London Street Artist Adam Neate Book Signing and Exhibition

Sat 10 Aug (tomorrow) – Adam Neate exhibition and book signing at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, Covent Garden, London.

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Adam Neate is the definition of a street artist made it good in the formal art world and the auction houses where he commands prices similar to Banksy.  In the mid 2000s Adam Neate painted 1,000s of portraits on cardboard which he left in doorways, on outside window ledges and against walls as “found art”, art the finder could take away and keep. His paintings on canvas acquired a deep lush tone, dramatic dynamic effects and touches upon elements of cubism with simultaneous views of exploded and compressed surfaces. As well as continuing to employ cardboard in his constructions he also works in folded coloured Perspex making use of the shadows created by the curves and folds of the perspex as integral visual signals in the art.


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At Elms Lester they are passionate believers in Adam’s art and have exhibited him internationally as well as many times at their Covent Garden base. Their guided talks around Neate’s work are riveting, we haven’t seen a date announced yet for a talk on the new exhibition but if we hear of one we’ll let you know. Adam’s show, “Dimensional Editions” opens 10 August 2013.

Neate’s Saturday morning book signings are a cool chance to meet the artist and he will often draw a doodle in the book as well as sign it. Why not pop in there at 10am tomorrow, we’d recommend getting there at about 0945 before the queue really builds, then jump on the Central Line to Liverpool St and come on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour at 11.15, what a great morning!

1-3-5 Flitcroft Street





all photos: nolionsinengland