Shoreditch Street Art Tour Reviews

“Certes, la visite est en Anglais, mais Dave parle lentement et explique très bien. Je recommande chaudement.”  WilfriedD on Tripadvisor 22nd April 2018
This is the best guided tour we have ever been on. … Our ability to actually discover layers when walking in Shoreditch, London and elsewhere makes this a significant tour. There is a before and after having done this tour. Not often you can say that about much, is it?” JeJeWe on Tripadvisor, 5 Dec 2017

In the past three years, I’ve been on three separate tours of the Shoreditch street art scene. Dave, BY FAR, gives the most entertaining and informative tour. He led our women’s art group on a fascinating two-hour tour that included trips into galleries and hidden streets in Shoreditch. We were looking up and down and around every corner. He knows gallery owners, artists and what seemed like half the neighborhood. He even recommended an awesome spot to stop for lunch and then followed up our tour with links and reading material so we could explore the artists even further. Add his tour to your itinerary for a fun and unique day in London!” Katy C on Tripadvisor, 6 Nov 2017

A sixth form school Art Trip with a difference” said Jo S, art teacher, on Tripadvisor Dec 2016

“One other aspect of his presentation that doesn’t appear to have been mentioned by other reviewers is his superb voice which has a lovely clear tone, which is easy to listen to and can easily be heard by a large group in a busy city street.” Peakschap, Tripadvisor, Aug 2016

“I am looking at street walls with a critics eye and seeing beauty where I once could only see defacement of property.” Ollygator, Tripadvisor, Feb 2016

“We came on Friday with grandsons W and T and we all loved it.  We were all complete novices but now feel we’ve added a new dimension to our artistic understanding.  …both boys spent ages showing some of the photos, describing the political or social commentary.  We really appreciated your presentational style, informative, easy to understand, and gradually imparting more and more knowledge and insight”. RL, email, 22 Feb 2016

“This is easily the most comprehensive street art tour I’ve been on, and considering it’s about 4 hours long, it was a very decent price. Whether you’ve a faint interest in street art and graffiti and its culture or are a knowledgable fan, you’ll learn something new”5 stars, Dalia D, Tripadvisor 30 Aug 2015

“The guide was really knowledgeable and paced the talk and the walk perfectly. I was very worried that my 13yr old wouldnt get it and would be bored from the get go – she loved it and even asked questions!! Really worth time!” 5 stars, Belinda B, Senior Reviewer, Tripadvisor, 4 May 2015

“it was a very rich experience and a real pleasure for us and for all our students to have been given such an opportunity. We enjoyed it a lot and learnt many things, thanks for your enthusiasm and the way you talked to the teenagers ( you spoke slowly and articulated so they could understand)”, Val, Group Leader, French School, email May 2015

“It is definitely one of the best things I have ever done in London.” Gabi, Tripadvisor, Mar 2015

“We really enjoyed your tour and got great feedback from the students afterwards, your passion and enthusiasm was obvious which really helped the students engage.” Michelle, Kilkenny (email 24 Feb 2015)

“My students – aged 17 – got a great deal out of the experience and are still talking about it months later. Recommended both for school groups and private tours.” – MWLaird,  Tripadvisor, Dec 2014

I took over 100 photos on his 3 hour tour!! That’s more than I took at Buckingham, Westminster and the Tower combined. Dave opened a door to a new way for me to “see” the world around me” – Madams55, Tripadvisor, 25 Sep 2014

Go on this tour…it’s worth it. One other thing, there was a gentleman on this tour from LA who is a genuine street art enthusiast and follows it all of the world. He’s been on many of the London street art tours, many times. I happened to chat with him at a coffee shop and he was able to compare his experience of these tours. He felt that Dave was top-notch and the best street art tour guide around.” – Travelhawg, Tripadvisor, 17 Sep 2014.

Dave’s tour is illuminating, entertaining, wonderfully informative and marks him as an expert, a true professional, and an authentic enthusiast. He skilfully engaged and conducted our nationally diverse group of 19 who ranged from teens to baby boomers. The three hour tour was totally absorbing and it’s obvious that Dave’s knowledge of street art is both deep and up to the minute. His delivery was very clear, he was friendly, responsive to us, sensitive to the locals and he managed to look out for our safety with a relaxed charm………..Very highly recommended.”

Kate and Alan, Fremantle, Western Australia.  Aug 2014

 “..the coolest thing I’ve done since I’ve been living here in the London area” says Bonnie who wrote a lovely photo report on her blog “Our New Home In Cobham

“…an excellent and knowledgeable guide who will take you on a fascinating tour around Shoreditch Street Art. This comes highly recommended!” says Secret Streets, thanks guys.

Balade street art dans l’est de Londres“, par “Lost In London“, Un blog sur Londres: pépites, adresses, découvertes et autres trésors.

Specialist Private Tour: “I am a professional photographer .. I had a specific photographic objective in London and only one day….. Dave and I had several email exchanges and telephone calls honing in on exactly what I was visually interested in. He was an excellent and informative tour guide for me and made my day productive for sure. Highly recommend him for street art tour of London. Be advised…it is not possible to see everything in one day but having him focus on what you want was well worth the cost of his company.” – WWishner via TripAdvisor

A wonderful blog post by Rosie of Storm Brand Design on their experience with Shoreditch Street Art Tours..ShoreditchStreetArt Tours run daily tours around the local area to share their wisdom on what’s on the walls. It’s ace.”  Nov 2013

On Shoreditch Street Art Tours’ Street Art Photography Workshops: you couldn’t have a better teacher – I found David’s style really inspiring. You don’t need an expensive camera either – the techniques that you’ll learn can be used even if you only have a smartphone to hand…” – Pete Stean at The Londoneer.   18 Aug 2013′

 “It’s a well-thought out walk as there are links from the lamp posts covered in stickers, that many of us never stop to look at, to the large-scale pieces by big names…………….

…I know London well and this tour took me down streets I’d never been to before while also introducing me to many new street artists. It definitely reawakened my enthusiasm for the subject and I’m happy to recommend Shoreditch Street Art Tours.” – Laura Parker, guide, at GoLondon,      13 Aug 2013

Armed with new ideas about shooting photos, how to give them more context and therefore tell a more interesting story, we headed out to the streets around the north of Brick Lane, an area famous for markets and edginess.  Immediately we saw an amazing array of art which I might have walked right past without stopping before the workshop.” – Sue Hillman, It’s Your London

Shoreditch Street Art Tours: Sue Hillman runs the excellent It’s Your London trip organising business, specialising in bespoke arrangements of London’s fantastic range of  experiences for visitors.  That little piece of info was not revealed when Sue attended one of the Street Art Photography Workshops and did a “Mystery Shopper” on us.   Later It was very pleasant to find a wonderful write up on Sue’s blog, to read the full thing click here (note – Sue visited the Shoreditch Street Art Photography Workshop before it was re-branded)


Although I have lived in London for 25 years I don’t really know the area around Spitalfields Market very well. We all enjoyed the street art tour and ..[the guide]…showed us good ways to photograph the art. Older teens who like to use a camera would love this and it makes a great day out in London. I would definitely recommend the Shoreditch Street Art Tour and make time for the market too.”  GAHLondon via