Adnate Does London Street Art Tribute To Robbo

Last night I read an interesting interview with spraycan photo-realist artist Adnate from Melbourne in the newly released issue 27 of scene zine Very Nearly Almost. This afternoon as I drifted around on my bike with my camera to my eye, I came across a brand new tribute to London’s late graffiti legend Robbo.   The signature and the style both read Adnate.

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Robbo by Adnate

Bizarre coincidence or what? VNA’s transcript style interview ends with the question “What’s next?” to which Adnate answers “The world”. I suppose you might as well include Shoreditch!

The picture reproduced by Adnate is a famous image of Robbo and it has already featured in several Robbo tributes.

In case you have missed the whole Robbo/Banksy story, you can find out about their epic feud starting here, and the graffiti community’s memorial tributes to the legend Robbo can be found here.

VNA Issue 27 features Aryz as cover artist and includes the above mentioned Adnate interview, a rifle through the memory chest with Will Barras and discussion with Broken Fingaz, the Israeli crew who have been causing controversy playing fast and loose with the obscenity laws here in London (we do have some don’t we?) . Full details on the contents and where to obtain your copy are here.

Despite being an semi-insider (VNA has featured my photos for years) I still get confuzzled with the different edition details, so here are the “standard” Aryz cover (the orangey one) photographed alongside the silk screenprinted special edition Aryz cover (greeny).

London,street art,Shoreditch,street artist,Aryz, VNA, Very Nearly Almost,graffiti, walk,tour, guided,

VNA Issue 27 Covers: Lim Ed & standard

all photos: Nolionsinengland