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So Porno Street Art Tour

It must be Christmas and a mood of festive generosity is welling up within street artists. Mr. Farenheit, a perennial tour favourite left a couple of sticker packs out on the walls which tour guests found today.

London, Shoreditch, street art, found art, free art, Mr.Farenheit, Mr Farenheit, tour, guests, group

Mr.Farenheit sticker pack found art

The main photo above is a novel group photograph of Shoreditch Street Art Tour guests, there must be a collective noun, “pride” perhaps and why are they beaming? Apart from the obvious enjoyment of a lovely and unexpectedly dry street art tour, each one has a little gift from Mr.Farenheit.

London, Shoreditch, street art, found art, free art, Mr.Farenheit, Mr Farenheit, tour, guests, group

no caption required

While stickers are a staple in the world of street art, a door handle “You’re So Porno Baby” door hanger is rather a unusual but very practical piece of free art.

London, Shoreditch, street art, found art, free art, Mr.Farenheit, Mr Farenheit, tour, guests, group

Who doesn’t need a door hanger?

Timothy went home with a rich collection of spoils as he later found a piece of free art by Sean Worrall, part of the #365ArtDrops project which Sean has diligently kept up throughout 2015.

London, Shoreditch, street art, found art, free art, Mr.Farenheit, Mr Farenheit, tour, guests, group

off to San Francisco!

This San Francisco bound piece is unusual as we haven’t found a piece of the #365artdrops artwork painted around all four sides like this one.

#365artdrops number 339 by Sean Worrall

#365artdrops number 339 by Sean Worrall

By coincidence, on a tour last Friday we also came across another product of Sean Worrall’s project and this now has a happy home with another Shoreditch Street Art Tour guest:

London, Shoreditch, street art, found art, free art, Mr.Farenheit, Mr Farenheit, tour, guests, group

322 of 365 #365artdrops

In between, on Saturday while cycling around and not actually on a tour another piece of Sean’s art was discovered and this made it back to HQ.

London, Shoreditch, street art, found art, free art, Sean Worrall, #365artdrops

329/365, now at Shoreditch Street Art Tours HQ

Postscript: Sean Worrall has written an interesting note on his blog about this art drop yesterday, the two pieces reported here being part of that “drop”. The coincidence of him discovering that one of the locations where he placed is named worrrall’s Yard is amazing and makes a very interesting read HERE. (note that the pic labelled 340 on Sean’s blog post is in fact the 339 photographed above – oh its all gone a bit topsy turvy!)

Mr.Farenheit can be reached via the Steck and Dose gallery

Sean Worrall’s Facebook page is HERE:

All photos: Dave Stuart aka NoLionsInEngland

Great new street art on last day of 2014!

After concluding tour duties just after lunch on New Year’s Eve, we indulged ourselves in a little wander with our camera photographing a lot of art which had not been there just 24 hours earlier.

Donk was incredibly active, rounding off a profilic year of brilliant art by this London based artist who specialises in silk screen printed paste up street art.

London,Shoreditch,street art,graffiti, Donk, walk, tour


A bit of online sleuthing resulted in the mystery of the artist who placed ultra neon Ian Paisley paste ups being solved.

London,Shoreditch,street art,graffiti, Ian Paisley, TLO, walk, tour

Ian Paisley by TLO

We suspect also that another paste up done in the same form (collaged multiple printed A4 sheets) which also touches on Irish matters which appeared overnight as well could be by the same artist.

London,Shoreditch,street art,graffiti, TLO, walk, tour

“Revolutionary greetings from Ireland”

Finally, brushing paint off their hands and taking celebratory photos were BRK and SNOE from The Rolling People Crew and their friend Kev who had just painted a massive wall on Sclater St.

London,Shoreditch,street art,graffiti,The Rolling People, BRK, SNOE, Kev, walk, tour

BRK, Snoe, Kev

More photos and insights can be found on Graffoto

PS – TLO was spotted earlier in Autumn 2014 in Shoreditch and in West London:

London,Shoreditch,Street Art Tour,Ian Paisley,TLO,paste up,West London


Top Blog For Street Art and Graffiti in Shoreditch is……..

Judging by the “vote me” messages in my email inbox it must be the time of year when bloggers seek “blogger of the year” titles.  Shoreditch Street Art Tours is proud to announce it has been blessed with its first (publishable!) accolade this season, our blog tops ShoreditchInshort’s  5 best blogs they would recommend concerning Shoreditch.   Wooo hooooo, we are pleased and honoured, thank you very much Julie, author of that very discerning blog.

Aven, St8ment, Anna Laurini, Street Art,tour,tours,blog,Shoreditch,London,graffiti

Face the facts! Avem, Mr.Farenheit, Anna Laurini

We like to illustrate our blog posts with relevant and beautiful photographs but a screengrab of our own blog on this occasion would be a bit, well, tcky and redundant.  So, as we love Shoreditch’s street art AND a new issue of Very Nearly Almost magazine is launching this week, we thought we would celebrate with some of the photos submitted by NoLionsInEngland to VNA which didn’t make the cut.  We won’t be betraying any confidences if we say that for each edition, VNA’s content gurus looks through about 20 or so images we select and generally publishes 4 or 5 in the magazine.  This leaves us with a number of photos which then generally don’t see the light of day but are too nice to be totally forgotten.  Enjoy these photos, more information about the launch of issue 29 of Very Nearly Almost to follow shortly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos: NoLionsInEngland

Free Street Art by Mr.Farenheit Found in Shoreditch

One of the great joys of exploring street art around the east end of London is the un-expected discovery of some delicious work which you can and are supposed to take home and cherish.  Guests of Shoreditch Street Art Tours have found a really great piece of Free Art by the London stalwart Mr.Farenheit.

Street art is generally supposed be enjoyed by the public so Shoreditch Street Art Tours would never encouragethe theft of street art, so the tour group engaged in quite a discussion about what Free Art is and whether the piece we found was art the artist intended a lucky person to take and keep.

Free, Street Art, Mr.Farenheit,Shoreditch,Street Art Tour, East End, London

Stepping back a bit, what the heck is Free Art?  Free Art is art that the artist does indeed intend a lucky person to find, collect and keep.   Artists use a code to signal that their art is intended to be free, which is that it is not painted on a fixed street surface, nor pasted, glued, nailed, welded or secured or fastened to the surface in any other way which would suggest that it was meant to stay there.

There were a number of clues suggesting this lovely work by Mr.Farenheit was indeed intended to go to a nice new home off the streets.  The first was that it sort of sat proud of the door’s surface like it was meant to be lifted, it didn’t look secured permanently to the surface.   Secondly, we are very familiar with the prolific Mr.Farenheit – you don’t get nominated in our Top 25 Shoreditch Street Artists for nothing you know – and his street art output is almost entirely stencilled or printed on paper, rarely if ever before have we seen it on cardboard.  The cardboard suggests it was intended to last longer, though “archival quality” would be an exaggeration.   Mr.Farenheit always pastes his paper art to the surface, looking into the gap behind this cardboard we could see that in fact it was just held on with Blutac.

Free, Street Art, Mr.Farenheit,Shoreditch,Street Art Tour, East End, London


When we did lift the cardboard off the door on the reverse was a “U So Porno Baby” Mr.Farenheit sticker effectively “signing” the art, no artist would “sign” the rear of a piece of street art that was intended to remain in situ.  Any lingering doubt was dispelled back at Shoreditch Street Art Tour’s bat cave when Mr.Farenheit’s online photograph collection revealed that he was indeed playing Father Christmas.

So, a very nice souvenir of London street art heads back to Bristol though you might infer from the second picture here, Nephew A may have disputed  Uncle B’s divine right to the piece [real names changed!]

This wasn’t the first piece of free art taken home by guests of Shoreditch Street Art Tours:

London,Shoreditch,street art,free art,found art,skeleton cardboard

Free Art Found!

Photos: NoLionsInEngland