Fresh Interventions: Cranio and Art Is Trash hit Shoreditch Streets

More excitement with new street art pieces found on the Shoreditch Street Art Tours today.  In the morning we were able to inspect the new painting Cranio of Brazil completed yesterday evening.  This characteristically colourful beauty features a host of partying rainforest Indians in a denuded landscape, flush with cash from the sale of their forest to the loggers, now what happened to that forest heh?.  Cranio returned to Brazil today and certainly has left London streets a little bit brighter than when he arrived.


Cranio Rainforst Indians Party Time

Then in the afternoon we found a truly spectacular new fly poster subversion by Art Is Trash of Spain.  We must have been so close to the performance of this action as he evidently started and finished it in the short gap between the two tours passing by.  This picture comes from Shoreditch Street Art Tour afternoon guest Mark Truman, thank you very much Mark

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Art Is Trash (Arte Es Basura) fly poster subversion

Photo: Mark Truman

We reported Art Is Trash’s previous fly poster hijack last week here, those fly posters were “collected” by persons unknown looking  for some Art Is Trash material for their private collection.

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Subverted Fly Posters

Photos NoLionsInEngland  except Mark Truman as noted