DScreet Owl lurking in doorway

Lovely to find this fresh bronze and black spraypaint art from the master of the urban owl, DScreet.  Wide awake but hiding in this dark doorway from the strong sunlight, DScreet’s owl looks as punk and streetwise as always.  This particular doorway is more commonly used by paste up artists and it is unlikely that anyone (except possibly advertising execs at a record company) is going to be too upset at DScreet’s owl taking the heads off advertising masquerading as street art for a newly released album.

DScreet has a joint show with one of our favourite London based street artists RUN.  More details from Cock and Bull Gallery on Rivington St here (closes 25 July 2013)

Also found a couple of these “Audio Surveillance Zone” on Brick Lane, artist current not known!  And there is no reason to believe that the stencilled rat getting its nose into the photo is a genuine Banksy.

tn_DSC_9516 copy