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New Street Art Hits Shoreditch

Some of our favourite street artists are fresh up on the walls of Shoreditch.  I’m road testing a Nokia camphone and today’s tour guests kindly allowed me to indulge in taking a few photos alongside them, as there was so much new stuff to capture.

Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk, 616, Donk

Firstly, we were delighted to find some new paste ups by DONK, the first one above was soaking wet and subsequent ones were drier and drier so we suspect we were walking in the opposite direction to him.  That first beauty also features a new paste up by 616 which appeared over the weekend.

Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk, Donk

The one below is screen printed onto a deliciously light transparent paper

Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk, Donk

Then we located a delicious new seasonal painting featuring a pop art Father Christmas and reindeer by FAN HC (Horror Crew).  Particularly interesting is that FAN has integrated the photorealistic fox by Odeith into his work, see the  Odeith fox in its original context below.

Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk,Fan, Horror Crew


Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk, Odeith

Odeith (Nikon DSLR)

While on the subject of 616, quite a bit of lovely fresh work has appeared in the past week, possibly our favourite and definitely winning prise for skankiest doorway location is this collaboration between 616 and Benjamin Murphy.  As I hadn’t charged up the Nokia Lumia, I had to revert to the old Blackberry at this point, compare and contrast folks!

Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk, 616, Benjamin Murphy,

Art Is Trash is our runaway Find Of The Year for new street artists making a huge impact in Shoreditch and after many blank weeks it was a delight to stumble across a new piece in a secluded dark corner of Shoreditch.

Street Art, Shoreditch,London, tour, walk,Art Is Trash

Previous posts waxing lyrical about Art Is Trash’s stunning street art in Shoreditch can be seen here, here, here and here.

Photos: NolionsinEngland – technical note, other than the Art Is Trash and the 616/Benjamin Murphy collab taken with a Blackberry and the original Odeith taken with a Nikon D90, the images are high Res from a Nokia Lumia 1020, all photos have been taken straight off the phones then reduced in size for interweb using Easythumbnails on a neutral setting (no saturation or contrast changes).

London,Shoreditch,street,art,tour,walk,Lovepiepenbrink,Dee One,Art Is Trash, Arte Es Basura

Guests Sightings – New Street Art Spotted On Shoreditch Walks

One of the bonus delights of a Shoreditch Street Art Tour occurs when a guest points out a new piece of street art.  Two artists who provided several new visual delights over the past few days have been Lovepiepenbrink and Dee One.

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On Friday both SC and MM spotted fresh piggies by Lovepiepenbrink, though one of them was fresh just to me as Lovepiepenbrink’s photo stream suggests the Ronald McDonald “Horse is the new beef” piggy has up on the wall since at least February 2013.  Then on Monday the extraordinarily sharp eyes of Chloe and Dean accounted for three piggys by Lovepiepenbrink, 3 acorns by Dee One, a vintage Isaac Cordal (I believe) concrete figure and a Kinsha portrait, all of which I hadn’t seen before.

London,Shoreditch,street,art,tour,walk,Lovepiepenbrink,Dee One,Art Is Trash, Arte Es Basura


London,Shoreditch,street,art,tour,walk,Lovepiepenbrink,Dee One,Art Is Trash, Arte Es Basura

Isaac Cordal

Today’s tour also stumbled upon two new Art Is Trash street installations.

London,Shoreditch,street,art,tour,walk,Lovepiepenbrink,Dee One,Art Is Trash, Arte Es Basura

Art Is Trash

London,Shoreditch,street,art,tour,walk,Lovepiepenbrink,Dee One,Art Is Trash, Arte Es Basura

Art Is Trash

I mustn’t forget that a couple of months ago the  first time I saw one of Ben Wilson’s chewing gum street art was when guest Laura found one at her feet.  What a joy to have such observant people on Shoreditch Street Art Tours walks.

Fresh Interventions: Cranio and Art Is Trash hit Shoreditch Streets

More excitement with new street art pieces found on the Shoreditch Street Art Tours today.  In the morning we were able to inspect the new painting Cranio of Brazil completed yesterday evening.  This characteristically colourful beauty features a host of partying rainforest Indians in a denuded landscape, flush with cash from the sale of their forest to the loggers, now what happened to that forest heh?.  Cranio returned to Brazil today and certainly has left London streets a little bit brighter than when he arrived.


Cranio Rainforst Indians Party Time

Then in the afternoon we found a truly spectacular new fly poster subversion by Art Is Trash of Spain.  We must have been so close to the performance of this action as he evidently started and finished it in the short gap between the two tours passing by.  This picture comes from Shoreditch Street Art Tour afternoon guest Mark Truman, thank you very much Mark

Shoreditch,London,street,art,Art Is Trash,

Art Is Trash (Arte Es Basura) fly poster subversion

Photo: Mark Truman

We reported Art Is Trash’s previous fly poster hijack last week here, those fly posters were “collected” by persons unknown looking  for some Art Is Trash material for their private collection.

Shoreditch,London,appropriation, alternative,subversion, street, art,tour,walk,london

Subverted Fly Posters

Photos NoLionsInEngland  except Mark Truman as noted