Fantastic Street Art Takeover of Fly Posters In Shoreditch

The curious interaction between fly posting and street art will be familiar to most visitors of the Shoreditch Street Art Tour and some will have seen the exciting street art of Art Is Trash.  On yesterday’s walk we found a collection of fly posters spectacularly modified by Art is Trash

The flesh toned fly poster adverts unashamedly exploit female nudity to sell something so Art IS Trash has added his trademark wild eyed characters and flesh stripped bones to turn the advertising into a wild tableau of the surreally cartoonish grotesque.

Shoreditch,London,appropriation, alternative,subversion, street, art,tour,walk,london

Subverted Fly Posters

When a street artist takes over a legal paid for hoarding we call that an appropriation, and when the artist modifies  the original image we call that a subversion.  When a street artist takes over an illegal fly poster, we use the expression “ha ha, revenge at last!”

tn_P1140587 copy

Here is what the fly posters look in their original state.

Shoreditch,London,appropriation, alternative,subversion, street, art,tour,walk,london

Original Fly Poster for..Bolshle?

You can find our previous reportage on Art is Trash’s street art on Vandalog here, and his recent gallery show was covered by me on Graffoto here.