Street Art Techniques Virtual Tour

Street Art stencil being sprayed by DON and sticker on a road sign by Clet Abraham in a composite image

Stencils and stickers – Street Art Techniques

Street Art Techniques are surprisingly adaptable and varied, street art methods are not just all spraypaint, stencils and paste ups.  The Street Art Techniques virtual street art tour explores brilliant examples of the many different forms of street art and is certain to surprise, impress, inspire and entertain you.

Featuring many photographs and analysis of different applications of art method applied to street art, with many examples of street art being created.

Essential for anyone interested in Banksy and street art.  Particular useful for students and teachers on contemporary arts programmes.

Online virtual tour via Zoom, no travel required! See “What is a virtual street art tour

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composite image sowing paste up and stencil techniques

Paste ups and spray paint – Swoon, Pure Evil and Stik

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