wk interact

WK INteract by Luna Park


I have taken the liberty of linking to a few of Luna Park’s recent photos from her Flickr account, not from the book.


Book Launch Details:

Date: October 22nd, 6pm – 11pm

Location: Frost Gallery, 17 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States


A little “PS” – the Ad Hoc show should be worth seeing, Garrison Buxton, the guy behind Ad Hoc Gallery which in those days had a physical presence as one of NY’s leading urban art galleries had an exhibition in London’s Pure Evil Gallery in 2008.  I recall Garrison had firm views on the need for street art to take a political stance. This show at 17 Frost sounds like it should be interesting, another reason to go!



New 616 art in Shoreditch

Yesterday at about lunchtime I bumped into a figure wearing a kagoule with strings drawn tight around the hood and a 7 month “just back from the Arctic me” beard poking out through the face port.  I greeted the street art legend 616 as he tugged a large wheeled box down Brick Lane.  It might have contained paint; 616 was vague about where he might be heading and I am sure would have been even more vague about the box’s contents.  This is the way it should be.

This morning, Seven Stars Car Park sported a new piece of art by 616.

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616, graff by Vibes RT

A gorgeous multi layered piece arranged across successive stub walls guides the eye to a new set of characters on top a wall, beyond which after a couple of intervening properties lies the graveyard around Christ Church Spitalfields.

From a distance the characters appear to be masquerading as tombstones but closer inspection reveals that eyes and mouths are present as usual.  What to me is not usual is the 6 eyed character on the wall, it was only last year that I noticed 616 introduce a four eyed character for the first time.


I often praise 616 for the inventiveness of his street art and racking my brains I can’t of too many other artists who create single pieces of street art spread over several surfaces (but, see below), This work he created yesterday refines and repeats a similar piece of work he painted over the same walls last year:


Knowing 616’s perpetual quest for new mediums and the way he often submerges his identity beneath cryptic clues alluding to the moniker 616, it wouldn’t surprise me if he figures out a way to do a mono eyed character in his leaf shape style and then presents a mono eyed character flanked by two six eyed characters.  Ground, gauntlet…….  c’mon 616!

Here is a piece by Zabou that we looked at on the street art tour this morning, another example of an artist using two different surfaces in a single piece of street art; there are also others that have used this corner shutter configuration.

tn_DSC_1559 copy

All photos: Dave Stuart aka Nolionsinengland

Shoreditch Street Art by 616 old and new

London street artist 616 has been a long-standing favourite among the guests of Shoreditch Street Art Tours, noted for his imaginative and ever changing use of materials.  The guests on this morning’s tour came across an intriguing 616 paste up.  The characteristic leaf design with tribal stylings is present and correct; nothing is out of the ordinary with a paste up either, so the thing that caught our attention was the stippled surface created from what looked like a white silicon mastic.

London,Shoreditch,East End,Street Art,Street Artist,Graffiti,616,photographer,photography,tour

Braille street art

The effect is to give the paste up an unusual rough finish, rub your hands over the artwork, you feel scratches, knots, lumps and shapes – then try doing that with a piece of art in a gallery!  616 art for the blind anyone?


London,Shoreditch,East End,Street Art,Street Artist,Graffiti,616,photographer,photography,tour

Braille street art

Check out a small cross section of other fabulous methods 616 has used to get up on Shoreditch walls in the past 2 years, including painted pistachio nut shells, found furniture, tar and feather, squeezy bottle, slate stones, graffiti paint scrapings, post office stickers…there are actually so many in our photo colection that we gave up trying to write them all down, enjoy the slide show!

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Shoreditch Street Art Tours Guest Photographs

Shoreditch’s street art is incredibly photogenic, lending itself to sensational colourful images whether you are using a camera phone or a full frame ultra high spec digital SLR.

On a recent tour Robert Benson brought along a lovely Nikon which happens to be the same camera I use when I am out photographing street art on days when I am not leading street art tours.  Robert has sent over a selection of the lovely photographs that he took on his visit and Shoreditch Street Art Tours is delighted to share them with you, thank you Robert.

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Photographs: Robert Benson

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour, night time,photography,

Night Time Street Art Photography

As we settle into Winter mode, one thing worth a cheer is that we can head out for some night time photography and still get home in time for dinner!  This week Shoreditch Street Art Tours extended its Street Art Photography programme to offer night time photography tours.

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour, night time,photography,

Night time is when the photographic opportunities are at their most exhilarating.  It is the time when this clandestine street art is created.  Night time photography captures the completely changed ambience that settles on our urban landscape.  Streets that bustle by day become deserted by night, the lighting and the shadows totally change.  Long exposures result in people ghosting through shots.

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We were delighted to be joined by Nico who wanted to take photographs and movie clips.  Lending him the Shoreditch Street Art Tours’ Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod, Nico captured some stunning night time photography.

Shoreditch,London,Street Art,Tour, night time,photography,


We will be offering further night time photography tours on both a fixed schedule and by bespoke private arrangement.  Groups will be small, no more than 4 photographers.  Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line for further information if the schedule does not have a date that suits you.


All photos: NoLionsInEngland

Thanks to Nico for permission to include photos with him in


Shoreditch Street Art Photography

Street art in Shoreditch is incredibly photogenic and guests on the Shoreditch street art tours are encouraged and helped to take better photographs by our world reknown and exhibited street art photographer-guide.  Some of our guests don’t need any assistance at all and we are delighted to show the work of Urbanshooters who took these shots on a Shoreditch Street Art Tour in the past week.  Check out the detail, the narrow depth of field and the colour tones Urbanshooters has found in Jonesy’s castings on brick – beautiful.

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Details of the Shoreditch Street Art Photography Workshops will be announced shortly, sign up to our newsletter HERE to be sure of receiving the update.


All photographs Urbanshooters

Shoreditch Street Art Photography Workshop – Sameena Jarosz beats the challenge

Sameena Jarosz took a load of fantastic photos in Shoreditch, London on our Street Art Photography Workshop on 25 Aug.  After going through a whole bunch of  tips and hints on how we might interpret a broad variety of street art photography opportunities, we take to the Shoreditch streets for about 90 minutes to stroll around trying out a variety of techniques.  Just for fun, participants are given a flyer with a challenge to photograph six specific situations, such as a reflected piece of street art, street art with an artist in shot…and more.  Sameena has produced a superb set, I particularly like this reflection shot which also ticks the “passerby” challenge too.

Shoreditch London Street Art tour workshop photography reflection roa

photo credit: Sameena Jarosz

You should check out Sam’s great blog post with her full set of pics here.

One thing photographs taken by the participants reinforce it is that not only does the street art constantly change, there are also so many different great ways to see each individual piece.  For instance, after checking out Sam’s on her blog, take a peek at Will Edgecombe’s taken on the same workshop, same day.