Virtual Street Art Tours Reviews

Our virtual street art tours have garnered huge positive reviews, check a few out here

“A unique experience”

“After getting to know Dave in a couple of his great tours in Shoreditch some time ago this virtual journey through the Banksy years in London was another amazing experience. It was not only highly entertaining but also very informative and inspiring. Dave’s profound knowledge and interesting material made this event unforgettable. If ever you have the chance to accompany Dave on one of his real or virtual tours, do so, you will definitely not regret it.”

Thomas V on Tripadvisor, Feb 2021

5 stars
Update 11/2/21: I attended the banksy tour last night and it was fascinating. The online format allowed us to go through so much. I feel like I learned more about banksys work in London than I could possibly have done in any other format. I’d recommend Dave does repeat sessions of this one – it’s so interesting with the photos and stories Dave shares and well presented. 3/2/21: I’ve done Dave’s shoreditch tours several times with family and friends as it’s without a doubt my favorite London activity. So I had no doubt that his virtual tours would be just as interesting. I attended his virtual tour last night and loved it, and I look forward to attending the upcoming ones on Banksy and political street art over the next few weeks!

Just to say this was well worth doing. Lots of pics and info on old pieces, obscure rats, etc… quite a few i hadn’t seen before. Thanks Dave.
“Coolusername” on Urban Art Association Forum, Dec 2020

A really brilliant evening with you and Banksy – thank you! Has prompted a bunch of conversations in the family already.
Mark on Instagram, Dec 2020