More Jonesy Street Art found in Shoreditch London

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Blog posts on Jonesy on 2 consecutive days may pose the appearance of being slightly obsessed, but on the Shoreditch Street Art Tour today we were greatly excited by the discovery of new work by Jonesy.  These were painted on heavy paper and at the time we found them, completely soaked through with rain.  As usual the art is issue based with a piece commenting on fracking for gas and a piece about the industrial production of farmed fish “Salmon Pink No GM”.

We almost always find some new art on these tours (this is NOT a contractual promise!) and this unique original work by Jonesy is stunning!  They also photographed beautifully against the colourful patina of tags, marks and other street art.

For more about Jonesy, there is yesterday’s post here, or you can go direct to our guest post published this week on Vandalog blog here

photographs: Nolionsinengland