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Bank Holiday Street Art

Some may quibble about this but…..wasn’t the cloud cover lovely on Bank Holiday Monday?  Since finishing a tour in snow last Thursday, tours have been run in sunshine and sunshine, frankly, casts a shadow on street art photography, much rather a bright day with a bit of cloud cover.

Temperatures rising (we are forecast to hit 20 by the end of the week) and no rain also help.  Not that that really mattered in the case of this find of a lovely clutch of Jonesy paintings, as they were under cover.

London, Shoreditch, Street Art, Tour, Jonesy, environmental art, awareness, CO2, methane

Jonesy – Fossil Fuel Genocide

London, Shoreditch, Street Art, Tour, Jonesy, environmental art, awareness, CO2, methane

Jonesy – methane, it’s a pain

We also came across a lovely work-in-progress by Skeleton Cardboard.  Although normally one would be inclined to pass by a set piece “mural on a board for an audience” style  of painting, we love Skeleton Cardboard’s expressionism and bizarre twisted thoughts so paused to dwell on this latest masterpiece.

London, Shoreditch, Street Art, Tour,Skeleton Cardboard,

Skeleton Cardboard, Box Park

Being a bank holiday for some reason the Seven Stars Car Park was pretty much devoid of cars which meant better views of 616’s multi-layered buttress bombing.

London, Shoreditch, Street Art, Tour, 616

616, feat Vibes RT

And clear shots of this, featuring Artista, artist unknown, Airborne Mark, Voyder/fanakapan collaboration and Vibes

London, Shoreditch, Street Art, Tour, Jonesy, environmental art, awareness, CO2, methane, Skeleton Cardboard, 616, Artista, Fanakapan, Voyder, Airborne Mark, Vibes RT

New 616 art in Shoreditch

Yesterday at about lunchtime I bumped into a figure wearing a kagoule with strings drawn tight around the hood and a 7 month “just back from the Arctic me” beard poking out through the face port.  I greeted the street art legend 616 as he tugged a large wheeled box down Brick Lane.  It might have contained paint; 616 was vague about where he might be heading and I am sure would have been even more vague about the box’s contents.  This is the way it should be.

This morning, Seven Stars Car Park sported a new piece of art by 616.

London, Shoreditch, Street art, tours, photography, 616, spraypaint, seven stars

616, graff by Vibes RT

A gorgeous multi layered piece arranged across successive stub walls guides the eye to a new set of characters on top a wall, beyond which after a couple of intervening properties lies the graveyard around Christ Church Spitalfields.

From a distance the characters appear to be masquerading as tombstones but closer inspection reveals that eyes and mouths are present as usual.  What to me is not usual is the 6 eyed character on the wall, it was only last year that I noticed 616 introduce a four eyed character for the first time.


I often praise 616 for the inventiveness of his street art and racking my brains I can’t of too many other artists who create single pieces of street art spread over several surfaces (but, see below), This work he created yesterday refines and repeats a similar piece of work he painted over the same walls last year:


Knowing 616’s perpetual quest for new mediums and the way he often submerges his identity beneath cryptic clues alluding to the moniker 616, it wouldn’t surprise me if he figures out a way to do a mono eyed character in his leaf shape style and then presents a mono eyed character flanked by two six eyed characters.  Ground, gauntlet…….  c’mon 616!

Here is a piece by Zabou that we looked at on the street art tour this morning, another example of an artist using two different surfaces in a single piece of street art; there are also others that have used this corner shutter configuration.

tn_DSC_1559 copy

All photos: Dave Stuart aka Nolionsinengland

Shoreditch Creativity

Creativity on Shoreditch walls has been rampant recently and we want to have a look at some of the stuff that has really excited the tour over the past few days

A guest on the tour spotted this little 616 creature high up on a wall, it has been a while since we spotted something quite as sculptural from 616. Particularly intriguing was the 4 eyed face where normally 616 only has two eyes, is this what one of 616’s tribal looking characters looks like with glasses?

London, Shoreditch, mural, street art, 616


We have extolled 616’s virtues on the blog before, this post has a decent slide show illustrating the range of crazy ideas this creative maverick has come up with.   That figure above was just a tiny entrée, the main treat came a bit later with this ensemble of spray painted wall buttresses. Absolutely stunning and a treat to photograph, if only there weren’t cars. 616 would probably wish it to be pointed out how he carefully painted around two different sculptural pieces by Jonesy that were already present on those walls

London, Shoreditch, mural, street art, 616


London, Shoreditch, mural, street art, 616


Mr.Farenheit from Germany was hitting Shoreditch over the weekend, with this new mixed technique paste up.

London, Shoreditch, mural, street art, Mr.Farenheit



We found a rather flamboyant piggy by LovePiePenBrinck, this dolled up piggy is The Queen Of Brick Lane Piggy. London, Shoreditch, mural, street art, LovePiePenBrink


Later we found the “push the button” piggy by LovePiePenBrinck. Finding these little treasures is always a delight and although LovePiePenBrinck’s photo collection suggests this piggy has been hiding in plain sight for over a month the pleasure of discovery remains un-diluted.

London, Shoreditch, mural, street art, 616


Saving lives on a daily basis is something we take for granted on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour but on one occasion this week, we paused to look at one piece of art on Brick Lane and 15 yards away from us a large piece of art suddenly crashed to the ground from its 14 foot high “picture rail”  exactly where we would have been walking.  The art piece is part of a campaign against the badger cull, we reported on earlier sightings of the same campaign by the same artist whose stylised moniker we can’t be certain how to read.  Stand up for those who can’t – and avoid flying street art!

London, Shoreditch, mural, street art, badger

Anti Badger Cull – Stand Up For Those Who Can’t

The week saw a variety of interesting bits of street art and other murals executed at various spots, here is a little montage:

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New Shoreditch Street Art

Another long weekend, another amazing collection of new street art on the streets of Shoreditch.

Although put up a little before the weekend, this piece by T.Wat received huge press attention as he timed this to coincide with Max Clifford, the most notorious peddler of smut and scandal to the UK tabloids, being found guilty of charges of abusing underage girls and sentenced to 8 years in prison. Already considerably modified and tagged.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,T.wat



Unify is a stencil artist who has been getting busy around Shoreditch quite a bit in the past few months, two new pieces appeared over the weekend including this pop at Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) and his view on the recent budget.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,unify

Unify shafted by Chancellor


Paste up artist IMR Vere did a couple of nice contextual pieces including this javelin thrower

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,

IMR Vere Javelin thrower


We last saw Paris based Monsieur Qui on the streets of Shoreditch in 2010, he evidently is back judging by this awesome paste up we found this morning. Although he has gone over Syd, it looks like Syd’s stencilled girl is poised for revenge.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,monsieur Qui, Sydd

Monsieur Qui vs Syd


616 who is always on the look out for unconventional media to paint his tribal characters found a foam mattress but lost his bed.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,

616 Lost His Bed


The hard working always up Sell Out added butterflies and some Mary Poppins to Jef Aerosol’s Gnawa musicians.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Sell Out,Jef Aerosol

Sell Out v. Jef Aerosol


Finally and although again painted just before the weekend but too good to omit on that technicality, we love the humour in Cosmo Sarson’s Caravaggio selfie.

London,Shoreditch,street art,update,street artists,graffiti,tour,walk,Cosmo Sarson

Cosmo Sarson

Shoreditch Street Art by 616 old and new

London street artist 616 has been a long-standing favourite among the guests of Shoreditch Street Art Tours, noted for his imaginative and ever changing use of materials.  The guests on this morning’s tour came across an intriguing 616 paste up.  The characteristic leaf design with tribal stylings is present and correct; nothing is out of the ordinary with a paste up either, so the thing that caught our attention was the stippled surface created from what looked like a white silicon mastic.

London,Shoreditch,East End,Street Art,Street Artist,Graffiti,616,photographer,photography,tour

Braille street art

The effect is to give the paste up an unusual rough finish, rub your hands over the artwork, you feel scratches, knots, lumps and shapes – then try doing that with a piece of art in a gallery!  616 art for the blind anyone?


London,Shoreditch,East End,Street Art,Street Artist,Graffiti,616,photographer,photography,tour

Braille street art

Check out a small cross section of other fabulous methods 616 has used to get up on Shoreditch walls in the past 2 years, including painted pistachio nut shells, found furniture, tar and feather, squeezy bottle, slate stones, graffiti paint scrapings, post office stickers…there are actually so many in our photo colection that we gave up trying to write them all down, enjoy the slide show!

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New Street Art Hits Shoreditch

Some of our favourite street artists are fresh up on the walls of Shoreditch.  I’m road testing a Nokia camphone and today’s tour guests kindly allowed me to indulge in taking a few photos alongside them, as there was so much new stuff to capture.

Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk, 616, Donk

Firstly, we were delighted to find some new paste ups by DONK, the first one above was soaking wet and subsequent ones were drier and drier so we suspect we were walking in the opposite direction to him.  That first beauty also features a new paste up by 616 which appeared over the weekend.

Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk, Donk

The one below is screen printed onto a deliciously light transparent paper

Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk, Donk

Then we located a delicious new seasonal painting featuring a pop art Father Christmas and reindeer by FAN HC (Horror Crew).  Particularly interesting is that FAN has integrated the photorealistic fox by Odeith into his work, see the  Odeith fox in its original context below.

Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk,Fan, Horror Crew


Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk, Odeith

Odeith (Nikon DSLR)

While on the subject of 616, quite a bit of lovely fresh work has appeared in the past week, possibly our favourite and definitely winning prise for skankiest doorway location is this collaboration between 616 and Benjamin Murphy.  As I hadn’t charged up the Nokia Lumia, I had to revert to the old Blackberry at this point, compare and contrast folks!

Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk, 616, Benjamin Murphy,

Art Is Trash is our runaway Find Of The Year for new street artists making a huge impact in Shoreditch and after many blank weeks it was a delight to stumble across a new piece in a secluded dark corner of Shoreditch.

Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk,Art Is Trash

Previous posts waxing lyrical about Art Is Trash’s stunning street art in Shoreditch can be seen here, here, here and here.

Photos: NolionsinEngland – technical note, other than the Art Is Trash and the 616/Benjamin Murphy collab taken with a Blackberry and the original Odeith taken with a Nikon D90, the images are high Res from a Nokia Lumia 1020, all photos have been taken straight off the phones then reduced in size for interweb using Easythumbnails on a neutral setting (no saturation or contrast changes).