Brazilian Street Art Returns to London: Cranio

One of the highlights of 2012 was the visit to Shoreditch, London of Brazilian street artist Cranio.   He brought a distinctive colourful Brazilian palette and a blue skinned character we came to recognise as the essence of Cranio.

tn_DSC_3391 copy


The character above is still up though the wonderful Pixação tag has been partly painted over.

The great news is that Cranio is back with us for several weeks with lots of opportunities to paint lined up but no plan to do a show.  Cranio’s distinctive blue skinned Braziian rainforest people continue their party funded by logging company cash on both public and hidden walls in Shoreditch, this “selling up the Amazon” window painting at Fun Factory makes his point quite clearly.

tn_DSC_9815 copy

Already a couple of cheeky characters have popped into being on Shoreditch walls, this  collaboration with one of London’s finest spray can street artists Mighty Mo, formerly of the late lamented Burning Candy crew is beautiful, simple, witty, high up and in grubby surroundings, street art hardly gets much better.   Cranio has painted his character’s shadow on that wall so as a photographer for whom the phrase short-cut only means a hair style, 8 hours were spent poised with the camera until nature’s light and shadows aligned perfectly with Cranio’s shadow.

tn_DSC_9799 copy

Within a day of his arrival Cranio was already hard at work, replacing a damaged mural at the Comedy Cafe on Rivington Street, the Amazon Indian has bought the replica fotball kit and the 4G enabled technology, while spending a significant portion of the disposable wealth on mind expanding substances has produced, well….hallucinations?

tn_DSC_9778 copy

We will hopefully locate many more of Carnio’s distinctive Indians over the next few weeks on or close to our Shoreditch Street Art Tour route.

tn_DSC_9782 copy

Some of the sights and colour Cranio brought to London last time were reviewed in sister blog Graffoto including a rather fun night time mission photographing Cranio at work near a canal, worth a recap we think.

all photos: nolionsinengland